Monday, September 03, 2007


i really have no idea or any plans to do anything today so i have decided to just stay at home and be a good couch potato. that i idea was boring to i went to shimokitazawa. i don't know why. there i went to a halal pakistani restaurant: 2x2=8. yeah. weird name for a pakistani restaurant. well, as long as they serve good curry with a reasonable price. it's a all you can eat for 1000 yen so i ate a LOT. i can't move after gave up eating. while i was resting, to let the food to go down, i was entertained by the hindustani music videos they put on the tv. aahh.... it's still funny and ridiculous. i guess bollywood don't want to change and innovate their entertainment making formula. after filling myself with curry, i went to shinjuku's oldest eatery street: the omoide yokocho. i just went there because it looks cool. hahaha. i don't know why i'm laughing. ok. the last picture above is quite interesting. that picture can only happen in japan. a girl dressing hip while riding a bicycle. look at her high heels!


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – 8.2

The style of the film is really cool and refreshing, definitely grabs your attention to focus on the storylines and its twitchy characters. Robert downey jr. really did a good job in this one. The storyline is very interesting; a murder mystery brings together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief masquerading as an actor. The tension in the movie was always going up and down and you can’t really predict what is going to happen next. It’s a very hard movie to describe but I enjoyed it.

Big Fish – 8.1

Another good fantasy-themed movie by tim burton. A story about a guy who has a father who likes to tell everyone about his interesting life when he was younger. It’s a very heart warming story full with fantasy and disney-like fell good inside moments. i think this is a perfect family movie. kids would love this too! not that i care about children movies.

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