Friday, January 30, 2009

thesis writing and old japanese nurses

At last, my professor is satisfied with the results of the latest experimental addition to my research material, and finally approved of me to go ahead and finalize all the experiment data accumulated, so that I could wrap my mind around my thesis and start writing it.

At last, I didn’t have to go through those repetitively tedious experiments anymore, and focus more on what is important; that is critical thinking and constructed assumption through proven data.

At last, I could start harvesting fruits from my efforts.

I know I’m going to be busier the next 11 days, but this is not a time to whine.


Anyways, yesterday I went to Nakatsu Health Clinic to go through a required medical check up that my (future) company asked all their 新人社員 (new employees) to go through.

I arrived at the clinic 15 minutes earlier than my appointment, and I went straight to the 受付カウンター (reception counter).

“ Ah, Muhamado Taufikku Ari San, we have been expecting you. Now take this cup and piss in it, please…”

I hate urine test, but I got no other choice.

The urine cup they gave me is actually quite interesting though, because at the bottom of the cup, it had blue marks, like a bull’s-eye, so that the pisser could target his piss into the cup correctly.

Anyways, I pissed long and hard that even the big cup couldn’t hold all of my piss together, and some of it got spilled and the cup got messy. I pity the nurse that’s going to take my cup, because it is all wet… and warm.

Sorry :p

Then I went through the usual routines, blood tests, height and weight, hearing and seeing ability, lung capacity, cardio-magna-electric test etc.

Anyways, if you haven’t known already, I have a weird fetish for Japanese nurses; and I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet real life nurses.

But through yesterday’s experience, I have found something else about my fetish for Japanese nurses; it only applies to ‘young and pretty’ nurses only.

The nurses in the clinic are mostly in their late 30s or 40s, and I didn’t felt the same excitement that I have with nurses in their 20s.

Anyways, I don’t know whether I’m exaggerating the situation or not, but I think this one old nurse (maybe in her late 40s) who is taking care of me through out the whole process, tries her every chance to touch me.

I am dead serious.

Like when I need to take off my clothes for the cardiovascular routine, she tries to do it for me, kinda in a forceful way. I was like “hey I can take my clothes off by myself!” but she insisted to do it.

And as I lie half-naked on the bed exposed to the dangerous eyes and wrinkly hands of the old Japanese nurse, she keeps tapping my chest, stomach, arms and legs; saying that she is trying to find the right ‘spot’ to stick the sensors.

I know I might be exaggerating this, but I seriously think that the touching is overly done, because I actually felt uncomfortable.

Then when I went to see the doctor to check my lungs, once again she lifts up my shirt, like I can’t do it by myself!

Well, of course, if the nurse is a pretty young nurse with an innocent smile, I won’t mind the excessive touching, at all. In fact, I would even pay her to touch my other body-parts… but this is an old lady with a make-up like a geisha that I’m referring to here.

Anyways, these kinds of traumatic experiences could have a dire effect on one's emotional stability, as being proven by studies performed on those sexually abused in the past. So to prevent such horrible acts of inhumanity to ever be forced upon my helpless body (and mind) ever again, next time I'm getting a medical check-up, I will make it my utmost priority to make sure that the clinic that I chose to have the medical check-up routine, would have an ample supply of young, pretty and hot nurses.

I’m a sensitive person.


Monday, January 26, 2009

lunar year of the ox

happy chinese new year to all my chinese friends!

and happy new lunar year to those who celebrate it!

may this new year brings you tremendous fortune and good health!

*notice that fortune (tremendous) > health (good)*




Friday, January 23, 2009

thesis crisis in the lab

But Prof, this is madness!

Total madness!

I’ve finished all of my experiments and simulations required to start writing my thesis because I have all the data that I need, so I went to see the Prof. to inform him about my research status, and this is basically what he said.

O you finished earlier than expected, but I think you can add more to the thesis by researching this OTHER stuff etc. Now go on and if you can, please try to finish it up before Monday.

I was like… ok…. WHAT???

Suddenly, my work load is HIGH again.

Damn it, this means I won’t be having enough sleep this weekend.

Heck, I might as well be sleeping in the LAB.

But I guess this is better than slacking off without any important things to do.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

new *** movie reviews ***

This time, I have had the chance to watch a lot of great movies in a very short period of time, and I'm glad that I have the time to watch all these great (and not so great) masterpieces. I plan to watch more and more movies, and for sure I'll write the reviews in my arrogant ways. Anyways, the deal is like my previous movie reviews; basically if I recommend the movie, it must be worth the watch. If I think that it is a must watch, then you will have to find the ways to watch the movie because I seriously think that you won't be disappointed. I am really that confident!

