Friday, September 12, 2008

manly love and new fragrance

i'm not trying to state the obvious here but the image above speaks nothing but the truth. i just think that both parties should understand the difference between each other and try to accept who they really are.

after a suggestion from arip, i bought my first fragrance! i know nothing about branded fragrance so i just picked the most popular one from and i got the package yesterday. this particular fragrance, the bvlgari pour homme (how do you pronounce this?), doesn't smell that bad and i think i wouldn't have problems wearing this when i'm out. at least it smells nicer than my sweaty armpits.

jamah bab politik malaysia sket. aku hairan sekarang, raja petra kena ISA, tapi ahmad ismail tak kena plak. busuk... memang busuk... pakai fragrance itali yang paling mahal pon, tetap busuk...


  1. it's pronounced Bulgari-por-om

  2. ow thanks!

    i thought it was

    "beevelgari poor omme"


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