Sunday, July 30, 2006


i own a fotopages account that i haven't even TRY to figure out let alone actually troubling my self to use the service for ages now and finally, i was soo bored so i edited some photos that i took (29/07/2006) during the UEDA WASSHOI (上田わっしょい - Nagano's biggest parade-like summer festival) in which i went with other 4 members of the communication club (p-ye, baars, take-p and hitomi chan) and actually joined the parade, dancing for more than 3 hours like an idiot but it's fun; and posted my first entry on the site. i didn't know that photoblogging is this cool !? i should've done this a long time ago. check it out: click HERE !

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*checking out my photo collection, trying to find something else to post in fotopages

Friday, July 28, 2006

some crazy sony fanboy's plan

after counting the money i saved up go (im 17 and have no job) and when
i have enough for a ps3 go and find a store

that has one. Ask can i borrow the car and go get it. go upstairs and lock the door, unpack it and smell it, and fell it,

and hold it. go down stairs to the basement. spend a good 20 mins reaching for the ports that do 1080p or 720p. and

play it till i have to pee, eat or someone comes down and talks to me. then unplug it and go up stairs to my room and

plug it in and play and lock the door. Ill proable get Killzone or Resistance: Fall of man . waist time to see if I can

use one of parents bluetooth headsets and try my logitech usb headset. set up online and see what it can do. If no one

is home, look at porn for a good min to check it for what codecs it has. Wash my hands. go get popcorn and tea.

delete my history, cache, and saved forms so no one will know. hook up my usb keyboard and mouse. figure out

how to make the mosue sensitivy increase. Finally pop in a FPS or Rpg and see how to use the K/M and conroller.

after about an hour of single player. go online and get my ass kicked for about a good 2 rounds and then PWN. I

wouldnt sleep. I would then go to school on sleep. go home and play ps3 till i fall out. Come to school wearing the

same clothes (but chances are more likey ill switch out shirts.) get on the bus looking drunk with a grin on my face.

get through school get on the bus, get off the bus stop thats by a 7-11 buy energy drink and 1 2 liter of pepsi and

come home see if anyone is home. If not, use my ps3 to look at porn again. making sure i dont touch the controller.

wash my hands. get something to eat. If anyone home i would go upstairs and play online again. if not take my Ps3

down stairs and config the WiFi. and play on the 50' screen again. until someone bugs me. Go upstairs and plug it

back in. By then my mom would of asked me if i slept? play all night go to school in the SAME pants as the last 3

days and in a different shirt. get through school. If i have the money buy more the same 7-11. walk

home again. If no one is home turn up the volume of my stero system thats hooked up to the ps3 and play till my

parents get home. I might shower if i feel like. Go to school by then my freinds would of known i have a ps3, that

my brain died 2 days ago, and im caffeinated and drooling at the mouth. With me brain dead im sure some hot girl would ask me WTF is wrong with me .

Being braindead i wouldnt listen to here look at her boobs. point at them and smile, and a teacher would see us. and I get sent to my

adminstartor after waisting 10 mins finding out who to see and where to go even after being in the school for since

freshmen year (ill be a junior for the 06-07 year.) Get writen up for the first time ever, for sexual harsament and

coming to school under the influence of something. Then come home and get on the GS ps3 forum and post a picture

of it with me dressed like an iraqi insurgent with a pipe looking like im about to smash my ps3. and then do it all over

agian and go to my freinds house.

kepada x-classmate :SRK SIS & MARESMART

aku dengar korang nak buat reunion bulan 8 nih tapi malang sekali aku tak boleh balik tahun ni sebab i got some unfinished business. aku memang nak jumpa gila ngan korang tapi nak buat mcam mana. take care everyone, and good luck.

Friday, July 21, 2006

i like _( . . )_ san !!!

