Monday, January 21, 2008

brief break

i'm taking a break from blogging for a while because it started to get very busy lately with assignments and it's going to get worse for the next 3 weeks when the final exam commences and bring much pain onto my arse.

so until the end of february, i'm keeping myself away from the internet, and closer to books and notes; and i hope i would be successful in doing that. i know studying for exams, especially exams as important as this, is such a grotesque responsibility, but as i have said it, it is a responsibility and i am a responsible man. it's a hard thing to do because i've been filling my puny brain with useless information all this time; resulting a build up of a slight resistance to education that has any academical value. fuck it, i just have to push through.

to boast my spirit, i would like to share with you a horrible picture of a feline getting gang-raped by a group of vicious cats driven by animalistic sex drive. Proof of how dangerous our streets had become; ladies beware!

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