Thursday, February 23, 2006

chi to hone

Chi to hone (血と骨 - blood and bones) , a japanese film directed by famous japanese director with korean blood: Yoichi Sai; is the best Kitano-Takeshi-starred movie ever made. well, at least to me. Kitano Takeshi is one of my favourite actor of all time. he started in the entertaiment business as a comedian. being very successfull in that, he chooses to do something different, that is to star in violent movies, mainly yakuza-themed. he also directed many violent award winning movies like BROTHER, SONATINE and HANABI.

back to chi to hone. this long film is about a Korean immigrant (to Japan), played by Kitano Takeshi, who cares about nothing but his own pleasure and gain. his destructive personality and violent temper decimate everything and everyone around him. this film is based on a novel about a true story that happed during the period of 1930-1980 (i guess) in Osaka japan.

Kim Shunpei (Kitano's character) is one of the most violent character i've ever seen in a movie. the fight scenes and the rape scenes were done soo perfectly it scared the hell out of me because it's soo real and close to reality. if you're a kitano fan, this is a must see movie. kitano's character was soo strong, you don't even want to care about other characters, which in my opinion is a bad and a good thing.

this is the best japanese film i've ever watched. it's a really good film i can't really explain why. when i was watching it, i feel very uncomfortable and i can't relax because of the shock and excitement it gives from time to time. but i won't recommend this to those who only like mainstream film with happy endings. but hell.... kitano is no doubt still the king in japanese movies. you have to watch this one.

a violent man has no reason to be violent. it's in their blood; it's in their bones. even when he's older and have to use a stick to help him walk, Kim is still a violent man whom we can't predict when he's going to go nuts. i think that's what the movie wants to tell the audiance. well, at least i took it that way. one more thing that i like about the movie is that the script does not attempt to explain or justify Kitano's character. It presents him without judgment. although Kim is an asshole to his family and the people around him, he is one of the most loyal and patriotic man to his homeland, north korea. before he died, he donates almost all of his fortune to the north korean goverment so that schools and hospitals can be built. this is a true story, and suddently i realized: sometimes men really did do things like this; like doesn't giving a fuck to anything else except to the things that he matters. there are men who likes fishing more than his own family. men who likes car more than his wife. men who spends all of his money for the sake of his own hobbies without thinking about other people who are in dire need for help.

the only thing that i don't like about this movie is it's sex scenes. some of it are totally unnecessary and sometimes are done too long. they could've pan the camera to the ceiling 5 seconds after they started fucking, but no, the director wanted to show the scenes in detail. i think he's just doing it for fun. yeah i guess it's fun to make famous people especially the females to undress and do sex scenes while telling them it's their job to make it look good. i wanna be a director one day.

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