Friday, September 07, 2007


today i'm going back to akita to continue my primitive life. it's friday so what better way to end this trip by praying jumaa at the biggest masjid in tokyo: the camii masjid. it was a beautiful turkish masjid located in shibuya. i've been to this masjid a couple of times but have never prayed jumma here. i was a bit surprised + amazed by how they deliver the khutbah; in three languages: first in japanese, then english and lastly in turkish. everyday in tokyo is a new experience, i guess.

after the prayer, i went to random places, ate random food and took random pictures; until it's time to take the bus to akita. it has been a busy one week trip, and it's definitely worth it. after this i can't really make any more trips because it's ramadhan in a couple of days from now. i got another 3 weeks of summer holiday and right now i really have no idea on how to spend it. maybe i should just focus on finishing all the unfinished video games in my computer and start to spend some time with my xbox 360. there were also tons of movies to watch. maybe that might be a good way to spend my holiday. or not.



The TV Set – 8.0

A rather simple movie about the workings of Hollywood tv-show-making-business. There was nothing impressive here but somehow the simple storylines helped to keep your interest to finish watching till the end.

Chaos – 8.5

Another cool movie starring Jason Statham. The movie starts with a good twist and ended with a nicely written climax. Watch this!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 7.0

Boring movie. The cgi was nice though. Harry Potter should start a killing spree and confess his gayness; that would made a good harry potter movie.

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