Sunday, January 27, 2008

don't mess with gamers with l33t h4x0r skillz

get this. after the obviously biased and blatant lies being hold against the xbox360 game MASS EFFECT by cooper lawrance during this fox news interview, the gaming community fight back by going to online bookstores and rate her books poorly without actually reading them; they even hacked and put the wrong pictures describing the books. these hackers works FAST!

cooper lawrance admitted that she have not played the game but bashed the game nevertheless like a true air-head. so to return the favour, gamers gave reviews about her book without reading them first. seems fair to me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

malam ni nak masak apa?

malam ni nak masak apa aa?

mee kari?

pakai periuk tinggi kaler pink tu. kena basuh dulu. ada kerak kaler hitam.

brapa hari punya kerak daa...

letak minyak. satu sudu dah cukup kot. letak bawang besar. bawang putih pon letak gak la, takut bawang besar rasa lonely.

hiris daging halus2. mcam sashimi. pastu masuk periuk.

pastu masuk apa aa? masuk pati daging pon ok. tapi dah expired 6 bulan.... takpe. perut aku tough. masuk aje!

pastu buat apa aa? masuk potato kot. eh relax dulu. masuk serbuk kari la. pastu tambah air. pastu letak sos cili sket. ajinomoto skali. pastu garam. baru bole masuk potato. potato plak belah empat, kasi tinggal kulit dia sket2.

eh.... sayur bole masuk ke haaa? eh aku mana penah beli sayur, lupa plak. ala, letak aje tablet multivitamin, abis crita.

tinggal dalam 30 minit. pastu siap la yahoo!

pastu bukak mee kuning, basuh2 sket, bole terus makan! uish senang aje resepi nih! skang jugak pegi unfroze daging! lapar nya!

Monday, January 21, 2008

brief break

i'm taking a break from blogging for a while because it started to get very busy lately with assignments and it's going to get worse for the next 3 weeks when the final exam commences and bring much pain onto my arse.

so until the end of february, i'm keeping myself away from the internet, and closer to books and notes; and i hope i would be successful in doing that. i know studying for exams, especially exams as important as this, is such a grotesque responsibility, but as i have said it, it is a responsibility and i am a responsible man. it's a hard thing to do because i've been filling my puny brain with useless information all this time; resulting a build up of a slight resistance to education that has any academical value. fuck it, i just have to push through.

to boast my spirit, i would like to share with you a horrible picture of a feline getting gang-raped by a group of vicious cats driven by animalistic sex drive. Proof of how dangerous our streets had become; ladies beware!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

eating dried squid

i'm chewing on dried squid as i'm writing this, trying to prepare myself to get used to school because the 4-day holiday is over and tomorrow is school as usual. tomorrow i have to get up early again, which sucks because it's freezing cold out there and i don't like waking up with a freezing set of balls.

damn these dried squid is really good tsumami mono (snacks). i can chem on them all night long.

starting from tomorrow, i got myself lots of things to do, chores to be completed and desires to be denied. desire to be lazy. desire to sleep 12 hours a day. desire to be a useless human being on this deteriorating face of the earth. yada yada yada. i watched the al gore film, 'inconvenient truth' and that film really makes me think: damn, our kids're fucked! there's another eco-documentary film spearheaded by another celebrity, leonardo dicaprio entitled '11th Hour', and that one too is going to make you want to do something to save our environment.

i just think we're doomed. nothing can save us now! we are fucked because of our gluttonous ways of doing things.

save up some money. we're going to mars.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

time to get me a REAL camera!

I’ve been taking photos, LOTS of photos using the only camera I have: my cellphone, all this time and I’ve been learning a lot about photography and photo-editing so I think it is time to buy a REAL camera with REAL photography functions and better capabilities.

Of course, the images that my cellphone produced all this time was not bad at all, as you can witness by the various photos that I posted here in this blog; I know it’s not great, but at least it’s decent enough to be able to convey some meaning. I really like the sushi pictures. It’s like my cellphone’s speciality in macro-photography or something.

