Monday, September 25, 2006

Guy base jumping illegally from Petronas Twin Towers

wow. just... wow. this is amazing. this has got to be the coolest base jumping video i've ever seen in my entire (short) life. great job for not getting arrested by the police or better, get splat-killed by the hard pavement below.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tokyo Game Show 2006 : My First Impression

So yesterday i went to the annually held and currently the biggest game show in the world (after E3 was scaled down) : Tokyo Game Show and i HAVE to write something about it. Just a quick first impression and my thoughts about the games. GAMES ONLY. I’ll write about everything else when I feel like it.

ok. there were a LOT of nerds. and they stink. My first ps3 game that I tried is Coded Arms Assault from Konami. Man this game sucks. The graphics are not that impressive and the gameplay is soo mediocre. The frame rate is bad and it has a lot of jaggies. Even IF it has great graphics I don’t think this game would be good because the gameplay is lower that the average current gen FPS out there. Very disappointing.

Next: Dead or Alive Extreme 2. I have to cut lines in front of a bald, old Japanese nerd to play this and he can’t even have the guts to say something at me. Hahaha geeks. Anyways, the graphics are good, colorful and the 3d models look great. The graphic is solid but still not impressive enough. Now on to the gameplay. Beach volley ball is harder than I though. Jet Ski is fun. Other mini-games are fun and cute especially the Butt-Sumo. Now that’s how game developers should do with game-babes.

Next: Lost Planet. Man this game is GOOD. The graphic is very nice with the motion blur and everything and the animation is solid too. I only played the multiplayer portion of the demo and it looks like capcom is doing a very good job at that department. Now that’s one good Xbox360 game.

Next: Heavenly Sword and Genji. I only just watched some guy play. OMG the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is fun. Heavenly Sword really reminds me of God of War and I personally think that it’s better than God of War. On the other hand, Genji reminds me of onimusha goodness and the graphics is just BEAUTIFUL. Medieval japan never looked this good.

Next: Warhawk. I have to wait for 1 hour in line to play this game. This game utilizes the 6 axis motion sensor in the ps3 controller when flying the many air vehicles and I have to say that I’m quite disappointed with the controls. Maybe I’m just not used to the new controls but it’s just hard to stay on target and actually hit it. It’s really weird and intuitive in the same time too and I guess I just have to spend more time with it to get used to the new controls. And oh, the graphics are…. OK. Not bad and not too impressive too.

Next: Virtua Fighter 5. This game is absolutely stunningly beautiful ! I got to play one of the 2 new characters (Eileen with her monkey fighting style) and well, maybe I'm still not used to playing her so i got beaten up by this other guy that I'm playing with. I guess they don't change the gameplay much because it feels just like Virtua Fighter 4 and that's a good thing because Virtua Fighter 4 is one of the best 3D fighting game out there. Solid gameplay, solid graphics.

Next: Resistance Fall of Man. Watched some Japanese kid played this. Oh yeah the graphics are GOOD ! Very nice. The game play is fun too especially the GUNS !!! it rocks !!! I don’t know why but I think this is going to be a very good FPS for the ps3. The guys who made rachet and clank really have done a great job. Can’t wait to play this!

Next: Lair. I watched it while it’s being played. Wow. My biggest disappointment at the show. They say the graphic are going to blow people away but I think it just sucks real hard. Jaggies. Jaggies. Jaggies. The texture looks bland. Very bad graphics for a much-hyped ps3 game. But the gameplay is another story. Just like Warhawk, it utilizes the ps3s’ six axis motion sensors to fly the ‘dragons’ and it makes it easier to handle it during flight. The gameplay is okay but damn I was disappointed with the graphics.

Next: Cell Factor. A FPS for windows that fully utilizes Aegia’s new physics engine. Wow physics make my eyes bleed. Never have I saw such gaming physics greatness in my life. You can pick up hundreds of stuff with your psi powers and throw it at your enemies with great speed and force. Best physics engine I have ever seen.

