Monday, August 03, 2009

Edogawa Firework Festival

If last week I joined my co-workers and went to the Sumidagawa Firework Festival, this weekend I joined a shady group of 300 people and went to the Edogawa Firework Festival, where the scale was just different from the Sumidagawa Firework Festival.

There were just so many people!

It really looks like a huge summer rock concert as people camped about the Edo-River.

Here's a video of the opening act, and sorry for my 'over-excited' voice on the background:

People crowded the train station after the show, and it was several times worse than the usual train morning rush that I had to endure to get to work; but it's OK because I'm wearing my fav 3/4 pants!


  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    salaam bro.
    taufiq, you should upload your videos on youtube too. you can get more people watching them that way, even though vimeo is good. just watched some of your vlogs on vimeo. lol youre english is fine but if you can come on youtube, it will be beneficial for you.

    keep the posts coming!

  2. salam bro Zoheb!

    youtube is a scary place full of crazy people LOL but i am actually thinking about spending some effort on vblogging.

    i just wish i had the time...

    thanks for visiting!


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