Wednesday, February 07, 2007

research/thesis presentation day

at last, it's over today ! after about one year of efficient use of research time surfing for garbage on the net, playing networked emulated snes games like bomberman, watching funny videos on youtube, joining internet forums dedicated to everything about videogames, and lastly using only one week to do some real research and work, my research/thesis is coming closer to it's end (at least to my end) with the presentation day held today.

i only practiced my presentation once yesterday so i was a little nervous when just before the real thing. well, i don't think i did great because for starters, the computer operator opened the wrong slide (older version) for me and it's the it's been the third minutes of my presentation when i noticed this horrible mistake.

reluctantly, i changed the powerpoint slideshow to the correct ones and thankfully, everything went smooth from there except for the occasional hiccups i had because i had magically forgotten the reading of this kanji: 改良(kairyou - improvement); and i took me like 3-5 seconds to remember it back. talking about ruining my timing.

the well feared questionnaire time, although very dangerous and deadly for some, is brilliantly executed done thanks to me and the professor asking the right questions. one professor asked exactly one of my many 'expected' questions that i has prepared before-hand and like giving a candy to a kid, i answered it with much confidence and intelligence, just like i've prepared.

all in all, it was not so bad, but i do felt like my japanese language skills had strangely received a major dumbing-down (the pronunciation & grammar) during the presentation because i was nervous when i realized i was presenting the wrong slide! what ever, it's done. what else left to do is to finish the thesis paper and i'm FREE !!!

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