Wednesday, March 28, 2007

from nagano to akita

packed my bags and sent them to akita by kuroneko. damn these kuroneko guys work fast! it took them like 2 minutes to load all my stuff into the truck. man these guys have very STRONG arms! i wish i could carry heavy luggages with ease just like them.

with all my luggages being sent to akita, the last thing to do is to just wait for tomorrow. i just can't believe it that i'm leaving this place.

at night me, bak, seiha, haiman and the new mongolian kid LG went to asian kichen and we had our last dinner together. of course i paid for them. then we finished the night's outing with karaoke until 1a.m. i hurt my throat because i've been screaming into the microphone far too much that night.

it feels so empty. memories. these memories were playing in my head like a 3mm film projection. damn i will miss this place. tomorrow, it's good bye nagano and hello akita.

doki. doki. doki.

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