Sunday, March 11, 2007

latest single from YUI : CHE.R.R.Y

oh YUI is so adorable in this one. so after her single 'rolling star' was released, i was a bit surprised by her sudden transformation into a rock-chick with electronic guitars blazing. although she has never done any rock themed song before, it was a great song and really shows that she has a broad talent in music. with that said, it still doesn't feel like the YUI that i loved very much.

her first album, FROM ME TO YOU is full of great pop and ballad songs; and the lyrics are so real in the way that portrays YUI as a normal teenager, a youngster full of hope about the future but are also very not sure of what's going to happen; insecurity and anxiety is the keyword here especially in her song TOKYO. the album really portrays the uneasiness, hopefulness, and mixed feelings of being a teenager. although the issue is as real as it could get, she successfully retains her sweetness with her angelic voice and head-bobbing tunes. that's what i like about YUI. forget everything else that i said about her. except the she's super sweet and kawaii.

but with her latest single: che.r.r.y, she has finally returned to the jpop world as the princess of sweetness. the song is a simple song about how sweet it is for a girl to fall in love. hmm.... maybe i'm over-using the word 'sweet', but that is what it is. when i listen to this song, i can imagine the falling petals of the sakura flower being blown into my window by the cool breeze of spring. welcome back YUI, and i can't wait to go to your concert in sendai this summer ! YUI chan cho kawaii !!! 大好き!!!

che.r.r.y pv from youtube: must watch!!!

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