Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/11 is pocky day!

do you know what day it is?

it's pocky day of course!

well, at least in japan.
and the popular stick biscuit covered with chocolate has a new girl to represent it in tv commercials.

the new pocky girl is shiori kutsuna (忽那汐里), and i thought she was aragaki yui (last year's pocky girl) when i first saw the new pocky commercial.

i have no idea who this girl is!
pocky commercials is always fun because they tend to use cute energetic girls doing wacky dances and funny faces.

this year is no exeption.

check it out:

new pocky cm (30seconds ver)
new pocky cm alt ver (30seconds ver)
i still like last year's pocky girl though (^^)
aragaki yui in pocky cm
aragaki yui in pocky osaka cm


and not forgetting ishihara satomi
ishihara satomi in pocky summer cm1
ishihara satomi in pocky summer cm2

Aragaki Yui holding a uchiwa (Japanese fan) doing the taiku zuwari (the name of the way she sat) on a tatami flooring inside a summer house.

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