Hello Technical College Students,
Hope you are well.
You will receive the allowance of ESH for August 2006.
Payday will be 25 July 2006.
Amount is Yen 132,250.
Take care,
_( . . )_
Embassy of \(`v`)/

Thursday, July 20, 2006

aku tengah cuak

waah cuak pulak tunggu result nih. waah nak buat apa aaa? tawakkal aje la. kalo tak dapat fukui dai, cuba saga dai plak. tapi kalo dua2 tak dapat? waa kena kerja kat jepun la aku jawab nya ! bukan nya tak best kalo kerja kat jepun, memang aku nak kerja kat sini pon tapi skang takde semangat nak kerja lagi, nak study lagi hehe.

anyways kepada kawan2 kosen ku yg belum tentu lagi hala tuju untuk 2 tahun akan datang, ganbatte kudasai. kepada yg dah dapat dai / kaisha tu, omedetou ! dan aku cukup dengki ngan korang. waa cuak nya i wanna see boobs!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

going to fukui


where's my head?

i woke up this morning feeling like a wrecked train. my head is on the other corner of the room, my stomach was lying under the bed and i can't find my dick. i feel like puking on my calculus practice books. what the fuck is wrong with me? hmm... maybe i didn't sleep well last night, and damn i'm starving ! i can eat a horse and his whole family for breakfast!

i'm up this morning and the first thing that i do is turn on the computer, and blog. fucking blog this piece of shit like i needed it. i'm currently in a state of spazzing, starving and a bit worried because i'm not doing what i'm supposed to be doing: studying. " fucking exams' just around the fucking corner man! " my conscience told me. my own conscience is the most genius thing in this whole world but unfortunately, i don't listen to him. aaa i'm gonna take a bath and went to HOKKATEN to buy that new menu for the summer: うな重 (una jyu: japanese tasty eel delicacy). damn it's already 12.31 p.m. !!! damn why do time have to fly soo fast? can't they sometimes you know, take a break to smoke some pot with the law of physics while watching gay porn or something?

owh, i'm not feeling well today. this kind of post is not a good start for a day that's going to be hard for me, but i've had much worse that this, so i guess i'm good. bye i have to take a crap. sorry for my language. kids don't copy me or i'll fuck your eyeballs out. owh i'm just kidding. i'm a peacefull guy. ok then everybody, have a beautiful day, and i wish for your good health !!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

5 minutes post : i'm too busy



試験はもちろんの事、面接も大事だよね。俺の面接はどうかな。最初から途中までうまく質問を答えて、気持ちよかったけど、最後の最後の質問に大失敗をした。くそっ。「富山大に入学して、当然機械工学を勉強するんだけど、どんな分野をやりたい?」という質問に俺はなぜか全然分かんないんだけど「農業機械」と笑顔で答えた。それを口にした瞬間「 what the fucking fuck of all fuck heads are wrong with you ??!!てめえ全然興味ねえのに!!!」って私は素直に思いました。で、その質問をした先生はマジむかつくな顔でこう言った「ええ?!ここは農業機械やってないよ。大学間違ってんじゃないの?」。LET ME WIPE THAT FUCKING GRIN WITH MY FIST YOU COCK SUCKING OLD TRASH!!!って言ってやりたいんだけ、まあ、俺はもう大人だ。自分のミスを素直に受け入れなきゃ。そのFUCKED UPな面接の後、すぐ高専に戻ってきた。電車代の全額を払わずにね。。。。。

しょうがねえなあ。。。結果見なくても分かる。俺が落ちたって事。ちなみに、合格発表日は明日。それより、次の受験(福井大学、7月18日)に向けて準備しなきゃ。やらなければならない事がまだいっぱい残っている。続けなければならない旅がある。なああちゃって。。。俺うまい事言うよな。。っていうか、何ブロッグ書いてんだよ!勉強しろ! kalau malas2 nanti saya rotan baru tahu !


Monday, July 10, 2006

me repeat me 自分反省会

I noticed an annoying behavior of mine that in many of my past conversations with people around me, even in my blog posts, that I like to be verbally active or in discussion about the same damn topic over and over again. it took me some time to realize that I always talk about the same topic over and over again and it seems that I’ve made a bad impression to other people that noticed (but unwilling to tell me) this socially-unacceptable behavior of mine.

