Tuesday, October 28, 2008

today is 2008年10月28日(火曜日)

- you woke very early this morning because you got a seminar presentation today.

- you are patiently waiting for your lovely FALLOUT 3.

- Marie Digby is awesome! she has a soft, but powerful voice at the same time. you likey!

- you don't know why, but today you felt like listening to buri-chan's hit songs.

- it's already 10 am but no one except you is in the lab.

- your prof is going to update everyone on the dire situation that your team's research is in today.

- you are going to eat udon for lunch.

- please don't forget to box and package the hello kitty nintendo ds pouch to malaysia today. your kid sister cannot wait any longer.


  1. "it's already 10 am but no one except you is in the lab"

    ya ya..aku tau apa yg kau rasa...hum...

  2. hahaha

    rasa lonely... rasa 'kenapa la aku awal sangat nih'... rasa mcam2 hehehe


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