Friday, February 23, 2007

final exam is here.... wait, WHAT !!!???

after been tortured for almost 3 years with endless amounts of annoying reports, experiments, classes and such, my life in nagano national collage of tech has come closer to it's end as yesterday is the third day of FINAL EXAM! today and the next 2 is holiday and after that, 26th of February to be exact, fourth day of final exam will commence until 28th for my last paper. if everything goes just like i've planned, i'll graduate, leave nagano and move to akita to be tortured there for 2 more years until i have my degree. that's too long.

anyways, todays post is about my impression about how i did during my three days of exam. the first paper, 機能材料工学(kinou zairyou kougaku) was not that hard because i've prepared my notes very well. i finished very early, like 30 minutes early. next paper, システム工学(system engineering) was even better. i think haneda sensei is giving it too easy on us, but hell, why should i complain!? next paper is メカトロニックス(mechatronics). this one, is quite risky. i think i did well but i have no confidence in my answers. but i did well last time, scored 92, so i guess my previous score will help me a lot to back up the mess i did with the final paper. i did quite BADLY with the next paper, ロボット工学(robotic engineering). i don't know. i couldn't answer 2 questions (!!) so i just scribble something on the answer space so that it doesn't look like i'm leaving it blank. i hope i get at least 60.

so that's all the papers that i've taken this past 3 days. thank god the schedule is not so packed. i could have spent more time on each subject and manage it efficiently but unfortunately, that didn't happen. yeah. i watched tv! damn japanese manzai are so high in quality, it's a million years better than american humour! japanese night tv shows are so much fun to watch that i forget that i have to study for the sake of my LIFE !!!

anyways, i got 3 days off to study more and more to prepare for 3 more days of final exam. the past 3 days was, to be honest, cake. but the next 3 days of this final exam is going to be quite tough. yeah, they save the tough ones at the end. i have to pull up my socks, tuck up my balls, burn the midnight oil, chop the alligators' dick... wait a minute, i'm kind of lost here. what ever. what i mean is i have to work hard, and harder. i wish my self good luck.

when i went out today to buy more energy drink, i saw lots of kids with their parents outside the school's office building. i forgot. today is the day of the announcement of the names of those who passes the entrance exam to our school. i stopped my bike to watch for a while. there were people jumping around in happiness and there are people hugging, congratulating each other. there ware also kids with their parents engulfed with sadness. i didn't knew the japanese had so much emotions to show!

then i remembered the time when i knew i got accepted into this japanese collage program. i remembered it quite well. i was at the Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang at that time. so i was reading this cheap malay smut novel (those rm3.50 novel about a malay guy fantasizing sex with his mother in law) that i borrowed from my friend next door when my mom called and gave my the happy news.

ahh sweet memories. anyways, i should stop right here and try to focus on studying. yeah right.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

rosnah mat aris running her mouth

yeah i know, just like rosnah mat aris herself, this is very old stuff but unfortunately i've not been updated with the current news from malaysia, and from now on i would like (i should) to spend some time reading news from and about malaysia.

for those who still didn't know what this is all about, look at this clip from youtube. so, this veteran malaysian comedian made a comparison about her and her younger gigolo lover or what ever she calls him with Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W and his first wife Khadijah. being a comedian, i knew she tried to fuse humor in a serious conversation but unfortunately, calling the first wife of the prophet of a great holy religion '(tua) dah nak mampos' is not quite funny to the malaysian muslim community. rosnah mat aris, you're a dumb old fart. she knew it was a live-telecast show but still she is too fucked up in the head and just open her loud mouth just like she opened her old stinking saggy vagina to her young lover.

the thought of her thinking that she could compare someone as low and as disgusting as herself to the one of the greatest role model for women in the muslim world is just absurd and out of this world. ok. i think i should stop my rant here. after the huge complaint that tv3 (the tv station that aired the show in 30th January 2007) had received just after the airing of the sensasi tv show, she apologized that she fucked up. and i hope she would think first before saying something, especially about islam because obviously she needs to stop fucking with young male prostitutes and learn the basic of the islamic teachings. i'm not saying that i'm so alim that i could say these things to her but let's get real, ok, do you think her appearance in the tv show, is the appearance of a modest muslim who at least knew the basic of proper clothing?