I’ve been surveying some decently priced cameras with good basic functions, equipped with the latest, essential camera-technology; like face recognition, shake-reducing etc. and I have found two very good candidates that has great tech with decent price: the Canon PowerShot G9 (43500 yen) and the Nikon CoolPix P5100 (28000 yen).

According to online reviews, it was obvious that the Canon G9 is a better camera than the Nikon P5100; the G9 is about 15500 yen more expensive than P5100. It was easier if I just pick up the better camera, but what if the 15500 yen difference was not worth it? The only advantage that the G9 has over P5100 (advantages that matter to me, that is) are it’s better optical zoom (6X compared to 3.5X) and a fast manual ISO switcher located on the top right of the G9.

Last year I’ve borrowed my senpai’s P5000 (this model was launched 6 months BEFORE the P5100) for a week to take pictures during my Kanto trip and I must say, for a non-SLR camera, the P5000 was an awesome camera, being able to produce images so impressive, an untrained eye (like me) could easily mistaken it to be produced by a 100000 yen SLR camera!

Talking about SLR cameras, sorry, I don’t like them. They’re bulky, horribly expensive and so tricky and time consuming to use. Of course they produce great looking pictures, but is it worth it? Unless it gives me financial benefits in return, I’m not going to buy one, ever. I’m not a photography-mania; I just want a good camera with a great lens, a good image processor and a huge megapixel so that when I take a picture of a cute girl from a distance without her noticing, I can return home, connect the camera to my computer, upload the image to an image editing software, zoom on her face and still got a good, crisp picture of her pretty face. That is the kind of hobby that I want to be able to do. OR, maybe I should just stick to my hobby of taking delicious looking food everytime I found one. Especially sushi. Ohh.. sushis are so sexy!

So after an intensive surfing and research-comparing both of the great cameras, I have decided to get the Nikon CoolPix P5100. I placed an order from, and my package of photography-goodness are going to arrive tomorrow! I just can’t wait to start shooting more rubbish!

I bought a cheaper camera, but I believe I have bought the better one.

In the cost-performance department, that is.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Bike’s First Gear

I ride my bike almost everytime to school. To go buy groceries at the nearest market. To pay bills at the nearest convenient store. To banks. To post office. Everywhere.

But I never use my bike’s first gear. I mean, why anyone would want to look like a fool, pedalling like crazy just to get a speed slightly better than the slowest Malaysian government worker? That is something that a hyperactive girl with hair under her nose would do. She’s so hyperactive; her hormones were jumping around like a kid who got a new trampoline for birthday. Well, that arrogance can only be applied when the pavement is not thick with snow. Very thick snow.

Now it’s snowing like crazy outside and it would be exhaustingly impossible to ride a bike with a gear higher than 2. If anyone would ride his/her bike using the highest gear (6 maybe 7) for 30 minutes everyday for a month, that stupid bastard would probably get paralysed from the waist below; or get really muscled-up legs, he/she could enter the special Olympics (because obviously he/she is retarded), and won a silver medal or two.

It’s very important to use low gear because the road is very slippery and the resistance of raw snow is HUGE. Well, maybe not as bad as riding a bike in a sand desert but it’s still huge anyways.

Talking about bicycles, I like the one that I own now. I know it’s not a top notch, titanium steel bike with absorbers and custom made seat and handles plus all that useless but expensive accessories – kind of a bike; and I can’t pick up girls with it ‘coz it doesn’t have awesome surround sound speakers with a centralized subwoofer system and a little bling2 here and there, maybe a couple of LCDs thrown in just to make you look like a rich idiot bastard because everybody knows you can’t watch that while you’re driving you dumb fuck – kind of a bike. I know it’s not even above average; but it’s a sturdy one and gets the job done. It has a basket in front; so very awesome.

I like to think my bike as a 45 years old girlfriend that I don’t have: looks old, doesn’t have a body as tight as a fox, and not very pretty; but strong, sturdy and reliable. The most high-tech feature that my bike has is the photo-sensitive head lights: it turns on automatically when it’s dark, kicking start the kinetic energy to heat energy – mechanism to produce light. That’s ancient tech right there. Note: you will get arrested if you don’t turn your lights on when riding a bike at night here in Japan.

