Sunday, August 09, 2009

D90 is HERE!

At last, my first dSLR has arrived.

I welcomed the NIKON D90 with 18-200mm lens kit with much excitement, as I’ve always been a fan of photography for a long time. It just took me this long to decide to step up and give more dedication towards this hobby of mine.

At a price tag of about 140000yen, this is also the most expensive thing that I have ever bought with my own money.

Wait a minute, actually in the past, I had bought something more expensive than this dSLR some 5 years ago (my Dell Dimension), but that’s using scholarship money, so that did not count as my own money lah!

I am writing this as I waited without patience for the battery to be fully charged.

Can’t wait to take my new baby out for a test drive!

My new main camera with the sidekick Nikon Coolpix P5100.


  1. Anonymous2:13 AM

    mashallah congrats haha. i made the step up last year and bought a d40. plus my lens kit is not as good as yours but still the difference between these dslrs and compact digicams is awesome. youre going to love it!

  2. yeah i'm totally in love with my dslr! the speed, the image quality and the many many options it gives is truly amazing!

    i'm still a little bit overwhelmed by how technical it is, but everyone starts from the bottom right?

  3. Anonymous6:40 PM

    and the d90 has hd video!!!! you lucky lucky boy.

  4. yeah the hd video was pretty cool, especially when coupled with the zoom lens for a slick depth of field effect.

    it would be perfect if it had auto-focus though.

    well, better than nothing i guess...


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