enough with rosnah mat aris, she's a whore now so let's pray that she and also i, myself, would be a better person. what i really want to talk is about the laughter after rosnah said 'dah nak mampos'. yes, the audience and most importantly, the m.c. LAUGHED when rosnah said those words, like it's a confirmation of her words. like it's ok to insult the wife of Allah's great prophet thus the prophet himself. i felt sick with these people. i'm ok with freedom speech but insult is not a part of it. i really feel that the muslim community in malaysia deserves an official apology from tv3 and the female mc of the show. she did the same harm by supporting the insult that rosnah had done. or maybe worse.

it's good to see that the malaysian television scene has evolved a lot lately and people were experimenting with the new grounds and space that were given but still, malaysian should retain the values of what we were made of. of modesty, religious freedom and racial harmony, and some other fluffy stuff my poor english vocabulary store doesn't have. damn that sounded so cheezy but you know it's true.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

a good read about jew-palestine conflict in the eyes of a western peace activist

Anti-semite once stood for people that hate Jews.
Today anti-semite stands for people that Jews hate.

When the US first came over into the middle east, as a super power. The Americans were loved by the Arab nations. Here was a super power that wasn't imperialistic. What went wrong? And why is America so hated by many Arabs now? When thousands of Jews began to move into Palestine with the help of Great Briton and the US. (I'm just going to briefly mention a few key things, no details) You see the Jews were flocking in, in great numbers, many had been living in Palestine already, and living side by side with Palestinians - peacefully. You see Palestine has freedom of religion, they didn't care what faith the Jews have, they all lived in peace. But the Jews began to take Palestinian land and build Jewish only settlements. Obviously this led to conflicts, and eventually the 1948 war. During the 1948 war the Jews won because they were backed by the US and Great Briton, where they got a nice chunk of Palestine and Israel became a State, recognized by the world, including Palestine. But they didn't stop there.... people of the Jewish faith were coming to Palestine in great numbers... after all this is all predicted in the bible. Eventually this led to the six day war in 1967, whereas Israel now took half of Palestine. Where did all the Palestinians go? They fled in numbers to escape racial and religious persecution by the Jews. The Palestinians that were unable to flee, many are living in the worlds largest refugee camp (even today). One might think that since Israel got half of Palestine, that might have been the end of it.

Unfortunately the Israelis didn't stop there..... and have been continuing to take more and more Palestinian land... today Palestine is not really much of what it once was at all. As I'll show you in just a minute. Israel has also taken over 9,000 Palestinians hostage and lock them up in Israeli prisons, whereas many are never charged with any crimes.. and yet they sit in a prison cell, because they were born with a different skin color, and religion. Over 800 of these Palestinian prisoners in Israel, are children. You see, one of reasons the US is hated is because the US has supported Israel's continuing hostel take over and occupation of Palestine. It's Israel that has murdered thousands of Palestinians for being a different skin color. It's Israel that bulldoze Palestinian homes on land that the Palestinians own, and that has been in their family for hundreds of years. It's Israel that has taken control of 80% of the clean water in Palestine. It's Israel that cuts down the Palestinian Olive Garden Trees (oops not olive which is one of their livelihoods. It's Israel that has built a giant wall that encircles whole Palestinian territories. It's Israel that has a marshall law - police state - checkpoints all throughout Palestine.

When you hear talk of a Palestinian suicide bomber, which I do not condone. I want you to think about what would drive someone to do that... in most cases it's because the Israelis have killed most of their family, bulldozed their home, destroyed their crops, etc You see ameica is hated because of her blind support for Israel the terrorist state, Israel the aggressor. The US gives Israel 3.2 Billion Dollars a year, and all the high tech weaponry she wants, including nuclear weapons.

-by Tommy *note: i copy pasted this article from youtube.

britney spears gone bald !

all right, i usually didn't care about stories concerning famous people that has no use in society what so ever but this story is too good ! america's pop princess (and like any other worthy princesses, have a cleanly shaved pussy), britney spears is officially bald just after checking out of a rehabilitation center. i have no problem with how she looks previously but her new image is, absolutely FREAKING COOL !!! i know she did it because she's a little crazy right now, or what ever, but the fact that a super idol like that, whom to certain people, were looked up on her image as a pretty face that a lot of girls wants to copy, in a world of fakeness where being pretty is a big deal; she just sent a sweet message to these fakeness that is the women's magazine's definition of beauty: FUCK YOU ALL !!!

i know people would say " aww i never look at britney and thought that it's cool and i could try to copy that " but still, to all those magazines who criticizes her looks and what she wore more than they should be criticizing what bush had done in iraq, britney just taunted at you and said: what do you have to write about this, bitches?

