Sunday, May 07, 2017

Movie Review for April 2017

I used to watch movies every week and post reviews and personal opinions about it and as boring this may sound, time is indeed a luxury. I watch fewer movies nowadays and apparently have stopped posting movie reviews all together. Well, until today, hopefully.

Live By Night – 6.5
Gone Girl, The Town and Argo are all directed by Ben Affleck and I love them all. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about his 4th movie Live By Night. The great action sequences and highly detailed recreation of 1926 Boston is absolutely amazing; the visuals of this movie is top notch but it was such a waste when he “failed” to introduce an interesting character and story. Definitely not a bad movie; people who loves American gangster movies might like this but as a movie from Ben Affleck, I expect it to have interesting characters and story. That’s how much I loved Ben Affleck’s previous creations. Very disappointed but still looking forward to his next one!

The Founder – 8.5
This is a movie about the founders of the McDonalds Franchise. Interesting story coupled with an amazing performance by Micheal Keaton makes this movie one entertaining watch. Highly recommended movie but I think the Ray Kroc is a bully. Interesting and inspiring visionary businessmen, yes, but still. What an opportunistic bully.

Hacksaw Ridge – 8.0
Can Hacksaw Ridge (directed by Mel Gibson) stand shoulder to shoulder with Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Letters from Iwojima, Flags of Our Fathers and other great WW2 movies? Definitely yes. Andrew Garfield proved that he is one of the few young actors out there that can lead a movie on his own. Really emotional and powerful performance. I think this is Mel Gibson’s best movie yet, but I might be bias because I love WW2 movies in general. Highly recommended.

Jackie – 7.0
Natalie Portman was amazing as Jacqueline Kennedy. Probably her best performance after Leon The Professional (?). There was little story to tell but Portman’s believable performance and charisma alone nailed me to my seat, wanting to see more of the grieving First Lady’s internal and external struggle to cope with such shock of suddenly losing everything. Recommended.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Impressions

My ZOTAC GeForce GTX 970 has 3.5GB of GDDR5, and I am very pleased with it.

This will be my initial impression after testing this card out for 2 days.

First, I am quite delightedly surprised by its small form factor.

Just look at the size comparison of my past graphic cards!

From the left: Gtx 970, Gtx 760, Gtx 560, Gtx 285. Straight up Nvidia loyalist!

The oldest Gtx 285 has the biggest size but weakest of them all.

As technology progresses and efficiency triumphs, size really does not matter, boys J

Next delightful surprise would be the incredibly silent operation; it is almost non-existent!

The power consumption is even better too with only 145W compared to 170W on the GTX 760.

More performance with less power: that is the technological triumph of the new Maxwell architecture from Nvidia.

My last point would be the only point that matters: This card is rocking my games without breaking any sweat!

I game on 1080 resolution and I can max-out any graphics heavy games out there to date. Haven’t tried this on Crysis 3 yet but I can run Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed Unity, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Metro 2033 Redux and Dragon Age Inquisition all to the max with solid 40 to 60 fps all the way.

Beautifully rich and detailed graphics with buttery smooth gameplay is what I got with this 41000 yen card, and I believe that it is worth every yen I spend :)

By the way, after receiving my order from Amazon and realizing that the last 500mb of this supposedly 4GB card is of a lower speed (some games doesn’t even recognize the last 500mb and only saw 3.5GB of useable ram), I complained to Amazon Japan and they agreed to refund 20% from my purchased price.

So basically, I got this amazing card for just 32800 yen.

Amazon definitely has the best customer service in the world.

And this is one of the main reasons why I am ,and will be, their loyal customer.

Thank you Fukazawa-san!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April the 2nd

It's already 2014!

My last post was from 2011...

Busy with work and private activities are just lame excuses for abandoning this once favourite hobby but fear not!

The year 2014 asks not but demands change!

And change I will (hopefully).

Blogging is making a comeback!

To commemorate my glorious return to blogging, here is a picture of squashed squid, taken at some fancy Japanese island resort that I don't care too much to remember the name. Went there to not ogle some chicks with low morals but high short skirts, but to enjoy the sea breeze.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

4S early adoption

If its me two years ago I would've written the review for the iPhone 4S on the day that I got it.

But things have changed.

The iPhone 4S is a great phone but I say nothing.

Anyways I'm writing this using just my voice.

Pretty amazing stuff, the phone was able to understand what I said.

Although I have to speak slowly to achieve great results, it's pretty damn cool when it works like wonders.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

First Movie Review Compilation of 2011


This place has been so quiet.

