Friday, February 23, 2007

final exam is here.... wait, WHAT !!!???

after been tortured for almost 3 years with endless amounts of annoying reports, experiments, classes and such, my life in nagano national collage of tech has come closer to it's end as yesterday is the third day of FINAL EXAM! today and the next 2 is holiday and after that, 26th of February to be exact, fourth day of final exam will commence until 28th for my last paper. if everything goes just like i've planned, i'll graduate, leave nagano and move to akita to be tortured there for 2 more years until i have my degree. that's too long.

anyways, todays post is about my impression about how i did during my three days of exam. the first paper, 機能材料工学(kinou zairyou kougaku) was not that hard because i've prepared my notes very well. i finished very early, like 30 minutes early. next paper, システム工学(system engineering) was even better. i think haneda sensei is giving it too easy on us, but hell, why should i complain!? next paper is メカトロニックス(mechatronics). this one, is quite risky. i think i did well but i have no confidence in my answers. but i did well last time, scored 92, so i guess my previous score will help me a lot to back up the mess i did with the final paper. i did quite BADLY with the next paper, ロボット工学(robotic engineering). i don't know. i couldn't answer 2 questions (!!) so i just scribble something on the answer space so that it doesn't look like i'm leaving it blank. i hope i get at least 60.

so that's all the papers that i've taken this past 3 days. thank god the schedule is not so packed. i could have spent more time on each subject and manage it efficiently but unfortunately, that didn't happen. yeah. i watched tv! damn japanese manzai are so high in quality, it's a million years better than american humour! japanese night tv shows are so much fun to watch that i forget that i have to study for the sake of my LIFE !!!

anyways, i got 3 days off to study more and more to prepare for 3 more days of final exam. the past 3 days was, to be honest, cake. but the next 3 days of this final exam is going to be quite tough. yeah, they save the tough ones at the end. i have to pull up my socks, tuck up my balls, burn the midnight oil, chop the alligators' dick... wait a minute, i'm kind of lost here. what ever. what i mean is i have to work hard, and harder. i wish my self good luck.

when i went out today to buy more energy drink, i saw lots of kids with their parents outside the school's office building. i forgot. today is the day of the announcement of the names of those who passes the entrance exam to our school. i stopped my bike to watch for a while. there were people jumping around in happiness and there are people hugging, congratulating each other. there ware also kids with their parents engulfed with sadness. i didn't knew the japanese had so much emotions to show!

then i remembered the time when i knew i got accepted into this japanese collage program. i remembered it quite well. i was at the Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang at that time. so i was reading this cheap malay smut novel (those rm3.50 novel about a malay guy fantasizing sex with his mother in law) that i borrowed from my friend next door when my mom called and gave my the happy news.

ahh sweet memories. anyways, i should stop right here and try to focus on studying. yeah right.

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