The Wrestler – 8.9

Wrestling might be fake, but this movie is as real as it gets. At first I thought the main character was really a pro-wrestler, because his body personified his character too well: a worn out, battered but still moving, tank. Then I found out that it was Jimmy Rouke, a veteran actor on a come-back, delivering one of the best performances in a film that I have ever seen. It was so fucking real. This movie is full of emotion. The emotion of sadness, happiness, lust, discontent, loneliness and that one stubborn trait of us human beings not wanting to give up what one loves doing, because that is what living a life is. This movie inspires us to work hard on what we love to do, and just enjoy the moment. The story of an old pro-wrestler struggling with his dying career and his desperation to cure his loneliness may not click well with some people, but this is definitely my most favorite movie of 2008, and I recommend it to everyone.

Slumdog Millionaire – 8.7

The story format of the movie is very interesting: a contestant of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire India’ is one question away from winning the highest prize money, just to be taken away by the police for the suspicion cheating. He was forced to explain how he managed to answer each question, and the story behind those questions leads to the revealing of his interesting life starting as a boy living in horribly poor slums and how he managed to feed himself when her mother died. This is a movie about growing up, about believing in destiny and love. The shocking reality of poverty stricken communities in India might be too much for some, but it really made the film atmospheric and memorable. The soundtrack really fit the movie well and there was never a boring or dull moment in the movie; I'm at the edge of my seat the whole experience. This is an experience, and it is a good one. You have to watch this movie, and I could not stress it enough that I highly recommend this movie.

Gandhi – 8.6

This 1982 movie is about… Yes you guessed it right! Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi, aka Mohatma Gandhi. This epic movie follows the life of this great philosopher of peace from his early participation of a civil movement in South Africa, and back to India; further into the process of an independent India from the ruling British Empire. Ghandi is a living hero for us who still believes in humanity, and much should be learned from the small brown man with a stick. Ben Kingsley, who played Ghandi in this film, is absolutely amazing; the way he speaks, the way he moves; he embodies the spirit of Ghandi in every way. They don’t make these kinds of film anymore these days, and I’m glad that I’ve watched this. Of course, Ghandi’s teachings might be a little bit too philosophical to be applied onto today’s reality, but his truthfulness and love stands strong for many more generations to come. Highly recommended.

Grand Torino – 8.5

Who would’ve thought that a grumpy racist old man could be so like-able? Clint Eastwood played his best character in a movie (second to Dirty Harry, of course) and his brilliant performance will surely be remembered for a long time. Well, at least for me. The film is very well written and directed; it is funny, the story is very interesting, the character development is intact, the pacing was just right and every scene was never a boring one. Although Clint Eastwood did a brilliant performance, his supporting actors especially the Hmong kid was really terrible, that sometimes it broke the immersion of the whole movie. A movie about an old men trying to reform the neighborhood and protect a troubled teenager might not sound good enough in paper, but you’ll never be able to guess what is going to happen next. This is a very good movie; and I highly recommend it.

Waltz With Bashir – 8.5

This Israeli animation is a documentary about the 1982 Lebanon-Israel war and follows an Israeli war vet who visits his friends during the war to relive his lost memories during the Sabra and Shatila massacre. IMO, this is one of the best animation that I have ever seen for the past 10 years; and this is for a firm reason. The dreamy images used in the film perfectly depicted the shady memory of a 19 year old soldier caught up in war. The choice of animation successfully retracted the audience from reality and I think this is a brilliant technique used by the director to give the audience what it feels like when someone saw war at it’s most horrible ways, and filters it with ‘camera vision’ to make it unreal; just for the sake of avoiding craziness. The ending was just horrifying and will leave you speechless, shattering what ever ‘cleaned up’ illusion that you have about war and the cruelty of human beings. This film couldn’t come out at a better time (I’m referring to GAZA), and I highly recommends this masterpiece.Yes, this movie is from Israel, and I suggest you to watch it.

Budak Kelantan – 7.4

The movie starts well with the director focusing on trying to differentiate the two main characters with some details but at the end, it felt like they were trying to wrap up things too sudden, and that leaves you kinda hanging at the end. Anyways, this is pretty good for a new director, and the ‘shaky-cam’ cinematography really add a gritty, realistic feel to the whole movie; something that you don’t see much in Malay movies. The plot though, with it's little approach to explain certain plot defining story-points, is very unrealistic and not convincing enough, breaking the ‘gritty and realistic’ feels that it achieved through camera work. Anyways, the use of the kelantanese dialect was pretty spot-on, and I’m just glad that it was not bad. Try watching this, you might like it.

Anak Halal – 6.9

Anak Halal is both good and bad. The first half of the movie was very fun to watch; it’s funny, charming, sweet and sometimes emotional but the last part of the movie was just full of discontinuity and it seems like the director didn’t care about believable story plots anymore. Terrible ending plot aside, the fighting scenes was actually quite good, although sometimes it make me felt like I was watching a different movie all of a sudden. This movie is different from other mediocre Malay movies, but it was not that great.