While writing this, I have thought about writing my bike a poem, and it goes like this:

Me and my bike,

We always go tight,

Even during the night,

And I don’t give a shite,

If someone would laugh at me because I ride such a shitty bike.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

.interval 02

semalam aku masuk tv lagi!

yahoo! ni dah kali ke tiga kot haha!

tapi lupa nak record.

dah 3 kali lupa nak record.


kalo birthday sendiri pon bole lupa.

tak heran la....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

oh no! more movies?!?!

Eastern Promises - 9.0

Dark, interesting characters with real depth. One of 2007’s best crime/mob film. A must watch.

I Am Legend – 8.6

Another awesome action/horror film starring Will Smith. Although the story was not original, the action and horror sequences were well executed. Very entertaining. Highly Recommended.

WAR – 7.0

How can a combination of Jet Li and Jason Statham resulted in a mediocre movie? Hmm… let’s see: weak dialog, weak action sequences and weak acting performances maybe? But the twist at the end was quite awesome. A fun movie the whole way, but nothing great.

Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow – 7.5

A fun blend of comic books and the 50’s era created a special feeling to the entirety of how the film feels visually. Storylines seems like a copy of another comic book. Although just for a brief moment, Angelina Jolie was awesome in this one.

The Heartbreak Kid – 7.9

Not the best Ben Stiller flick, but still a good one. Although a lot of the jokes lack originality, it’s still as fun as any other good Ben Stiller flicks.

Mean Girls – 8.4

I forgot how sweet Lindsay Lohan was. One really good chick-flick. Funny, pretty visuals and an easy to follow story helped to grab your attention.

American Pie Beta House – 5.0

What?! Another American Pie movie? They really should stop making these stupid follow-ups to a rather great comedy series. A lot of boobies. A lot of bad jokes too. Don’t bother.

School For Scoundrels – 8.0

Although not as funny as I had hoped for, I still enjoyed watching this one. Story was very easily predictable too, but still….

2 Days In Paris8.1

Funny, witty, and surprisingly not as dumb as I thought it would be. The director surely has a weird sense of humour, and I like it.

Happy Killing – 7.4

Another mediocre Korean comedy. It was a funny movie, but it felt too ‘forced’ sometimes.

National Treasure – 7.6

Yet another not so brilliant action movie from Hollywood. Predictable, poor action sequences and quite boring really. Still watchable though.

9th September – 6.4

This is how you copy Korean comedy, in a very bad and disorganized way. Another below than average romantic/comedy malay movie. disappointing. no fun at all. no element in this movie that deserves to be praised, or even mentioned.

Jackass 2.5 – 6.0

Jackass 1 and Jackass 2 was awesome. This one is not.

Lost In Translation – 8.5

The definition of the beauty of silence. I don’t know how the director did it, but they really succeeded in delivering mood and emotions associating with loneliness and emptiness. Recommended.

Stardust – 8.5

This is one good fantasy movie. It’s sad and funny to watch Robert DeNiro acting like a queer though…

Linda, Linda, Linda – 9.4

This might be the best Japanese teen movie ever! The characters felt really real, has depth, funny and absolutely believable; making you felt a connection with them at the end of the movie. Higly recommended, I guarantee you will have fun, no matter what film genre you prefer! After watching the movie, you can’t stop singing ‘Linda, Linda, Linda!’. That melody is going to stuck in your head for a while.

Shoot Em Up – 8.2

What a fucking awesome movie. This movie is fucking crazy, the director and cinematography team must be smoking weed when they’re brain-storming for the action sequences. Coolness prevails in this movie.

Big Man Japan (大日本人) – 8.0

Weirdly funny and totally original. The ending must be the funniest thing in movie industry. Totally Matsumoto!

3:10 To Yuma 8.4

Western film still works, as this film has proved to us. The ending sucks though.

The Invasion – 8.2

A suspenseful sci-fi thriller that manages to grab my attention all the way to the ending. Definitely NOT the best Nicolle Kidman movie.

