Sunday, May 04, 2008

msaj jobfair ===>

going to tokyo today for a job-fair (they call it career fair) held by the malaysian student accociation japan (msaj). almost all of the participating companies have their own branches in malaysia, and the main purpose of the fair is to give employers the opportunity to recruit fresh graduates to work at their malaysian branches.

it is all about getting malaysian fresh gradutes from japanese universities into their malaysian branches.

i want to work in japan first, so i shouldn't be interested in such a focused career-fair but i want to go there anyways as a 滑り止め (suberi dome - last resort); meaning if by any chance, i didn't get a job from a japanese company based in japan, i'd go for the malaysian branches.

and because this is a last-resort thingy, i really don't have the spirit to be fully prepared. i didn't do much research about any of the participating companies, my resume looks like crap, i got a sore throat after some hardcore karaoke-ing and i didn't practice on any IQ or SPI tests. i just got back from a long date-marathon and i'm still not finished packing my bags for the trip yet; now where the heck did i put that polka-dot boxer?

i'm feeling kinda worthless and disappointed by my own laziness right now, but i just couldn't start to straighten up and be on my best; i'm feeling extreme だるい (darui - feeling of sluggishness).


anyways, to change the subject, video game reviewers all over the world is giving out 10s and 5 stars to the latest gta instalment: grand theft auto IV; and reading and watching all those videos makes me want to play the game so bad!

wanna play the game so bad that even if i were to choose from a simple camisole-wearing [insert you favourite hottie's name here] and the game, i'd choose the game. even if she rips off the camisole, revealing her red slik panties, i'd choose the game. even if she puts some oil on those skins and let me take her pictures with the state of the art slr camera, i'd choose the game. even if she offered to play with my balls while i'm micro-photograping her skin texture, i'd choose the game. even if.... what ever pervertness that a sick, disgusting, perverted mind could think of, i'd choose the game. do you see how powerful the hype of the game is?

look! i haven't even played the game yet but it has already affected me in a good way; that is it has made me want to choose the option that is not perverted instead of the perverted ones! wow what an awesome game! i could image myself being more pious, well mannered and more polite when i got the game. it must be!

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