Sunday, January 20, 2008

eating dried squid

i'm chewing on dried squid as i'm writing this, trying to prepare myself to get used to school because the 4-day holiday is over and tomorrow is school as usual. tomorrow i have to get up early again, which sucks because it's freezing cold out there and i don't like waking up with a freezing set of balls.

damn these dried squid is really good tsumami mono (snacks). i can chem on them all night long.

starting from tomorrow, i got myself lots of things to do, chores to be completed and desires to be denied. desire to be lazy. desire to sleep 12 hours a day. desire to be a useless human being on this deteriorating face of the earth. yada yada yada. i watched the al gore film, 'inconvenient truth' and that film really makes me think: damn, our kids're fucked! there's another eco-documentary film spearheaded by another celebrity, leonardo dicaprio entitled '11th Hour', and that one too is going to make you want to do something to save our environment.

i just think we're doomed. nothing can save us now! we are fucked because of our gluttonous ways of doing things.

save up some money. we're going to mars.

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