anyways, i like her new image and although i'll never listen to her music and read about how many calories of food she ate everyday, she's my new favorite disturbed-crazy-bald-pop star! and i think she's going to commit suicide soon. that is going to be sad.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

puteri umno reading the holy Al-Quran

click the picture for a bigger image. ok i have a question to muslims or people who have knowledge about islam especially in the sunni sect. what is wrong @ weird @ funny about this picture? the background story of the picture: the head of puteri umno pandan, selangor (a 'female' branch of the biggest and ruling political group in malaysia) : Zahida Zarik Khan; a picture of her reading the Al-Quran during the group's 2007 new year celebration, and according to the newspaper, this is something new because previously it's all about fireworks and all those secularly heavy fun stuff. the motive of the celebration (according to the newspaper) is to respect the coming new year that falls along with aidiladha, a muslim festive.

it's clear that they want to send a message to the public that umno (and puteri umno) are good, respectable religious people and i do think that this tactic is pretty good; using color pictures of one healthy adult women doing something very religiously good and put it in a popular local newspaper that have a very wide audience; but unfortunately, (in my opinion) they did some really noobie mistake that contradicts what they're hoping to achieve, that is the good islamic image in the eyes of the malaysian public. so, my question is... can you spot it? and i think this zahida chick has some really good skin textures, at least for a politician !

Friday, February 16, 2007

a few reasons y is it good to be a man :D

and i do agree with some of these... notice that i said some....

1. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.
2. Movie nudity is virtually always female.
3. You know stuff about tanks.
4. A five day vacation requires only one suitcase.
5. Monday Nite Football.
6. You don't have to monitor your friends sex lives.
7. Your bathroom lines are 80% shorter.
8. You can open all your own jars.
9. Old friends don't give you crap if you've lost or gained weight.
10. Dry cleaners and haircutter's don't rob you blind.
11. When clicking through the channel, you don't have to stall on every shot
of someone crying.
12. Your ass is never a factor in a job interview.
13. All your orgasms are real.
14. A beer gut does not make you invisible to the opposite sex.
15. Guys in hockey masks don't attack you.
16. You don't have to lug a bag of useless stuff around everywhere you go.
17. You understand why the movie "Stripes" is funny.
18. You can go to the bathroom without a support group.
19. Your last name stays put.
20. You can leave a hotel bed unmade.
21. When your work is criticized, you don't have to panic that everyone
secretly hates you.
22. You can kill your own food.
23. The garage is all yours.
24. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.
25. You see the humor in Terms of Endearment.
26. Nobody secretly wonders if you swallow.
27. You never have to clean the toilet.
28. You can be showered and ready in 10 minutes.
29. Sex means never worrying about your reputation.
30. Wedding plans take care of themselves.
31. If someone forgets to invite you to something, he or she can still be
your friend.
32. Your underwear is $10 for a three pack.
33. The National College Cheer leading Championship
34. None of your co-workers have the power to make you cry.
35. You don't have to shave below your neck.
36. You don't have to curl up next to a hairy ass every nite.
37. If you're 34 and single nobody notices.
38. You can write your name in the snow.
39. You can get into a nontrivial pissing contest.
40. Everything on your face stays its original color.
41. Chocolate is just another snack.
42. You can be president.
43. You can quietly enjoy a car ride from the passenger seat.
44. Flowers fix everything.
45. You never have to worry about other people's feelings.
46. You get to think about sex 90% of your waking hours.
47. You can wear a white shirt to a water park.
48. Three pair of shoes are more than enough.
49. You can eat a banana in a hardware store.
50. You can say anything and not worry about what people think.
51. Foreplay is optional.
52. Michael Bolton doesn't live in your universe.
53. Nobody stops telling a good dirty joke when you walk into the room.
54. You can whip your shirt off on a hot day.
55. You don't have to clean your apartment if the meter reader is coming by.
56. You never feel compelled to stop a pal from getting laid.
57. Auto mechanics tell you the truth.
58. You don't give a rat's ass if someone notices your new haircut.
59. You can watch a game in silence with you buddy for hours without even
thinking (He must be mad at me)
60. The world is your urinal.
61. You never misconstrue innocuous statements to mean your lover is about
to leave you.
62. You get to jump up and slap stuff.
63. Hot wax never comes near your pubic area.
64. One mood, all the time.
65. You can admire Clint Eastwood without starving yourself to look like
66. You never have to drive to another gas station because this one's just
too skeevy.
67. You know at least 20 ways to open a beer bottle.
68. You can sit with your knees apart no matter what you are wearing.
69. Same work....more pay.
70. Gray hair and wrinkles add character.
71. You don't have to leave the room to make an emergency crotch adjustment.
72. Wedding Dress $2000; Tux rental $100.
73. You don't care if someone is talking about you behind your back.
74. With 400 million sperm per shot, you could double the earth's population
in15 tries, at least in theory.
75. You don't mooch off others' desserts.
76. If you retain water, it's in a canteen.
77. The remote is yours and yours alone.
78. People never glance at your chest when your talking to them.
79. ESPN's sports center.
80. You can drop by to see a friend without bringing a little gift.
81. Bachelor parties whomp ass over bridal showers.
82. You have a normal and healthy relationship with your mother.
83. You can buy condoms without the shopkeeper imagining you naked.
84. You needn't pretend you're "freshening up" to go to the bathroom.
85. If you don't call your buddy when you say you will, he won't tell your
friends "you've changed".
86. Someday you'll be a dirty old man.
87. You can rationalize any behavior with the handy phrase "F*#k it!"
88. If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit, you might
become life long buddies.
89. Princess Di's death was almost just another obituary.
90. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected.
91. You never have to miss a sexual opportunity because you're not in the
92. You think the idea of punting a small dog is funny.
93. If something mechanical didn't work, you can bash it with a hammer and
throw it across the room.
94. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
95. Porn movies are designed with your mind in mind.
96. You don't have to remember everyone's birthdays and anniversaries.
97. Not liking a person does not preclude having great sex with them.
98. Your pals can be trusted never to trap you with: "So... notice anything
99. Baywatch
100. There is always a game on somewhere

