Monday, November 05, 2007

leah dizon eating ice-cream


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    she the ice-cream..perhaps?

  2. o yes there is a lot of stiffening activities concerning this particular picture... because men were made with creativity and imagination.

  3. Anonymous12:35 AM

    :)..whatever u say...

  4. oh yeah i have no response to a 'whatever you say' response.

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    owh,no need for dat..
    good blog, anyway.
    keep up the good work!

  6. thanks for even spending the time to visit my blog! anyways, do i know you?

  7. Anonymous7:43 PM

    nope..u dunno me..and i dunno u either...just found your fs pge from my frens' fren pge....
    n seems dat u're 'consistent' blogger..dats makes me want to take a look... erm, well.. i'm kinda tagged, with your blog..dats all.
    hope its okay with u..

  8. oo that's cool. so you're malaysian? do you understand my malay and japanese posts?

    well, i'm not a very consistent blogger. i just always reminds myself to post something at least three times a week. and as you can see, the content of my writings are truly unprofitable in anyways and should not be taken seriously.

    do you have a blog yourself? share it with me !!!

  9. yup! i'm m'sian...
    malay? of course i do understand. japanese?
    kelantanese?? quite blurry...

    yea..i know your 'writing' style. anyhow, u got lots of interesting stuff to be, i think...why not??

    dont expect too much from my blogs..nothing good.. i'm the 'beginner' after all...loves to read!

  10. to weirdo:

    hey i went to your blog just now! you you just started! that's ok! keep it up!

  11. no. actly been writing long time ago..but not here..

    i'm the one real 'pathetic english user' here...i dun think its u! lol

  12. to weirdo:

    o thanks! well, the only place that i use english is on the internet, so i'm trying use it as much as i could. and because of that, my english deteriorates at the speed of the shinkansen everyday. it's good that i was able to speak japanese, but i don't want to lose english instead.

    naah your english is fine, as long as you keep practicing and have the patience to keep it up!

    like they always say; practice make perfect

  13. arigato!
    can't wait for ur next entry..(what i did during eid)?!

  14. ah. my [what i did during eid] post had to be put on hold, for a moment. busy with exams at the moment. moment. i like the word moment. gives me awesome moments.

    ok. i should stop here.


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