Friday, October 16, 2009

uncharted 2 getto!

last week i was looking around for a 3d mouse pad in amazon japan, and then i noticed that they're selling pre-orders of uncharted 2 just for 4784 yen.

that's pretty cheap for a new ps3 game.

the first uncharted was probably the best ps3 game that sony had when it launched the ps3, so i expect the second to be at least on par.

i put my order and i received the game just today.

i was pretty skeptical when i opened the amazon envelope; the cover art for the game is hideously ugly and stupid!

i know the game had a reputation of being a 'movie that you play' in japan, but this is just ridiculous.

then i looked at the back cover and were pretty disappointed to know that the game runs in 720p native; why the hell did i bought my 1080p sharp aquos for?

moving on from my geek-rant, i put on the bluray disk and instantly recognized the interface and was pretty impressed with the first opening 'gameplay'.

i'm just about one hour into the game, but my first impression was that the game is exactly like the first one: unoriginal but very interesting.

this IS the japanese version of the game, so it is bilingual, meaning i could play the game in japanese on my second run! i always play my games in english, if the game offers it.

i stopped playing because i wanted to watch music station; HALCALI's performing my new favorite song 今夜はブーギバック (Konya wa Boogie Back). Check it out:

anyways, i heard the multiplayer component of uncharted 2 was not so bad.

can't wait to check that out.

i hope it's better than japanese AV.


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    bro whats your psn?

  2. add me up: taopix

  3. Eh? I personally wouldn't use the word 'unoriginal' for the Uncharted series ... I mean, yes, the climbing ala Tomb Raider and the no-HP shooter gameplay and the puzzle solving, but Naughty Dog combined all of these into a very nicely integrated and smooth gameplay ... PLUS amazing voice acting.

    I think I know what you mean by 'unoriginal' XD but it sounds negative for such a great game! XD I'd say ... 'conventional' gameplay ... but an exceptionally well-crafted game as a whole.

  4. i wrote it unoriginal just after spending one hour with the game.

    there was nothing special with the game.

    then as i put more hours into it, i realized that originality becomes an irrelevant issue; because Naughty Dog has successfully compiled all those elements 'borrowed' from other games, and made a very polished game that has great action, story, pacing and mp.

    yeah, the single player was very straight-forward and leave little space for free-exploration, but the amount of polish to every detail in the game was just amazing.

    it is unoriginal, but sometimes originality is over-rated.

    why fix something that is not broken?

    at this point, i really think uncharted 2 is the best ps3-exclusive game out there.

    end of video game review hehehehe.

  5. "Naughty Dog has successfully compiled all those elements 'borrowed' from other games, and made a very polished game that has great action, story, pacing and mp."
    YES, spot on.

    Yeah there's not much free exploration, but when it comes to infiltrating a new area swarming with enemies, there's plenty of routes (hanging, climbing, or cover-to-cover) and ways (commando or stealth or both) you can go about it -- even more than there was in the first game -- so I really appreciated that.

    It's hard XD I like it as much as MGS4, which takes a lot considering MGS4 is the last game of an entire saga since 1998. But it definitely is better than MGS4 in voice/body acting (minus David Hayter), and in graphics and beauty.

  6. adilla you're such a gamer girl, it is actually quite amazing!

    your species are very rare, thus existence much more valued hahaha


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