Lawrence Of Arabia – 8.1

They sure don’t do make movies as EPIC as this movie is anymore; the scale is just HUGE and overwhelming. The cinematography is just amazing and captures the harsh desert environment so well. This 1962 movie based on a true story is about a British military officer who leads the Arab Revolt against the Turks (of the pre WW1 Ottoman Empire); and how he united the many Arab tribes into one army that pushed into Damascus to finally conquer it. The story was pretty good and character development is well laid out. This is an old film, but it is still a masterpiece to this day, and if you like epic, historic movies, you’d surely enjoy this movie. Recommended.

Revolutionary Road – 8.0

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio really make a good pair, the chemistry between them transcends the silver-screen, or at least they managed to make it looks like so. The movie is really good with great performances from all the actors and actresses, but I was just hoping for something more... memorable and unique? Pretty fun movie nonetheless. Recommended.

The Lives of Others – 8.0

A writer in Germany during it’s socialist era had his house bugged so that the government could listen in to whatever activities he and his liberal writers are up to. An interrogator was tasked to listen and record all the activities that happened in the house and report it to his officer, but his interest in the lives of those who he monitors has affected his work, and leads to unpredictable results. This is one good German movie, and it has my recommendation.

Network – 7.5

This 1976 movie is about a worn-out newscaster on a minor broadcasting company who, in his last days, started to preach his highly provocative views on how we the television viewers are very much influenced by TV and how ridiculous it is to let TV leads how we live our life. The script was very well written and the prophecies made by the preachy newscaster was actually quite an accurate reflection of the Television culture today; it's pretty scary. This movie is hard to recommend to young moviegoers because of the 'OLD' style in screenplay and soap-opera like camera work, but it's definitely NOT a bad movie.

Vicky Christina Barcelona – 8.2

This is a movie about love, but it is not a romantic movie. The story basically evolves around two American friends who spent some time on a holiday in Spain, crossing path with a flamboyant local artist and his crazy ex-wife. They fall in love, they questioned their love and conflicts were bound to happen in this kind of drama, and they did; albeit in a very interesting but convincing fashion. This is a very good drama, and I enjoyed it. Therefore I recommend it to those who love dramas that has some comedy, romance and crazy bitches.

Femme Fatale – 7.8

Femme Fatale – means ‘deadly women’ in France, is a movie about a beautiful con artist who double crossed her partners, and got away with it. The story get more interesting from that point and although some might say the method used to expand the plot was kinda cheap, it was pretty well done and I ended liking it. The early lesbian scenes and some other very important, sexually charged events happening in the entire movie does help you get interested through the end. This is a sexy thriller, and straight guys will have a boner or two; it’s healthy!

Frost/Nixon – 7.5

Ok, before watching this movie, I have no knowledge about President Nixon, and his political scandals that leads to this presidential resigning, but I still enjoyed the 'intense' acting and how well they put up a story behind an interview. After watching the movie, I've compared the interviews made in the movie with the original, and although a lot of alterations were made in the movie to make it tighter for the mass audience, I'm very impressed with the actor playing Richard Nixon, because he sounded just like the real guy. This film also encouraged me to make some research about Nixon and his Watergate scandal and all, and it was a pretty interesting history lesson, so I won't complain much. I always like interesting history. But I can't recommend this movie to anyone that has no interest in America's political history because that is all that this movie can offer. I had a great time watching this movie, though.


Max Payne – 6.0

Max Payne the game was a classic, and it is just a matter of time that they’ll made a film adaptation of it. Unfortunately, we live in a world where a good video game based movie simply doesn’t exist. The problem that I have with the movie is that it tries too hard to be cool, and the serious lack of good action sequences really brought it down. They should’ve learn from another videogame based movie, Hitman that focuses on action and action only; because that’s the only way a video-game based movie will ever work, sadly. The casting is also quite bad. Milla Kunis is no Mona Sax, and Mark Wahlberg is most definitely NOT Max Payne. Another disappointing video-game based movie.

Zombie Strippers – 3.0

Strippers turns into zombies, then they terrorizes their customers. Yes, this is a very bad movie.

Legend Of The Doll – 5.0

The premise of the movie is simple. A lonely guy bought a sexy doll and then it magically turns into a real woman. Then afterwards, it was revealed that the soul of the guy’s previously dead girlfriend were transferred into the doll, and made it alive. Now that you’ve read this, you can skip the bullshit story and just watch the last 10 minutes of the movie because it has boobs in it. Then thank me later.

Cat Girl Kiki – 4.5

A guy brought home a cat, and magically it turned into a woman that behaves like a cat. The last 20 minutes of this movie have boobs. Now you can thank me for the second time.

Kekko Kamen Surprise – 2.0

The above picture is Kekko Kamen in anime form. This movie is a live-action adaptation of the anime. If you value your humanity, please don’t watch this Japanese hero movie.

Zibahkhana (Hell’s Ground) – 4.0

Hell’s Ground is the first Pakistani zombie movie, and it very bad too! Avoid at all costs.

