Monday, April 09, 2007

moved to a NEW room!

it's been a couple of days and i'm beginning to feel 'at home' when i'm in this new room. well, it's not the same feeling i get when i was in the room at nagano , but i'm slowly gaining this feeling of comfort and a little 'trust' with this room; are you getting what i'm trying to say here? it's the 'this is my place' kind of feeling. this is my cave. this is where i sleep warmly and i've set every electronic devices to my likings and i like it that way. the television channels are set to the way i like it. the brightness and contrast of my monitor is set to the way i like it. the water and heater temperature is set to my likings. water is 42 and heater is 23. and i can run around naked all day in this small space.

all of my things are already put inside the room. now i have to figure out which stuff to be placed at what place. i'm bad at decorating rooms so i guess i should just follow my heart and put stuff anywhere i want , as long as it doesn't look too messy. efficiency in moving things back and forth is the most quality i'm trying to gain here when i'm managing the placement of my stuff in my new room, but it seems like i'm doing a poor job. no surprise.

as you can see in the pictures below, my room need a serious attention in the tidiness department and i plan to clean and tidy up my room today. yeah. i will tidy up my room before the end of today. let's just hope i stick to the plan till the end.

tomorrow is the first day of school. the university-way of dealing with class schedule and credits is quite confusing at first but i will eventually get it. i hope. soon.

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