Monday, June 16, 2008

alpine HDMI earthquake vanilla curry weekend

- It’s Friday 13th .

- The 環境科学 class ended quickly so I went back home to take a shit.

- Checked the mail box: a mail from alpine!

- Damn it, I didn’t get the job! I knew it! The interview had a weird vibe. Who am I kidding? Navigational System Engineers need programmers, not mechanical kids!

- Skip a couple of minutes forward.

- Went to the cafeteria to give the Mongolian girl the longest chocolate bar in Japan.

- Then went to see K. Sensei to inform him about alpine. He was surprised. Then he told me to check out isuzu and tmc.

- Later that day, I did the experiment that I flunked last year. I’ll make sure I did it right this time around; I don’t have another chance.

- Went home, and the MGS4 Hagane PS3 arrived! Woot! I’m so fucking excited!

- Set the sexy thing up, then realized that it didn’t come with a HDMI cable! So I quickly put an urgent order for a 3m HDMI cable from

- While settling with a 480p output, connected to the internet to download some demos. Argh, I hate 480p, it’s ugly. So I turned on my Xbox360 and play Ninja Gaiden 2 instead.

- The next day, I woke up during a HUGE earthquake. Everything in my room was shaking. I had to hold my book cabinet to prevent it from falling.

- It lasted a good 30 seconds. In my mind, I was worrying: Please don’t let my HDTV fall on the brand new PS3!

- Then it went peaceful again.

- Switched on the tv. Every channel is focusing on the earthquake. Where I’m living (Akita), we had a M6+ worth of earthquake, and the neighboring prefecture Iwate got like 7.

- This is pretty heavy stuff. The most that I’ve experienced before is M5 in Nagano. When you thought about the earthquake in china, and what it could do, it get pretty fucking scary; I’m not kidding.

- The next day, the full destruction of the earthquake is unveiled. 250 people got hurt and 9 people died. May their souls rest in peace.

- I also found out that Leah Dizon got a new single. The music video is cute, and if you turn off the sound while watching, it’s better. Leah Dizon never fail to impress me.

Online Videos by

- I also made some hot fiery red curry and bought a new 3-level low shelf to put my PS3 and Xbox 360 in a more tidier fashion next to the HDTV.

- I tried to figure out how to share my media from my computer, to the router and to my PS3, but in vain. It would be very nice to be able to play the Ghost in The Shell: Innocence blu-ray rip movie using the PS3 on my HDTV.

- I'm still waiting for my English version of MGS4 from Although I have the japanese version of the premium package; I need the English version too because I like David Hayter's voice-over more!


  1. syazy7:23 PM

    haiyaaaa..ada ke patut time jishin risau pasal ps3..pikir keselamatan diri dulu len kali...kang kalau tuan nye patah leher ker..kan ke ps3 tu aku kene amik..free2 je aku dpt ps3..hahahaha

  2. ye ah...

    ps3 baru beli...

    sayang woo...



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