The Machine Girl – 5.0

Do you like Japanese gore movies? If you do, then you won’t mind watching this crap. The story is all over the place, but who needs that shit? The movie is so violent it’s almost felt like a bad anime. If you like Japanese high school girls conflicting gruesome violence and gore to each other, then you wishes had come true. Another crazy Japanese film.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

good morning mr president

good morning mr president

the ones that are chanting your name in hope for a new future...

are not only the americans.

but the whole world.

mr barack hussein obama...

now has the most difficult job in the world.

and i hope he do well.

he has given a lot of inspiring talks and speeches.

now that you have talk the talk,

it is time to walk the walk.

because action speaks louder than words.

good luck mr president.

you're going to need it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

blog student engineering jepun

sesetengah student kat mesia yg google pasal blog student engineering malaysia yg tengah study kat jepun, akan sampai ke blog aku nih, dan sesetengah daripada student itu pernah mail kat aku supaya bercerita sikit pengalaman aku sebagai student engineering di jepun.

kebanyakan daripada mereka nih merupakan student2 yg baru masuk pusat persediaan di malaysia untuk melanjutkan pelajaran di kolej2 atau pon universiti jepun nanti, so bole dikatakan mereka nih junior2 aku la.

so sebagai senpai (senior) yg prihatin lagi baik hati, aku cuba nak jawab salah satu soalan yg agak popular dikalangan mereka:

//susah tak belajar engineering dalam bahasa jepun nih?//

jawapan pendek yg aku boleh bagi: mana ada benda senang dalam dunia ni beb!

aku ambik course mechanical engineering (機械工学 kot b jepun), so aku hanya bole bagi pendapat pasal course ni aje lah.

walaupon aku cakap belaja mechanical engineering kat jepun nih tak senang, aku tak rasa yg course nih susah gila pon. seriously aku rasa belajar mechanical engineering kat mesia lagi susah.

nak tau kenapa?

sebab course mechanical engineering kat mesia lagi banyak assignment, lagi banyak report experiment kena buat, pastu tak kira quiz lagi, lecturer yg haram jadah ntah paper, sibuk nak kerja part-time la... macam2 lagi.

course mechanical engineering kat jepun plak amatlah simple. assignment takde la banyak pon, experiment pon takde la susah2, quiz takde org buat, lecturer plak, kalo korang reti bodek, memang senang2 aje dia nak bagi lepas satu2 subject tuh.

memang la belajar engineering kot bahasa jepun ni susah, tapi bila ko dah diletakkan dalam satu tempat dimana bahasa itu la yg akan menyelamatkan ko, lama kelamaan akan jadi biasa la.

toksah risau sangat pasal bahasa, asal korang kuat berusaha, mesti ramai orang jepun yg akan tolong; tapi of course la kena buat kawan ngan org jepun dulu kan?

so pesanan aku kepada kohai2 (junior) di mesia, korang jgn risau sangat pasal bahasa. lama2 tu biasa la. yang paling penting nak survive sebagai student engineering kat jepun ni adalah semangat ganbaru - berusaha.

perkataan ganbaru itu sendiri memang dah jadi perkataan kegemaran org jepun. so untuk survive dalam enviroment jepun, korang pon kena banyak tiru gaya jepun.

kena gigih sket buat kerja, jgn sloppy, kalo bole buat kerja cepat2 tapi elakkan kesilapan.... benda2 mcam tu la. lagi penting adalah menepati masa. ni memang kena jaga gila kalo nak duk dalam komuniti kat sini.

eh... aku rasa mcam aku tercakap lebih2 plak... sebenarnya ada aje student mesia yg lambat, tak tepati masa, malas pastu asyik buat kesilapan aje, tapi bole survive gak duk kat jepun nih... aku la tu hahahaha.

anyways, walau macam mana pon, study pening2 kat sini, usaha kuat2 pon, salah satu element yg aku rasa memang penting gila untuk student kat jepun ialah tidak lain tidak bukan:


seriously, duit dapat tak kan nak simpan kot? kena la enjoy untuk hilangkan stress sehari2. baru la bole perform sket dlm menghadapi ujian2 seterusnya!

sebagai penamat, sebagai student engineering jepun, aku rasa amat bertuah dapat peluang untuk melanjutkan pelajaran kat sini. dulu time interview jpa, aku letak US sebagai first choice, UK sebagai second choice pastu Japan sebagai third choice; tapi aku sungguh berterima kasih kepada kegeniusan pegawai2 JPA yg bagi aku punya third choice, sebab aku rasa kalo aku pegi UK ke US ke untuk belajar engineering, aku tak rasa experience nya serupa mcam kat Jepun.

sebab jepun nih negara pelik.

*tapi sebenarnya, aku dapat Jepun sebab result SPM aku tak hebat mana. time tu, hanya top scorer aje yg diaorg bagi gi US ngan UK. yg result hampes mcam aku nih dia bagi pegi Jepun aje, negara yg tak ramai student engineering nak pegi. sebab nya? of course la sebab kat Jepun nih diaorg tak pakai ENGLISH.

