Monday, July 21, 2008

Hyori Li - U Go Girl

before this music video is made public, i have no idea who I Hyo-lee (Hyori Lee) is.

born in May 10th of 1979, she is a popular South Korean singer and actress and was rumored to be the highest-paid female singer in South Korea.

This is her latest music video, a trojan horse to her comeback into the korean entertainment business after a brief hiatus.

at the age of 29, she still holds the crown of being the sexy queen of korean entertainment.

or so it was said.
but i'm just curious.

are korean pop-idols using the same cosmetic surgeon?

because their appearance do resemble each other in some way.

anyways, the song was pretty catchy and the music video was pretty fun to watch. i don't choose good + cheap entertainment.

* yes, i know. the youtube video was extremely in low res that it makes it hard to see what's going on. want to see the higher quality of the music video above? go here!

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