Old Boy – 9.0

This is the best movie Korea has ever produced. Powerful, violent, cruel, cool, shocking and crazy. A lot of the dialogs were deep and simply too philosophical to be understood the first time around. This film got detail like a Japanese video game magazine. Definitely NOT a movie for everyone, but I highly recommends it.

The Shawshank Redemption – 9.0

I watched this movie several times already but it still manages to captivate me each time. Awesome story, deep characters, memorable scenes made this one a 90’s classic.

Der Untergang (The Downfall) – 8.5

A film depicting Adolf Hitler during his last days. Depressing and dark all the way, this has got to be one of the most impressive portrayal of the evil dictator yet. Recommended.

The Others – 8.4

Nicole Kidman is really talented. She does horror/scary movies just fine. I really like horror movies so I’m very strict with this genre and I can tell you that I like this movie because it has good tempo, some scary scenes and a good, dark, mysterious mood to it the whole way through. Recommended.

Balls of Fury – 7.5

Maggie Q is hot. And this movie is funny too. Ridiculous story but several funny moments make up the lack of intelligence in the story department. So I’m not complaining much.

Azumi – 7.2

Boring. Ueto Aya is not a good choice for the main character. Boring action sequences. Nothing special. Just another Japanese action movie during the era where ninjas and samurais rules japan.

Dawn of The Dead – 8.0

A remake of the John Romero zombie classic. If you like zombies, you are going to like this movie. And it happens to be that I LOVE zombies!

The Kite Runner – 8.4

The tale of two afghani boys in their daily life before the invasion of the soviets. Kids in Kabul during that period do kites. Passionately. Then they got separated and lost contact. Pretty interesting storylines. Good movies don’t have to be in English.

PiGS – 8.2

Surprisingly good! I thought this is just going to be another American Pie clone. It does borrow a lot from that movie, but this movie improves on that genre by bringing good storylines with unexpected twists at the end. And oh, has boobies too.

The Hunting Party – 8.5

What a way to do a movie located in a country torn by conflicts and war. This movie is serious and silly all at the same time while depicting a serious issue about how our international politics works. Highly recommended.

The Polar Express – 7.4

A not so bad christmas animation movie.

Sydney White – 7.4

This is your regular movie made for the girls’ audience. Sometimes it’s just too stereotypical but it’s a comedy so no big deal there. Charming, but not that great. Just watchable.

Ratatouille – 8.5

Another great animation from Pixar. It’s funny and interesting; sometimes suspenseful and scary too. The characters in the movie feels real (in an exaggerating way) and was able to convey real emotions, sometimes better than real human actors. That is why I think the folks at Pixar are a genius bunch. Truly a movie for everyone in the family. This is the best animated movie of 2007, no doubt.

Waitress – 8.6

This is another chick-flick; movies made with the female audience in mind, and it’s a very good one that even males are going to enjoy it. The sense of humour in this movie is strange and charming all at the same time. Highly recommended.

Death Sentence – 8.1

Just your regular ‘revenge’ movie that was done very carefully, following the hollywood action movie textbook. It got action, drama, suspense, sad moments and all. It’s just not so memorable enough. Still a good watch though.

Beauty & The Beast Season 4 – 7.5

Nerds and hot chicks teaming up to win some hard cash. Funny, stupid and not really a good way to spend your time. But like you have anything else to do with your time anyways. Not the worst reality tv show out there.

Kid Nation – 8.5

This is a better reality tv show than what’s out there. Put 40 kids in a ghost town and watch them wreck havoc while trying to manage the town without any guidance from their parents or adults. Pretty interesting stuff.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

rice-cake making with kindergarten kids!

Another cultural exchange program today with a slight difference; it’s with Japanese kindergarten kids. And we’re making rice-cake together! These kids are 5-6 years old so I’m very excited because Japanese kids are the cutest! I used to join a cultural exchange program with primary school kids (around 10-11 years old) and it was fun too, except they’re already grown up a bit making them little shy with strangers.