*aku dulu ambik diploma dulu baru buat degree, dan aku rasa proses mcam ni lagi menarik sebab dapat rasa practical (diploma) ngan theory (degree) dalam engineering. so kira pendedahan tu lagi luas la sket, walaupon ambik masa yg lebih lama berbanding mereka yg buat degree from the start.

haa itu la sedikit cerita pasal being an engineering student kat jepun nih. tapi tu lah, mungkin korang rasa susah nak belajar engineering kat jepun, tapi aku dengar student engineering kat jerman lagi la susah. mengikut cerita memba aku yg belajar kat sana, memang jarang benar nak jumpa student malaysia yg tak perlu ulang setahun dua.

so bersyukur la ngan apa yg ada.

yg penting usaha gigih dan ikhlas. the rest tu kita serahkan pada yg Esa.

pastu gi karaoke jangan lupa ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

vblogging now?


in the beginning, my only purpose in blogging was just to practice english while i write journals of what's happening in my daily life.

i need a place to practice the language because being in japan, the daily usage of english is close to zero, and i do hear a lot from my seniors saying that after spending 4 years in japan, their english language skills deteriorate significantly (but they managed to replace it with the japanese language, obviously).

i don't want that to happen to me. i want to be able to read, write and speak in BOTH english and japanese. my malay and kelantanese dialect won't go away that easily, so i don't have to worry about those 2 other languages.

so i start to blog in english, pushing myself to write at least 10 posts a month.

then i started to enjoy it; which is a good thing because it means that i could earn some language skills while i was doing something that i like.

a couple of years had passed, and i am positively sure that my english is significantly better compared to before i started blogging; so i think this 'blogging to practice english' method really works!

so now i can read and write english freely, and although far from perfect, i think i could translate what i had in mind (in kelantanese), into english writings.

although i can read and write, speaking felt to me like it's on another higher level; and most definitely more difficult.

you have to construct sentences on the fly, and the sometimes 'hard' pronunciations really didn't help much. living in japan, i have no use of my english speaking skills, thus i could understand why i couldn't speak the language very well.

i need to practice speaking in english!

so it is obvious that the next step to further my english skills is to practice speaking!

hence, i think i should start vblogging now, to practice speaking in english!

so i took my first vblog today, and it was pretty bad. but you have to start somewhere right?

i know my first vblog does not have much content that someone could comment on, but if you have any advice in vblogging, please share it with me by commenting.


to those who didn't know:
> my mother tongue is malay
> i use kelantanese dialect when speaking with another kelantanese
> english were thought as a secondary language since i was a child
> i also speak japanese (fluently, i hope)

click the spoiler below to reveal my first attempt at vblogging:

first vblog attempt from Taufiq Ali on Vimeo.


anyways, it snowed a lot today and the front of our apartment is covered with thick layers of snow; and it made it hard for anyone to move around.

this is the car park in front of the apartment, and i guess those cars would have a little bit of problem moving out of there.

this is the stairs going up to our apartment. the wind is so strong that it blew the snows, covering the stairs up with whites.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tag reply for adilla

1. 5 Ciri Wanita/Lelaki Idaman Anda (5 characteristics of your dream girl/guy):

- Hygienic, smells nice, looks clean, knows how to take care of herself, happy, free and are not afraid to give her opinion about anything. An easy going personality is the utmost importance.

- Sense of humor doesn’t always have to be paralleled with me, because that would be very creepy, but it would be brilliant if she could understood ALL of my horribly inappropriate jokes.

- I’m dumb, so I need a smart girl that could teach me a thing or two; like how to socialize properly with human beings (?).

- Girls with soft, beautiful skin never fails to grab my attention.

- Great skin, nasi lemak 50sen breasts, nice legs and an ass to go jihad for would be very nice.

2. 5 Ciri Wanita/Lelaki Yang Tak Pernah Anda Minati Sepanjang Hidup (5 characteristics that you have never liked in girl/guy):

- Girls that talks very fast, about a lot of different subjects all at once, with her unbelievably high pitched voice.

- This is kinda shallow of me, but I never find fat girls attractive… unless she’s a genius at cooking!

- Girls with dirty clothes (not hygienic), dirty mouth (talks like a dirty old men) and dirty minds (those sluts that wants to rape me all the time).

- Too clingy, too sensitive, too emotional, too everything!

- Extreme feminists. Eeeekkk!!!

3. 5 Perasaan Anda Sekiranya Keluar Dengan Orang Yang Minati (5 feelings that you have when you are out with the one you admire):

- So excited that sometimes I had a boner (true story, and it is not erotic at all; maybe bcoz of the sudden rush of blood?).

- Relaxed and stress-free.

- Obviously, happy?