So I took my time today to figure out since when did I became like this, and what are the main reasons that might be the cause to this NOT-cool habit. I took me only like 5 seconds and already I have full knowledge of the reasons. It’s simply because there's really nothing interesting that is happening around my consciousness and that leads me to not being able to construct any interesting topic to talk about, resulting in me repeating the same topic again. But why, oh why, although I live a boring life and have nothing interesting to say, do I want to open my mouth and raise the possibility of annoying the poor listener? Maybe the main reason is that I like to talk, maybe I enjoy being able to communicate with people and maybe I love to make myself feel like I’m socially active.

To make matters more confusing and unnecessarily convoluted than it was supposed to be, while I was writing the first and second paragraph of this post, I suddenly or perhaps may I say, intentionally stumbled on another stupendous theory: of course there are lots of interesting things happening around me, I just don't spend time to stop and appreciate them. I was just being busy and everything else except what I’m focusing on is boring.
I was being ignorant. Arrogance; that's my enemy now.

So after this small 自 分反省会 (jibun hansei kai - means when you think about what you've done wrong, and tries to figure out how to improve yourselves), what did I learn? I learned that I should open my eyes to a wider world and not be soo ignorant; to be more creative when talking with intelligent mammals that is the Homo sapiens and to be more careful and think before opening my mouth.

I got to go out and buy myself some new pink boxers! That’ll make me more polite. Did you know that I was 15 (and that's old!!!) when I first knew how a nude attractive adult European women looks like on a back of a trump card? And the kid who showed that to me is in jail right now for selling pills to school kids and Malaysian university students. I’m not kidding, and I hope that's interesting.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

bakpo gak weh

Image5bakpo gak weh jagre benar aku nulih blog kot baso kelate nih. aku pong tok tau jugok. guano kigro ore kelate duk jepong lupo tanoh air doh ko? lupo doh ko hok demo tu minak gilo denga budu, cicoh denga ule2 ? lupo doh ko hok demo tu kalu kecek bahaso melayu mesti lekak jugok slang kelate? dikir baghak pon main jugok tiko skoloh menengoh dulu. makane hok paling beghehi pulok kuay teow ladna? magrhi siam lagi tuu.

mano ado. aku tok penoh lupo. kawe banggo denga jati diri kawe. tok penoh nok ghaso nok selindung. kalu ado ore tanyo asa mano, kawe tabik dado ngaku ore kelate. ore pasir mah anok kg dangar. jadi, bakpo gak hok kawe nih suko bena nulih blog kot bahasa ore putih? bahaso melayu pong jaghe sekali. kalu bawok pikir betul2, kawe pong tok tau. kawe raso kalu paka english ni lagi sene nok bowok emosi dale ceghito kawe. memang lagu tu kawe graso. kito buleh tulih ayak panje2 pahtu bowok byk isi2 dale setiak ayat tu, di campur sekali denga ayat bungo2 supayo ayat hok kito reko tuh bunyi dio lagi sedak. kalu denga bahaso melayu susoh, lagi la kalu denga bahaso kelate. ko sebak kawe tok reti nok paka bahaso melayu? kawe pon tok tahu la. dulu maso spm dapat A jah BM. karange bahaso melayu kawe pon sokmo dapat markah tinggi. ko kawe lupo doh mace mano nok guno bahaso melayu untuk reko ayat sedak2. apo la manusio, meme mudoh sangat nok lupo bendo kagro.

sebab no 2 pulok, kalo kawe nulih dale english, semuo ore buleh pehe. tok kiro ore kelate ko, ore malaysia ko, ore putih ko, cumo ore jepun jah tok leh pehe hehehaha. pahtu, buleh jugok kawe belatih english, sebab sejok maghi jepun nih, doh tok jupo tepat hok kawe buleh paka english.

aaah malah nok tulih panje2 ari ni, kawe sibuk sebenarnyo nih. 5hb ari tu kawe gi toyama university, ambik ujian kemasuke. result tubik 12hb nih. duk raso tok leh jah sebab matematik dio susoh sangak. tapi takpo. 18hb nih ado perikso kat FUKUI pulok. kawe nok buak sunggoh kat FUKUI nih, kalu tok leh FUKUI, tok tau la buleh gi mano lagi. kawe keno buleh jugok FUKUI nih, tok kiro la mace mano pong. maso ado 9 hari lagi. buak molek deh topek ali !!!

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