Thursday, February 07, 2008

Any veggies out there?

Roy wrote:

Say no to meat! Veggies unite!

Re: Any veggies out there?

Taopix wrote:

Yeah! I love my vegetables!

Re:Re: Any veggies out there?

Roy wrote:

Yes comrade! My fav vegetable is carrot! Good for the eye!

Re:Re:Re: Any veggies out there?

Taopix wrote:

I love my vegetables too…. From the inside of a roasted chicken !!!

Re:Re:Re:Re: Any veggies out there?

Roy wrote:

Damn you !!!


  1. hardboy11:40 PM

    hi taopix! You might not know me but I’m a frequent visitor of your awesome blog. I’m just writing this here to tell you that last night at the age of 23 (same as yours), I had sex and finally lost my male virginity!

  2. wow, i hope we will never meet each other!

    so.. about the sex..

    congrats... i guess?

    so how was the girl?

  3. hardboy12:23 AM

    What are you talking about? There was no female involved!

  4. oh now i know one of my frequent blog reader is gay! woow! so do you have problems walking straight now?

    but dude, that is NOT sex! that's what dr. mahathir would call 'sodomy'!

    are you trying to make me believe that although you are a male, you won't salivate over a super-imposed picture of leah dizon and hwang mi hee kissing each other, with their body fully oiled?



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