Sunday, December 21, 2008

Video Games for 2008 Winter Holiday

Yesterday I got my copy of Peter Molyneux’s latest masterpiece: FABLE 2 for the Xbox 360 and I were stoked to play it right away, but I can’t because I got a party to attend to. So I went to the party, do some eating-while-talking activities, trying to socialize with people; and then got home at around 2000 hours.

I immediately wrap-off the plastic cover of the game, put the disc into the console and played the game until I had a headache that I almost puke at 0330 hour the next morning. Then I went to bed, dreaming about fantasy lands…

It has been a while since I got so hooked onto a videogame, and it is for the proper reason: the game is brilliant.

I loved the first FABLE, and this second installation is far BETTER. I know it is not a perfect game; the combat is fun but kinda clunky, the animation is quite stiff and there were lots of other limitations; but all these negatives were so small compared to how much fun I got from playing it.

You got to utilize swords, guns and magic in combat, engage in quests to further the interesting storylines, own a shop or house to lent to make money, get married and have kids, get a job, be a hero or a jerk to the town and so on.

I’m still far from finishing the main quest, and I intend to fully enjoy the open game world by straying from the guided path by doing random jobs and mini-quests scattered all around across the huge map.

The dog companion was a great addition too! The dog A.I. really makes you feel like you’re adventuring out with the real man’s best friend.

And oh, I forgot to mention that I also got Gears Of War 2 and a Space Invaders T-Shirt along with my Fable 2 order. I need to finish Fable 2 first, and then I’ll take my dirty hands on Gears Of War 2. Those 2 games are basically my “Winter Holiday Games” for the year, and I think I picked a good choice.

What about you? What is your “Winter Holiday Games” this year?


  1. My winter holiday games:
    - LittleBigPlanet
    - A bunch of games I would play with a bunch of other people at my friends' house, which include Rock Band 2, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and Eternal Sonata.

    Hm, doesn't seem like a lot. Actually, I should really be finishing my RE4 because RE5 is coming out in a few months (Wheee!).

    p/s: Space invaders t-shirt is cute, but I would personally prefer just the invaders and spaceship without the "SPACE INVADERS" text hehe.

  2. the metal gear solid 4 expansion for Little Big Planet looks way too cool!

    u haven't finished RE4? blasphemy! hahaha. yeah, can't wait for RE5. i tried the demo, and the controls feels a little bit awkward; but i guess it was intentional, for added 'tension'.

    the shirt is ok, i wear it at home. i don't think i'd be wearing it outside though...

  3. Ah Fable, i played the first one and I remember being the bad ass character on it. I'm so backed up on video games right now, here's my list:
    - Valkyrie chronicles
    - Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    - Devil May Cry 4
    - Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
    - Yakuza 2
    - GT prolouge
    - Uncharted

    I know, I know, some games are old ones but I just never had the time to play em. better late than never. wow, looking at the list now makes me realize how much a nerd I am?!

  4. From that list, I haven't played Valkyrie Chronicles and Yakuza 2.

    Don't worry about being a nerd 'coz everyone is one in some way or another.

    p/s: i think you already know this, but i'm a nerd and pretty proud of it ;)


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