We could hear voices of children laughing and screaming when we arrived at the main entrance of the kindergarten. It’s a very big, clean and well organized, happy place for children. Then we were brought to the main hall to be introduced to the children. After that, one country after another, we were called to be in front of all the kids to show them the national flag and answer some questions about our country. Unfortunately for the Russians, the teachers put up the wrong Russian flag (the red army flag). Worse for the English, the teachers forgot to put up their flag. What a shame; and even though there were no Brazilian with us, they put up their flag also. So this teaches the children that even kindergarten teachers make mistakes, their human! Not a big deal at all.

Then we were asked to teach the kids about how animals sounded in our country. Like in the U.S., chicken would make a ‘cook-a-doodle-do’ sound while in Japan they sounded like this: ‘koke-kokkou’. Cats in japan: ‘nya’ while in china it’s ‘miau’, like everybody else. It’s very interesting to discover that people from different country interprets the sound of animals differently. Dogs in U.S. made a ‘bow wow’ sound while in Japan it’s just ‘wan wan’. In Korea its ‘kong kong’ while in England it’s ‘wuff wuff’. What about Malaysia? I don’t know, so I made it all up. When the ‘animal sound’ corner was over, this American girl came up to me and said “out of all the sounds, the Malaysian version is the funniest!!!”.

After that was over, we enter the main event: rice-cake making! What we do is that we use this long, heavy wooden hammer to beat the mochi rice until it becomes sticky and mochi-like. Of course we do it with the children like in the video below.

When the mochi (rice-cake) was done, it’s time to eat! They made 3 variations of mochi: soy souce, red bean and another one where it was covered with a mysterious powder. I hope it’s not drugs.

I joined the melon group (groups were divided by fruit names) to eat my mochi while chatting with the children. The girl sitting next to me was the cutest thing and she really has some interesting things to say. I did not expect much when talking to a 5 year old but she shocked me when suddenly she said that she would snap the neck of anyone who would bother her and leave the poor bastard to die. I told her to stop talking like that and use more polite Japanese because she was using foul language. She asked why, so I told her that she might hurt people’s feelings and I asked her to image what would she felt if someone else does the same thing. She told me she would stuck a long nail into the forehead of the kid who would do that to her. And this is with the presence of the founder of the kindergarten; and he did not say a word. The founder (he’s 91 years old) pretended like he does not hear a thing.

That really shocked me. How could they let these 5 year olds to say such violent things? What’s more bothering is that how can a 5 year old even think about killing other people? She is the cutest thing ever but she says the worst. Of course, this incident does not represent the majority of Japanese kids; not every Japanese kid is going to grow up to be psychopath, but this must be a sign of something that is very wrong about the education for children here.


Or maybe it’s just a joke? She was smiling and laughing when she said it; but do normal 5 year old jokes about killing people? Or maybe it’s because of me? I’m definitely a very bad influence to small children because I have turned a cute girl into a psychopathic child. Or maybe I’m just exaggerating this issue.

Then came the time to say goodbye. I rub the head of the psychopathic girl, hoping she did not end up killing any of her teachers or friends in the kindergarten because blood, gut and violence does not fit this happy place, at all. What am I thinking; she is going to be fine. She won’t kill anyone.

It was snowing heavily outside and I (with a Korean and a Mongolian student) took the taxi home. We talked about global warming and the future of alternative energy to counter that problem. But I’m still a bit worried about that kid.


Friday, January 11, 2008


I wanted to write this earlier but I was just being busy not being busy. So my short-termed part-time job was over and surprisingly, it was not just money that I’ve earned. This has got to be the longest 6 days of 2007 for me; when you’re doing labour job all day long non-stop, every second feels like a minute, a minute seems like an hour. My foot trembles out of exhaustion everytime my shift ended.

But it was all worth it.

I’ve learned how effective it is the way the Japanese handle and manage manpower. You were never left without anything to do. It’s always work, every second of your working time; and everything must be done FAST. And everyone follow the rule.

I was also amazed by how strong some of the ‘veteran’ workers there. You really can’t help it but be amused when a 60 years old dude mixes a 20kg of mochi by hand for hours and on when I can’t even handle it for 15 minutes. Man, I want those muscles! You know, just to look cool.

