Wednesday, September 21, 2005

TGS 2005 Booth Babes

someone asked me to put pictures of those hot-half-naked booth girls of tokyo game show 2005 that i took, so here it is. and after finished editing these pictures, i realized that half of the pictures that i took on the show were of these fine ladies, not of games, which is weird, 'coz it's a game show, not a women- who-wear- skimpy-clothes-and- look-good-at-it show. this was my first time on a show like this so the first time i stepped in, i was like "first go to konami booth!!" and then i saw this very hot ubisoft booth babes holding a mp5 sub machine gun posing for otakus and then i thought "wait a minute, is that real boobs!? wow that's tight! konami can wait, let's take her pic!". it's not my fault. it's my genitals, they're very sensitive you know. damn i love japan! they love to abuse and exploit innocent looking women for the sake of advertisement. ok enough talking, i guess picture speaks louder than words, so enjoy...

i bet these girls don't even know what rocket jumping is.

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