Thursday, February 19, 2009

balik mesia kejap!

i'm packing my bags.

i'm going home for a while.

Ya Allah moga perjalanan ku selamat dan menepati masa.


i'm taking the earliest shinkansen at 6:00 a.m today, and i hope everything would be smooth so that i could catch my plane leaving at 01:30 p.m. i really hope the snow in akita won't cause any delay to my shinkansen.

my MAS flight would be making a brief stop at kota kinabalu first, before going straight to KLIA.

then i'm going to stay the night in a hotel provided by MAS in KL, while i rest and wait for the flight to kota bharu the next morning.

i hope i could perform my jumaa solat in the Masjid Besar Pasir Mas.

excited, i am.

can't wait to see my family.

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