I also appreciated money more after the short-term part-time job. Knowing how hard it is to get money, I become more aware of my money-wasting habits and I have decided to be more money-smart; well at least the first week.

My last job at the flower factory thought me all of these things too, but I kinda forgot. Actually, the job at the flower factory was actually a lot harder than this one. Before accepting the job, I was like; ha ha ha how hard it is to work in a place where they create pretty flower decorations? I was dead wrong.

Anyways, my part-time job was over and now I can return into my ‘no goal’ life. Ah, shit I forgot! The final is just around the corner. Thankfully, now I have a goal that I can look forward and put effort into.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

documentaries are awesome too!

Sometimes it’s good to watch documentaries!

Mind Your Own Business – 6.5

Environmentalists have been fighting foreign mining companies in third world countries for centuries using the media, and now it’s the mining company’s turn to fight back. The film did have a point in the benefits of these companies but the whole vibe of the film was so biased and felt like only half of the stories were told.

Deliver Us From Evil – 7.4

A documentary about respected priests sexually abusing children and taking a big dump on the Catholic Church’s believers’ trust. A shameful secret that has been swept under the rug for a long time; you will be shocked in disbelief at this absurd scandal, not even jesus-san could save them from this horrible sin.

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteer – 7.0

The title describes it all. This film reveals a sickening truth of U.S. contractors making HUGE profits out of the war, directly out of American tax payers’s pockets. Made me understand one of the main reasons of war: MONEY.

The Devil Came On Horseback – 7.5

Exposing the genocide in Darfur, Sudan with horrific images of death, destruction, sadness and lost of hope in humanity. A genocide against muslims, by muslims… while other Islamic countries pretended they knew nothing. My heart broke into pieces when I watch this.

The Rise of Video Game – 7.4

An interesting documentary about the rise of video games that is slowly starting to take the place of TVs as the centre of common household entertainment. What else?

No End In Sight – 7.8

An analysis of WHY the invasion of iraq was a failure from the start. Americans should watch this movie and decide for themselves: are the blood of innocent Iraqis slain throughout the war was their responsibility because they choose a clumsy and evil leader?

Iraq In Fragments – 8.8

An excellent documentary about ordinary Iraqis trying to live in a country torn apart by war, occupation and racial tension. There were no narration, the Iraqis in the film themselves move and tell their own stories and hardships. This is the best documentary about Iraq during the war. Recommended.

Why We Fight – 8.5

Why the Americans fight? Why did they go to war? Watch this film if you want another answer other than ‘protecting the freedom and liberty of Americans’.

God’s Warrior – 8.5

This attempt by CNN to be without bias when discussing about religious extremists should be praised. This 3-part documentary (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) explores the holy warriors, those who would give their blood and guts to upload GOD’s will.

My Boyfriend The Sex Tourist – 8.0

An eye opener; a ‘behind the scenes’ video told from the perspective of women offering fake love to men with money. This documentary encourages prostitution while in the same time discourages it. Interesting while sad, true stories of real people in real need for help.

Jesus Camp – 9.0

A documentary about evangelical Christians forcing religious beliefs on their own children by sending them to summer camps that brain-washes them into a bible preaching robots. And that was just my personal opinion.

Occupation 101 – 9.5

I know it’s hard to watch a documentary film because it feels like taking a class. But even if you are a documentary hater, this is one documentary that you absolutely must find and watch. For so long have the Palestinians been demonized by western and pro-israeli media. This documentary does not do the opposite of that, but rather shows you the truth about the suffering of Palestinians on their own land by a greater, oppressive power. This film educates you about the essential facts and history about the very conflict that shakes the world of three religions. Watch this documentary, please. And do pass it on to your friends and families; whether they’re muslim, christian, jewish, atheist, whatever. A MUST WATCH.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

japanese one hit wonders

we all love one hit wonders! they debut into the mainstream music industry with an incredible song that captivates us with their new, sweet sounding melody; rising up through the charts, getting air time all over your radio and tv, and suddently disappears into thin air without any new news. they sky-rocked into stardom and fall as hard into oblivion.

