Wednesday, January 24, 2007

「学園だより」のための記事: i'm bored

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i was bored. NO. i AM bored. so i took this survey about how necessary is sex education in malaysian educational system. they want to know how aware i am about sex when i was still a high school student; and this is what i think about their whole survey:

well i wish i had sex with my hot physics teacher but i can't because she told me to pay her rm100. so i worked hard part-time jobs to collect the money but when i DO get the money, she died of an accident or something so i used the money to buy porn dvds and magazines and sell it at my school and that experience has taught me entrepreneurial skills, which is cool. the reason why i have not tasted the warm feeling of a wet vagina is because when i ask a girl " hi you look lovely can i have sex with you? ", i always get slapped in the face. man, girls are hard to understand ! i'm just experiencing with my sexual organs for the sake of the existence of our species ! it's weird man i always scored perfect at japanese dating sim games , so why am i not successful in real life?

yesterday i watched some porno from uzbekistan or something, i don't really know the origin but damn they're so hairy ! so there are three people doing an orgy right, so one guy puts his erected penis in this chick's tight vagina right but out of nowhere this other guy came from behind and stick it into the chick's ass ?!! why the hell do they want to do that? i thought sex is just about two people sleeping next to each other and then magically they'll get a baby ?! i guess they DON'T want a baby so that's why they don't sleep next to each other and at some time this one guy just goes crazy and were licking all over the poor chicks vagina ! that's total torture because that chick is mourning all of the time but sometimes she is quiet when someone put a penis into her mouth. so about the question... well i'm expert in sex so yeah you can ask me instead ! although i'm just curious, is it ok for an adult female to put a very hard horse's penis into her vagina? anyways, keep up the good job, i'm being 100% supportive of your fine efforts!

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