Thursday, November 19, 2009

angkor wat cookies

someone from the department just got back from his honeymoon from cambodia.

and he brought us some cookies from cambodia for everybody.

a cookie from cambodia, is not a cookie from cambodia,

if it does not have the angkor wat shape!

as i open the plastic wrapping, i was thinking

"hmm how would a cambodia cookie that is shaped like the famous angkor wat tastes like?"

it tasted like any other cookie you could buy in Japan.

i turned the wrapping around,

to found the logo for plastics written in japanese.

プラ - pura, short for plastics in japanese

man, globalization's fun!


  1. you not thinking that cookie are really from cambodia, arent you?

  2. the cookie WAS from Cambodia all right, but definitely not 100% made IN Cambodia...

    well, just like the many electronics here in Japan too...


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