Next: Some small games I don’t remember. I don’t know. I don’t remember. I don’t care.

NEXT: WOOOOOTTT !!!! DEVIL MAY CRY 4 !!!! The first game that I want to play is this game, but unfortunately the wait line is 3 hours !!! So just settled with watching someone lucky bastards play the demo. Damn the graphics are just amazing. This is THE game that screams: NEXT GEN !!!. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. Monster killing has never been more beautiful than this. And the gameplay is just purely Devil May Cry good. It’s fast, hectic and FUN. WOW. I’m totally blown away by this game. Argh I want to play Devil May Cry !!!! Dante is not the main character anymore but still playable. The main character is now Nero, that looks and dresses pretty much like Dante but he's even cooler than the ever over-the-top master of cheezy lines, Dante. His right (or left?) arm has this wicked, cool looking lines of glare to it and acts as a new power system (I'm guessing) that they're are trying to bring to the newest installement to this great series. Nero can lauch sick, stylish power moves with that arm and it look very good and fits very nicely with the Devil May Cry universe; oh how many times do I have to tell you that I can't wait to get my hands on this new mechanic !

I guess that’s it for now. Metal gear solid 4 was not playable but being able to see Devil May Cry 4 is pretty much worth the trip. This year’s TGS is really about the ps3. Although I know that the ps3 is a beast, I don’t really think the launch games are going to make me want to make a purchase during launch. I’m going to get my ps3 only when Devil May Cry 4 or Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out.

On the other hand, Xbox360 is looking good with it’s 2nd year titles that’s coming out and I’m really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see Gears of War and Lost Odyssey because I…. forgot to. And Nintendo Wii is unplayable to the visitors. We only get to see Nintendo models is weird outfits play sonic and other wii games using the wii-mote. Oh well, in conclusion, this year’s TGS is slightly better than last year because I got to actually play the ps3. Next-gen gaming is sure making me very excited. If only I can get myself more excited in my studies then in gaming…….

Thursday, September 21, 2006

_( . . )_ さん、やればできるじゃない?

Hello Malaysian Students in Japan
How are you? Ogenkidesuka?
You will receive the allowance for October 2006
on 22 September 2006.
Yen ***,***
Please check your bank account.
Take good care,

yay its EXAM !!!

I know its exam when I woke up in the morning feeling dizzy and there’s this sickening taste in my throat, I feel like puking on my books because I didn’t sleep well last night, studying like hell and I know its exam when the air stinks and the clouds look like the middle finger and the birds don’t chirp anymore. Everyone looks like a fucking zombie and I started not giving a shit about anyone. Even if Nagasawa Masami, Manabe Kaori and Abe Natsumi; all three of them, were naked in my bed, touching themselves and asked me to join them, I would not even respond. It’s because of exam. Exam killed my orgy party, so exam is evil. Well, I probably would finger-fuck them all but only for a minute or two, then I have to go back to my studies.

Actually today is the second day of my semester exam. So far, so good. got 1 more day for this week and another 3 for the week after. Almost every time during examination period, i wrote shitty things about my performance but strangely, i think I’m doing pretty well this time. At least for now, and that's a good thing !

So because i haven't fucked up any of my precious papers, i have decided. I’m going to tokyo game show 2006 this 23rd September, and that's 2 days from today !!! woot i can't wait to try out the ps3. ps3 games rock! DMC4, Virtua Fighter, Metal Gear, Tekken, Heavenly Sword and a whole lot more. I will try to get my hands on every game but that’s just humanly impossible so I’m going to focus on Devil May Cry, Virtua Fighter, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid, Resistance Fall of Men, Warhawk, and Lair. There are other great Xbox360 games also that I’m surely going to check out like DoA Extreme, Lost Planet, Gears of War and Winning Eleven. Nintendo wii looks pretty awesome too but unfortunately it's unplayable at the show. I really want to see how the control on the new Zelda and Red Steel works. And that’s really the only games that I cared on the wii. Everything else looks pretty much gimmicky to me. And gay too.

