Wednesday, November 25, 2009

modern warfare 2 farce

Infinity Award’s Call Of Duty Modern Warfare was a really good game.

The sequel Modern Warfare 2, is said to be way better.

So I put an order from Play-Asia for the PC version of the game several weeks before launch.

I can’t wait for the game as I heard more and more great reviews from all of the major video game sites.

Alas, when I got back from work today, my order was waiting in my mail box.

I waste no time, and start the installing process.

The game uses Valve’s Steam for the installation process, which is kinda annoying because it was slow.

Then this thing comes up, telling me that I my purchase have been canceled.

This is ridiculous, because I paid for this shit just to be told that my purchase is not valid.

Fuck Activision and Infinity Award.

Confused, frustrated and mad, I made a little research and found out that Steam’s region configuration has blocked my installation because the version that I bought is the Asian version, NOT the Japanese version.

I happen to live in Japan, so they blocked my game because Square Enix is officially launching the Japanese version of the game this 10 of December.

How dare they fucking do this.

If I bought the Asian version of the game for the Xbox 360 or PS3, this problem does not happen.

This fucked-up shit just happen on the PC.

I guess PC gaming IS dying.

When people who bought the game with their own money through legal ways cannot play the game because of some damn business deal, there are thousands and thousands of people out there who pirate the game, and could play without any hassle.

Fuck Activision and Infinity Award.

I’m going to MOD my Xbox 360 and I’m going to pirate all their games to play offline.

PC gaming is dead.

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