Tuesday, October 21, 2008

belog pos hari nih

yesterday i went to the akita prefecture's 運転免許センター(unten menkyo senta - driving license centre) to apply for a japanese driving license.

i parked my bike at a leopalace apartment (which is prohibited) close to the eki, and then took the bus to the place. it was a 45 minutes ride and i spent the whole time reading a book on how to talk to women properly.

i don't remember when was the last time i ride a normal bus in japan so i forgot about how the system works. thanks for my superb observation powers, everything went smooth without any embarrassment. anyways, this one time, 2 girls got into the bus while text messaging with their cell phone, and the bus driver immediately gave them a 'bad' look and announced into the bus speaker system: 携帯はやめて下さい! (keitai wa yamete kudasai - please don't use your cell phone). i didn't know that you're not allowed to use your cell phone in a japanese bus!

i reached the centre safely, thinking that i have all the documents that i needed. of course i was wrong. i brought along my current passport, but they also need the previous passport as proof that i have stayed in malaysia for at least 90 days after i changed my 'lesen percubaan' to the 'real' license.

nothing can be accomplished without the older passport, so i have efficiently wasted my time that day. i spent the bus ride back listening to the best hits of siti nurhaliza.

i got back to my bike and immediately realized that i have lost the key. i tried to back-track to where i've been but how much further should i go back? i searched desperately for my keys.

i can't find the damn thing anywhere! i double-checked every pocket and every hole. if i have a vagina, i would probably searched there too.


it is just a bad day for me. so i got no other choice but to pick up my bike, and carry it home with me. the damn thing is heavy! berat dosa apa la basikal nih.


today i went to homac to buy a saw to cut the lock of the bike, and on the way home, i stopped at marudai to buy dinner. their kimchi nabe were discounted 100yen so i bought it at 298 yen. cheap.

the kimchi nabe is a very simple meal, consisting of the kimchi paste, fish, shrimp, scallop and vegetables.

to prepare it, first you boil two cups of water. then put the kimchi paste in. then after about 5 minutes, put all the other ingredients, then wait for another 10 minutes.

then eat! if you want to, you could also add udon or mochi, but i just put one extra chicken egg in the combination because i was not that hungry. this korean dish is spicy, delicious, and definitely warmed me up.

now i can blog about this.

*the seminar that i was supposed to present this friday had been rescheduled to next week's thursday. i am suddenly free for a moment!*

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