Saturday, December 27, 2008

End Year Travels D01

Me and the roommate start our trip by boarding the cheapest (thus, lousiest) bus from Akita straight to Tokyo. 10 hours on that bus was pretty bad; my sweet butt cheeks were in severe pain because of the stiff seats, i didn't get the chance to sleep well because the snow covered road makes for a bumpy right, and Zarul snoring beside me definitely didn't help.

Thankfully, the bus survived the harsh snow storms of Tohoku, and we arrived safely at the Tokyo Station at around 8:30 am.

Tired, sleepy and miserable, we waste no time and went straight to the Malaysian Student House in Meguro (nearest train station: Nishi Koyama) to put down our bags. Not willing to shut our eyes off with an empty stomach, we went to the nearest Saizeriya (a famous Italian family-restaurant-chain in Japan) to take our breakfast and lunch, then went back to the Student House to finally lie on our backs and went on our power naps.

We only have one agenda that night, and it was the annual Malaysian Night held by MSAJ. I've never attended one, so I couldn't expect how it is going to turn out, and I really don't expect much as this is the second time they're holding such event; they must have little experience...

The event, or, [THE MOST HAPPENING EVENT OF THE YEAR !!!] as they advertised it, was most definitely not the most happening event of the year, but I respect their willingness, guts and やる気 to do such an event that bears the name as big as Malaysian Night.

Anyways, they got the Ambassador of Malaysia to Japan as their special guest, which is pretty cool, but it kinda back-fired because I think they shouldn't have invited such big figure to such a ... 'not so awesome?' event.

But not all is bad. At least they have halal food, prepared by the MalayChan, a Malaysian restaurant in Ikebukuro(?).

I was also impressed at this one Japanese student who could speak Malay; and although she wore a pretty and modest Malay traditional dress (I guess it was a Kebaya), she won the Queen of the Night title, *ridiculing* all the shallow girls that thought that wearing sexy is something that was socially accepted as 'vogue', modern and 'dressing budak2 bandar'.

Talking about Japanese girls in Kebaya though, have you seen Hirano Aya in a Kebaya?

My words could be harsh and unforgivable, but I wonder why do some girls, who expect to be respected and valued by men, choose to be fooled by the idiotic social pressure to be sexually attractive, just for the attention (or maybe recognition?) of their peers. The formula is quite simple: If you wear a policewomen costume, people are going to think that you're a REAL policewomen. If you wear a whore costume, don't expect people to think that you have dignity or need to be respected.

But as always, never judge the book by it's cover.

And wow, that was pretty off topic! Why should I even bother to comment on other people's freedom to choose how inappropriate they want their fashion sense to be?

I was pretty tired after the event, so we went straight to the Student House to go to sleep, and hoped a good night sleep could heal the damage done to our usually happy mood.

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