- A little bit pressured to struck a good impression, especially early on.

- Thankful for the company; because I always think that I am alone in a crowded place.

4. 5 Tempat Istimewa Yang Ingin Dilawati Bersama Pasangan Anda (5 places that you want to travel to with your loved one):

- Deserted, haunted house in the middle of the night, with only one torch-light.

- White sandy beaches of course!

- My own living room: we could watch movies while I fondle her nasi lemak 50sen breasts! -> ok this is one of my horribly inappropriate jokes. Terrible, right?

- My crotch.

- O man, I don’t see this going anywhere special…

5. 5 Barangan/Sesuatu Istimewa Yang Akan Anda Hadiahkan Kepada Si Dia (5 special things that you will give to your loved one):

- A smooth, silky night gown. So fucking sexy!

- Forget about physical presents, I’m gonna give her the best cunnilingus evar!

- I think I’m not good with these ‘tag games’ that girls so love to do in their blogs.

- All I can think of right now is dildos. Big giant dildos with vibrators. Well, at least I’m being honest.

6. Tajuk Lagu Yang Akan Anda Nyanyikan Untuk Pasangan Anda (5 songs that you will sing to your partner):

- Your body is a wonderland – John Mayer

- Kokoni iruyo – SoulJa

- I’m not a girl, not yet a woman – Britney Spears

- Ambo Ghaso Bekene – Megat Nordin

- Tok Bini Lagi – Cikgu Sulizi


This is obviously another one of my lame jokes. Thread lightly, please.


This is the nasi lemak bungkus 50sen that I had in mind:

Monday, January 12, 2009

ngomen pasal konflik palestine

Kat sini aku banyak tulis pasal benda2 yg mengarut tak ingat dunia punya.

Kalau ada orang yg datang sebab nak baca pendapat aku pasal issue politik ke, issue agama ke, issue apa2 aje la yg serious sket, maka mereka akan hampa sangat2 sebab aku tak brapa suka post benda2 yg serious nih.

Bagi aku, kalo org nak baca pasal sumer issue2 tuh, diaorg bole baca di blog orang lain yg lebih arif pasal issue2 tersebut.

Tapi aku tak bole alih pandangan daripada satu issue kemanusiaan nih: ISRAEL-PALESTINE CONFLICT.

Sejak aku lahir, sampai hari ini, issue hangat nih tak penah selesai.

Baru2 ini aku tertarik dengan interview Al-Jazeera dengan salah seorg wakil Fatah, yg menegaskan bahawa issue Israel-Palestine merupakan issue tanah, bukan nya issue agama ataupon bangsa.

*Fatah nih dikatakan lebih non-violent (dan lebih diplomatic) sket berbanding Hamas; dan US, Turkey dan Egypt lebih senang berurusan dengan Fatah berbanding Hamas, kerana history Hamas dahulu yg lahir daripada pemberontakan student2 Egypt menentang pemerintah nya.

Nyata sekali wakil Fatah itu bijak dalam memberi pendapat seperti itu, kerana approach seperti itu lebih mudah untuk mendapat sokongan international yg realitinya agak rimas nak tolong orang Islam.

Tapi kenyataan wakil Fatah itu jauh sekali daripada kebenaran.

Teras utama conflict ini tak lain tak bukan adalah kerana conflict tiga agama Abrahamic utama: Islam, Christianity dan Judaism.

Walaupon conflict Israel-Palestine selesai dengan Hamas menjadi badan governance dengan 2 state solution (dimana border Gaza dan West Bank kekal mengikut Belfour Declaration 1917), tidak akan wujud situasi aman di Holy Land.


Orang Islam sudah pasti tidak akan berpuas hati selagi Israel wujud di muka bumi.

Orang Yahudi pula lebih sanggup mati daripada meninggalkan tanah Israel.

Orang Kristian pula mahu tanah Palestine menjadi hak milik Yahudi 100% untuk memenuhi criteria untuk Armageddon berlaku. > ni panjang ceritanya. Cuba selidik sendiri pasal criteria yg perlu dipenuhi agar Jesus dapat turun ke bumi untuk selamatkan org Kristian dan org Yahudi yg convert masuk Kristianiti.

Kesimpulan nya, selagi wujud nya penganut ketiga2 agama tersebut, tanah Holy Land itu tidak akan aman; sama seperti sejak beribu-ribu tahun lagi. Tanah Palestine telah dikuasai oleh pelbagai kuasa penjajah dari seluruh genap dunia; bersilih ganti.

Tapi itu tidak bermakna kita bole pejam mata tutup telinga dengan ketidak-adilan yg berlaku di tanah Palestine sekarang.

Apa yg kita bole lakukan, sebagai seorang manusia biasa yg tak punya apa2 kuasa besar?

Boikot barangan Israel dan US?

Bagus juga cadangan itu, tapi aku tak nampak yg tindakan itu boleh merubah apa2.