Not to be forgotten: booth babes and cosplay ! just like last year, this year’s event are sure to attract cosplayers from all part of japan and I can’t visualize what kind of creepiness, cuteness, and strangeness I’m going to encounter; and I’m sure bringing along my new video camera ;). How much skin will the Microsoft booth babes show this year to attract Japanese gamers to their slowly dying xbox360? We’ll see.

I guess that’s enough for today. I’m going to sleep. Got to… get… energy… zzzz…. *put*put*put* oops sorry.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

ketulan coklat yang ku telan

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adoih. hari ni aje dah brapa ketul almond chocolate aku makan. rasa mcam nak jatuh sakit pulak. yay hari ni aku post dalam bahasa melayu oh yeah !!! err... dah masuk bulan 9 nih aku dah jarang benar post apa2 kat sini. sebenarnya ada macam2 yg aku nak tulis tapi takde masa nak prepare dan tulis panjang.

nak tulis pasal kes pembunuhan pelajar perempuan tokuyama kousen yg mana suspek kes tersebut yg juga merupakan classmate and research-mate mangsa dijumpai mati tergantung kat kawasan bukit, nak tulis pasal pope benedict yg membangkitkan kemarahan muslim pastu kata dia tak berniat langsung walaupon aku rasa dia tak patut cakap benda tu walaupon hanya untuk meng'quote' seseorang, nak tulis pasal lonelygirl 15 yg amat popular kat youtube tapi sebenarnya semua itu hanyalah satu lakonan yg menyebabkan berjuta2 peminat nya rasa tertipu dan naik bengang, nak tulis pasal peningkatan kawan2 perempuan muslim ku di friendster yg selalu post cerita2 lucah kat bulletin board, nak tulis pasal diri aku sendiri ni yg semakin lupa arah tuju dan matlamat hidup, nak tulis pasal macam2.

tapi ade faedah ke tulis benda2 mcam ni? aku pernah terbaca satu tulisan seorang ahli psikologi, yg aku dah lupa nama dia; berdasarkan kajian dia, menulis diari atau pon blog nih boleh membantu mengurang kan stress. ntah betul ke tak ahli psikologi tu, aku rasa mcam tensen aje bila menulis kat sini hahaha.

dan kadang2 ketika aku mandi, aku terfikir. kenapa, walaupon rambut aku lurus, tapi bulu pubis ku berkerinting? nak cari info pasal ni tapi takde masa. ada sesiapa bole tolong bagitau? classmate aku lebih drpd separuh yang ambik medic, mesti diaorg boleh tolong explain kat aku.

hmm... rupa2nya ke'merapu'an aku ni lebih hebat ketika aku berblog dalam bahasa melayu berbanding ketika aku menulis dalam bahasa orang putih. baru aku tahu.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin died

CRIKEY!! i can't believe it ! the crocodile hunter is NO MORE ! he got his heart stabbed by a startled stingray during filming a documentary by the australian coast. i remember being glued to the tv when i was a kid every time this crazy bastard appeared on tv. his wild live tv programs especially 'Crocodile Hunter' is one of the best wild life tv show EVER !!! i love this guy !!!

i knew he would die a horrible death somehow during filming but i didn't expect the mighty steve irwin would die in a marine accident. i always imagined him being eaten alive by a big ass snake or getting his head chopped off by an alligator.

anyways, thank you steve irwin for working hard and even putting your life on the line for my entertainment when i was bored and waiting for the ' Illustrated Magazines 100 top bikini ' to air. and i'm sorry for changing the channel because i want to watch powerpuff girls. i thought you're going to die in your early fifties, being eaten alive by a crocodile that is. i'm going to miss this guy. absolutely one of my favourite tv presenter. thank you steve !

cnn news coverage: click here !!!

Steve Irwin on Wikipidia: must read !!!

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