Sunday, April 06, 2008

hunting for jobs

i've made it to the final year of my degree.

with that, comes a whole lot of other head scratching headaches. the one i'm focusing right now is to find a decent company that would hire me. it's really confusing.

a lot of the japanese companies are starting to search for next years graduates to be hired come spring 2009; and i just hope i find a decent enough company that could introduce me to the realities of the working world.

this sucks.

this sucks because although i do want to work, i don't know what kind of a job i'm interested in. i don't really know what kind of a job engineers do. i know shit. nothing at all.

and this is the main reason why i am having a problem to decide which company i want to try; i don't know what i'm interested in. and this is a big problem. i have to find some elements in the mechanical engineering world that i like.

hmmm.... lets see....

i actually like programming (laser) cutting robots and i also find aeronautics in vehicular designs interesting. plus, next-generation engines that utilizes alternative energy is another thing that i am very interested in. i wanna build engines that are eco-friendly! yay!

or should i just forget about being an engineer, and be a stripper in kabukicho instead? the japanese homosexuals and rich but lonely, old businesswomen will love me. those bastards.

anyways, one way or the other, i am staying in japan after graduating. i want to work in japan. i want to experience working in one of the most stressful society in the world (i hope that's a BIG ASS lie). and i want the paycheck to be BIG, because i am ready to work HARD.

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