Walaupon begitu, paling kurang pon tindakan tersebut dapat menaikkan kesedaran masyarakat tentang kekejaman rejim Zionis.

Itu lebih penting.

Yang penting adalah peningkatan tahap kesedaran masyarakat yg konflik ini bukan nya di cetuskan oleh rakyat Palestine, tetapi oleh polisi Israel sendiri yg tidak mahu memerdekakan Gaza dan West Bank.

Issue nya adalah kerana Israel mahu taraf hidup di Gaza dan West Bank jadi begitu buruk, sehinggakan orang Palestine itu sendiri akan angkat kaki dan berpindah ke negara Arab lain.

Israel mahukan semua tanah Palestine, dan cara yg terbaik untuk menghalau orang Palestine drpd tanah mereka sendiri adalah dengan merangsang mereka supaya meninggalkan tanah air mereka sendiri.

Itu lah misi utama golongan2 yg menyokong objective rejim Zionis.

Walaupon begitu, aku cukup hampa dengan negara2 Arab lain yg kaya dengan duit minyak.

Kekayaan Pak2 Arab nih setanding dengan Pak2 Yahudi; kalo mereka betul2 nak tolong Palestine secara tekanan politik terhadap US, bole aje.

Cuma diaorg tak nak ajeh.

Diaorg lupa dengan pesan Rasulullah (saw) supaya meninggalkan budaya asobiyyah arab.

Semua nya sebab sayang kan duit.

Tak guna umat Islam jadi umat paling ramai kat dunia ni pon.

Kalo kita tak bersatu.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

busy mizzy

don't really have the time to write.

or made any update to this blog.

i'm pretty busy with finishing up my final year project.

k tanks ;)

*it started to snow like it's the end of the world here in Akita.

i'm cold...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

first movie review compilation 2009?

Léon The Professional – 8.8
If you haven’t watched this movie, you need to do it RIGHT NOW! I was blown away by the brilliance of Natalie Portman’s performance; at the age of 12, she managed to pull off something that a professional actor might take years to accomplish. I’ve seen many movies (one movie a day is probably too much though) and I can say that her performance in Leon was by far, the best child performance in the history of movies. Period. Jean Reno, by the way, is as awkwardly cool as ever, and Gary Oldman was just creepy. The story is quite bizarre and made you check your moral compasses on the boundaries of sexuality between a hired killer and a child. Close-to-being-a-pedophile main characters aside, you just have to see this movie. If you like action movies involving gun fights and sympathetic and weird characters, by all means, watch this. Highly recommended!

サイドカーに犬 (Dog In Sidecar) – 8.4
A pleasantly sweet story about the bonds between an innocent girl with her father’s new lover, a free spirited women full of mystery. Although this movie is set around a dysfunctional Japanese family, the director successfully fleshed out many details about the characters that made this film full with small moments that made you smile. The details in the acting, dialogue and scene progression is definitely distinctive of those few good Japanese movie directors, but even if you don’t like Japanese movies, you should really try this one out. The script and screenplay was brilliant, and the main character played by Takeuchi Yuko and the uniquely different child performance of Matsumoto Kana was just superb. I like this movie, and I would recommend it to those who like Japanese family-comedy-drama movies.

Happy Go Lucky – 8.2
The movie evolves around an always-happy, always-sarcastic elementary school teacher; her overly happy-go-lucky attitude might sometimes be questionable whether it’s pure or not, but it’s still fun to watch nonetheless. The movie does not have a story or plotlines that have to be wrapped up at the end; it’s just a simple charming movie, with an abundance of appropriately funny scenes. Recommended for sure!

Bangkok Dangerous – 5.5
Just another dumb Hollywood action movie, but this time the location is in Thailand. Bad acting, bad story line, bad movie. Don’t bother to watch this crap.

X-Files I Want To Believe – 7.0
The X Files series used to be the best TV programs during the 90’s, and I used to follow the series whenever I can. They used to make a movie before, and it was not so good; but I’m glad that this time around, it was definitely an improvement from their previous efforts. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson fits each other like a glove, but still, the story was not so interesting enough but at least I paid attention to it to the last minute, which is probably good enough. If you didn’t like X-Files, I don’t think you would enjoy this movie though.

Milk – 7.5
Based on a true story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay official who was assassinated during the American counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s. It told the story of how the charismatic butt-seks-lover decided to get out in the open and fight for gay rights in San Francisco. Because this IS a story that revolves gay people, there are going to be several disgusting gay intimacy scenes in the movie, but don’t get that normal human emotion from turning you down, because the story was pretty interesting and Sean Penn really did a great acting performance; you’d believe that he loves to suck cock even in real life!

Appaloosa – 7.0
Unlike the many western movies before it, the gun fights in this movie feels very real; and that adds so much tension to each fight scene. Two men were hired by a troubled town to protect them from the outlaws terrorizing the peace there. Then of course, there is going to be a woman to complicate things further. Great performance by Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen, but I don’t think Renee Zellweger is fit enough to take the role of a women that alpha males would be chasing for. A pretty good Western, nonetheless.