one hit wonders come and go. that's just how it works in the highly competitive world of the music industry. and today i'm going to introduce 2 japanese artists who i think is going to be another one hit wonder of 2007. each of them had this one really great song, but their other stuff just sucks.

anyways, i really like both of the songs below. the song by RSP was very unique and cool plus the lyrics were very awesome and definitely not stupid. the song by soulja on the other hand was really soothing and the lyrics were very poetic (like a lot of japanese rap songs nowadays) and the melody is very catchy. take a listen and enjoy, before their time to get off the music industry comes!

p/s: RSP got the award for the best newcomer artist for the song below.

RSP - Lifetime Respect(女編) [women version]


SoulJa feat Aoyama Thelma - ここにいるよ [kokoni iruyo (i'm here)]


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

chua soi lek - sex dvd scandal


yet another scandal leaving the Malaysian PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi scratching his head non-stop under the black songkok. After several scandals and problems (including protests from unsatisfied minorities) that leads to the sudden drop of trust, support and respect for the leading coalition government Barisan National; the wide circulation of a sex DVD of his health minister, Chua Soi Lek, definitely won’t help a thing.

Realizing that the only way to handle this scandal is to face it up front, the Malaysian health minister has finally admitted that the guy in the sex DVD that was widely distributed in Johor recently was in fact, he himself. The video was taped using closed-circuit camera in a hotel during Christmas. The sex partner was his friend. Sex-friend I guess?

Take note that Chua is a respected leader who is married and has children. To add salt to injury, he has been quoted on many occasions before as saying that he encourages safe sex by not doing it with several sex partners, by staying loyal to your sex partner. Never took any politicians seriously. They're good at lying, that's part of their job.

This incident was clearly the work of his enemies to sabotage his reputation and political career, and they’ve done a hell of a great job at that (the tape was reported to be a recording made TWO years ago). The minister has finally announced that he is stepping down as the health minister later on.

This scandal is the hottest thing that malaysians are talking about right now; so popular that the news about the scandal on youtube has received an honour as the most viewed video today. Never has a video about malaysia got so popular this fast, so this should go to the malaysian guinness book of record for sure! Malaysia Boleh!

But I must say this: I respect his decision to face his mistakes like a man and admit what he did wrong. At least he did not lie like Bill Clinton. Nor did he kill and later use army-grade explosives to blow up the body of his sex partner. At the same time, he also gave hope and encouragement to old people that even if you’re 60 or 70 years old, sex still can be performed IF you take all the necessary steps. He also taught us this very important lesson: if you want to cheat on your wife during Christmas in a decent hotel, make sure you don’t have enemies who’s trying to participate in your downfall, make sure you check every nook and corner of the hotel room for hidden cameras and most importantly, make sure you’re not a minister of a country.

Anyways, now that he is no more a minister, I guess he can bang whoever OR WHATEVER he wants; because he is still healthy and all. I would not recommend bestiality though because only drug addicts in kelantan do those kind of things. Maybe he should do seminars on how to be able to keep it up and hard even at the age of 60. But he still has to look for hidden cameras.

2008 seems like an interesting year for Malaysian politics.

Remember this, kids: practise safe sex, be faithful to your partners and don't do anal.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008



Selamat Tahun Baru!

Happy New Year!

my first meal of 2008 was a cup of czech cocoa and black paper tuna with sicilian wheat bread.

and i think that was an awesome start.

usually, i would start a new year by eating 年越しそば(toshi koshi soba - new year buckwheat noodle), but this year it's different.

it's not because i felt like a changed man.

nor because i want to look cool by saying that i've started the new year by eating something that sounds awesome.

the cocoa and bread do have a cool name though.

anyways, the reason i'm not eating soba for new year is simply because i can't find a soba noodle shop near here.


i really have no idea of what to write as my first post for 2008.

i guess i'll wish everyone a great year.

below are some videos of the famous japanese anchorwomen, takigawa christel (滝川クリステル) at her best.

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