Monday, February 12, 2007

watched some movies...

yeah i've been spending some time watching movies that i have downloaded recently, and gladly, a lot of those movies were actually of high quality and some of them are really, really good; A class quality. so i woke up this morning, realized that it's holiday; so i thought why don't i make a short review of each of those movies and tell you what i think about them. i hope by doing this, it would make the movie-watching experience more intimate and interesting. that sound so fucking lame. i don't know. the list is not according to any preference. it's just random but i do put my personal score at the end; well, i know it doesn't mean a thing, but just cause....

1. The Departed
wow. this movie is just brilliant. leonardo di caprio is my NEW favorite actor. what a performance. this movie is a remake of the hongkong thriller, infernal affairs and in my personal opinion, the departed >>>>>> infernal affairs without a doubt. it's basically a cat-and-mouse story about undercover agents from both side (the gangster and police department) trying to figure out each other. damn, if you love thriller movie, you have to see this. my score: 9.2

2. The Last King of Scotland
forest whitaker as the 1970 ugandan dictator is an acting genius. his character is so mind blowingly evil but he was able to put some humanity in it. i personally think that his performance in this film deserves an oscar nomination. the story is about a scottish doctor who become the personal physician of the dictator, they get very close, the scot doctor fucks the dictator's 3rd wife.... and so on. there are some boring scenes though but overall a good movie. my score: 8.0

3. Blood Diamond
once again, leonardo di caprio is an ACE! brilliant story, brilliant action, brilliant actors. every scene is interesting and i just love the small detail in each character especially the white guy (di caprio) and the black dude (djimon hounsou). stellar performance. the story took place in sierra leone when this black dude found a big diamond and the white guy wants a piece of it. well, the story is actually a lot more detailed than that with the militant, diamond smuggling, kid soldier and a heli wiping off a whole mining community but i guess you have to see the movie yourself. it's worth it, i guarantee it. my score: 8.5

4. Babel
this film is quite confusing at first, but the plot lines and the various characters introduced is interesting enough to make you want to watch this 2 and a half hour film develop it's puzzle-like storylines into one beautiful story about human communication. this film really provoked me to think about a lot of things; about love, communication and blind but sexually intrigued japanese high school girls who didn't wear panties while in a very short mini skirt. the movie tries to sew a couple of absolutely differently interesting stories into one and i suppose they could have done a better job but it's a thought provoking film, and i highly recommended it. just one thing. if you want to enjoy this film, listen, and watch carefully. my score: 8.9

5. Children of Men
wow. just wow. this has got to be my favourite action movie with the longest non-cut action sequence ever; it's just breath taking. the atmosphere is done superbly well, you just can't help but be drawn into this not to distant future world of children of men. the film asked the question: what if suddenly all of the women in the world couldn't have babies anymore? this film is going to be a cult classic. you have to see this gem. highly recommended. my score: 9.0