Saw V – 4.0
I slept on the beginning of the movie out of boredom, and then I slept again during the end. They should really stop making Saw movies now. It is boring, unoriginal, overly recycled and definitely not scary anymore. Don’t bother seeing this.

Disaster Movie – 6.0
You already know what to expect from a parody movie like this. Some jokes might work, some might fail miserably but at least it was not so bad that it’s unwatchable. Silly jokes and hot chicks; that is all that these types of movies need, and that is what they offer.

Hard Candy – 7.0
The premise of the film was quite interesting: a smart 14 years old girl tricked and trapped a pedophile in his own home, then resort to torture to ‘teach’ the poor bastard a lesson. But unfortunately, the ‘interesting’ bits of the story feel like ‘draggish’ later on into the movie that you really felt like ‘o when will she finally kill the guy and get it over with? Enough talking already!’. Ellen Page did a decent job in this movie, but it was not that great compared to Juno.

Zack And Miri Make A Porno – 7.0
The title says it all. 2 high school friends (a guy and a girl) were so broke; they decided to shoot a porn movie. Put lots of porn jokes in the beginning, make it a little romantic in the middle and try to make it seem all right at the end by finishing it off like a clichéd love story made for teenagers. The jokes were still funny, but there is nothing interesting about this movie except the title. And dumb me got lead right into the trap.

Resident Evil Degeneration – 7.0
Previous Resident Evil movies were not bad, but it’s a shame that although Degeration is a full CGI movie, it is definitely better than their Hollywood-made live action versions. Staying true to its video game roots, the movie has lots of slow zombies, zombies suddenly jumping out of glass windows, big scary BOSS zombies, main characters constantly jumping away from huge explosions at the last minute, and of course, betrayal! If you love the game, you’ll enjoy this. They got Leon and Claire in this one! The story is pretty bad and doesn’t make any sense though.

Nereikalingi zmones (Loss) – 8.0
This is the first Lithuanian movie for me, and it’s such a different experience; I’ve never seen a movie as unique as this. The story unfolds like a mystery movie and creeps at you slowly. Yes, this movie IS very slow, but it leaves space for the viewer to process the connection between each character in the movie, which is quite bizarre in how they’re connected to one single accident. This is a movie about the tragedy of the human heart, and how we cope with it by trying to connect with others. Worth the look.

Perfect Hideout – 5.0
This movie is so bad, it’s actually funny by being too ridiculously serious and dumb. This movie is funny because it tries so hard to be cool. This movie is so bad, that somehow it felt good. Still a crap of a movie though.

Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom – 4.0
This movie is the sickest movie I’ve ever seen. It insults your brain with its sick imagery, it numbs the mind with its mindless and overtly crazy story, and you were left wondering: who the fuck enjoys watching this shit? Avoid this movie at all costs, but if you’re wondering, this movie is all about sexual torture, sadisticm, and eating shit. It tries to unnecessarily depict the evil and cruelness a human being could conflict on another human being, the reason by just being bored. You will feel like you’ve lost you humanity after watching this. Crazy stuff. *This is an Italian movie*

War Inc – 7.0
A fairly entertaining movie that mocks and parodies the American military industrial complex and its out right ridiculousness and inhumane nature. Although entertaining, it is quite useless and brings nothing to the table of serious discussion, but I hope this kind of film will make some of the stubborn people think ‘holy shit there is something wrong with the American government!’

Religulous – 8.0
Bill Maher is a known Atheist who is not afraid to voice his opinion about religion, and he made a documentary about it. Although the documentary is extremely biased and pretty offensive to the people of faith, he did a pretty decent job in making it easier for people to understand why he thinks that religion is a silly hoax. Pretty decent ‘documentary’ for people who is interested in all sorts of religions, but be aware that you might get offended; IF you believe in GOD that is.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed – 6.0
A failed attempt at raising an irrelevant issue of whether creationism and Darwinism should co-exist in science classroom in the States. I watch this documentary because I was trying to find another documentary that could answer to Bill Maher’s Religulous, but this one doesn’t even hold a candle to that. Dissapointing.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

year end winter break over

i just got back (yesterday night) from my year end winter break; and i'm honestly tired, but it was all worth it.

i've a made a promise to some of my friends to blog about my travels, and i plan to do it little by little, covering it each day.

anyways, it's 2009 already, and i want to start the year by starting fresh!

so i went to komachi (a cheap hair saloon) today, and got my face shaved and my hair done short.

it's a refreshing feeling!

i love my short hair and now i know that i love my hair short!

i cut my hair short for 2009, what did YOU do?

This is Aya Hirano wearing the Malay traditional costume Kebaya, shot during her brief stay in Malaysia for a gravure photo & video shoot. She looks nice, especially with the green veil.
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