6. The Guardian
arr. what a mediocre movie. ashton kutcher was great in the butterfly effect but if you watch this, you would definitely think that he should just stick to that 70's show and punkt. horrible performance, mediocre story line about a rookie vs an old grumpy legend in the world of elite life rescuer. leave this film alone. not worth your time. my score: 6.0

7. Flags of Our Father
hmm.... this definitely a different touch on ww2 movies. it's a war drama movie to be exact. it's about the story of the 'famous' american flag 'bearer' in iwojima island during the battle there. in america, these 7 soldiers were put up as heroes but they themselves doesn't really like being called that because of all the horrible shit they've done and saw during the war. one of the many films that made me sit back and think about how fucked up and horrible war is. this film made me more anti-war and i would love to slit bush the bastard's throat for massacring thousands during the iraqi war. go see this film and let's devote our lives to killing every american president. my score: 8.6

8. Mission Impossible III
yeah. it's MI3. what do you expect? lots of action. cool gadget. tom cruise is, as always, cool. people get shot it the face. things got blown up. it's a very well done hollywood style action movie. grab your popcorn, put down your thinking hat and enjoy. my score: 8.4

9. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
wow what a weird film. but it's very good. jim carrey is still my favorite actor. this guy is just brilliant. so is kate winslet. a weird story about this company that can erase people's memories on demand. it's very fun and romantic movie actually, but still, it's very weird. and i kind a get the nice feelings when you watch romantic films, alone. i don't know. it has the same vibe as punch drunk love. what ever. i enjoyed it. my score: 8.0

10. Paradise Now
a very heavy film about a touchy subject. tells the story about two palestian dudes who wants to do suicide bombings. makes you think about a lot of things. religious belief. peace. peer pressure. courage. pretty heavy stuff. my score: 7.8

11. Pan's Labyrinth don't be fooled by the fantasy-like vibe of the film because this is a violent, grim and dark film about 'alice in wonderland' in spain during the ww2. this is truly a fantasy movie for adults being told by a little girl as the lead actor. i was a bit surprised by how good the plot lines develops and how scary it is to see someone having his mouth cut to the ears. my score: 8.4

so there you have it. me, giving my unwanted opinions. but that's the beauty of freedom speech in blogging. in think i should go get some sleep. maybe next time i'll make a short review like this about video games and software instead. hmm... i guess i' m just lonely.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

research/thesis presentation day

at last, it's over today ! after about one year of efficient use of research time surfing for garbage on the net, playing networked emulated snes games like bomberman, watching funny videos on youtube, joining internet forums dedicated to everything about videogames, and lastly using only one week to do some real research and work, my research/thesis is coming closer to it's end (at least to my end) with the presentation day held today.

i only practiced my presentation once yesterday so i was a little nervous when just before the real thing. well, i don't think i did great because for starters, the computer operator opened the wrong slide (older version) for me and it's the it's been the third minutes of my presentation when i noticed this horrible mistake.

reluctantly, i changed the powerpoint slideshow to the correct ones and thankfully, everything went smooth from there except for the occasional hiccups i had because i had magically forgotten the reading of this kanji: 改良(kairyou - improvement); and i took me like 3-5 seconds to remember it back. talking about ruining my timing.

the well feared questionnaire time, although very dangerous and deadly for some, is brilliantly executed done thanks to me and the professor asking the right questions. one professor asked exactly one of my many 'expected' questions that i has prepared before-hand and like giving a candy to a kid, i answered it with much confidence and intelligence, just like i've prepared.

all in all, it was not so bad, but i do felt like my japanese language skills had strangely received a major dumbing-down (the pronunciation & grammar) during the presentation because i was nervous when i realized i was presenting the wrong slide! what ever, it's done. what else left to do is to finish the thesis paper and i'm FREE !!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

.interval 01

i have a little sister. we ALWAYS hold hands when walking together. after 1.5 years being away, i went back to malaysia for a short holiday last December. so when i was walking with my little sister, i hold her hand, like always. but after about 30 seconds, she let it go. i hold her hands again and she did the same thing. at that time i realized, i forgot that she's not that little sister that i knew anymore. she has grown. a bit. she doesn't felt like holding my hands anymore when we walk side by side.

i'm not saying that she's all grown up, but she's not so small anymore either. then i realized, people around me, myself included, we all have been doing some growing up lately. and i forgot to check my watch.

i can't believe i'm already 22 years old. i do felt that i have changed a lot since high school but sometimes i just felt like i'm that same naive person that used to think adult sucks. now i am one.

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