I've been very busy with life that I pretty much don't have the time nor energy to write; I have fret this and it has become a reality.

Nothing life threatening, so lets move on to some movies that I've been watching these couple of months:

The Green Hornet – 7.5
If you like Seth Rogen movie, you are going to like this one. Funny and cool action packed nicely is an entertaining movie. An easy recommendation to everyone who wants easy entertainment.

Inception – 8.8
Too much coolness that my mind almost melted. No use in writing about this movie, just go watch it now. Make sure you’re in a quiet environment so that you could focus. GO WATCH THIS NOW!

Summer Wars – 8.5
No doubt. Mad House still makes the best animation in the world. Summer Wars is an anime movie packed with intricate small details, combining Japanese tradition in a mixture of wacky technology. This is Japanese modern art at its finest, and the simple themes mixed within makes it easier for the mainstream audience too. The Nagano setting makes it nostalgic to me somehow. Absolute must see.

The Social Network – 8.5
A human drama about how Facebook was found. That alone is an interesting enough element to draw you into the stories and stay focused till the end. Highly recommended.

Confession (告白) – 8.0
An absolute must see Japanese movie of the year. The cinematography, music, dialogues, all interwoven tightly with great focus on justice and juvenile crimes. Very thought provoking and a scary look at Japanese education melf-down.

Shutter Island – 8.6
Great story with an unpredictable twist at the end. Loved it. DiCaprio is really lucky to have met with such a talented set of movie making staffs.

The Book Of Eli – 8.2
Academy Award Winner guy with a big knife slicing dudes! Great action movie but the final message in the movie is an ironic.

From Paris With Love – 8.0
Fun, fun, fun! Great action, cool visual and non-stop adrenaline running along with cheap jokes that suit the un-seriousness of the movie. Recommended.

歩いても、歩いても – 8.8.
Subtle, yet strong, powerful and leaves a big impression; and puzzling after-taste that made me think about my own life and how I want my family to be. A must watch if you like Japanese movies.

The Time Travelers Wife – 8.5
Interesting story, great fun to watch during bad weather when you can’t get out of the house. Definitely a recommend.

A Single Men – 8.0
Great movie about not just another lonely homo. Definitely something that stands out from the mainstream. Hard to recommend but I loved it.

Air Doll – 7.5
Weirdly erotic but the feeling of numbness and the state of loneliness is perfectly portrayed by the main character, a ‘love doll’ who suddenly woke up one morning having a soul. Very weird Japanese movie, but good.

The Hurt Locker – 8.2
Heart beats faster every minute watching this. The sense of tension keeps you at the edge of your seat all the way. Great story and atmosphere.

The Infidel – 8.2
Consider this: How can a movie about a Jew hating Muslim guy CANNOT be good when he later finds out that he is actually a Jew himself? With the nose and such. Brilliant comedy. Highly recommended.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox – 8.5
Just fantastic! Simple story, fun dialogues, great characters and visual decisions that truly made a distinctive impression. Stop-photography movie that I could highly recommend! Watch this!

Baraka – 9.0
For someone who is still in the early stages of learning photography, this movie is an inspiration to take those great shots that need not word because the visual impact is enough to tell the story. Highly recommended if you want to learn a thing or two about composition and exposure. Dramatic, and absolutely brilliant. Own this movie!

Love Actually – 8.6
Why haven’t I watched this movie earlier? What a great romantic.

Battle For Haditha – 8.0
A movie depicting the Haditha massacre without taking any sides, and makes you realize that the real victims of war are civilians, and low ranking foot soldiers. A great movie to once again remind us why we should try our best NOT to start another useless war. Highly recommended.

Men From Nowhere – 8.0
Another great Korean thriller starring Won Bin as the bad-ass mystery man. The movie is filled with a lot of great stunt scenes and action cinematography that’s new and cool. Recommended if you like action movies.

Let Me In – 7.5
The girl from Kick-Ass takes the lead in this cool new angle on vampire movies. Good movie.

The Convert (Muallaf)– 6.5
The Convert, or Muallaf, is one movie that tries too hard to achieve a lot of things, lack focus that ends up making it so convoluted and hard to be fully appreciated. Too bad we cannot see more ‘better’ movies from Jasmin Ahmad. Rest in peace.

The Blind Side – 8.0
Another great touching story that has that ‘made me feel good from the inside’ vibe. I thought Sandra Bullock couldn’t act, but I was wrong. Take it or leave it.

Heartbreaker – 7.8
A simple, easily predictable and fun French romantic comedy. Great for a lazy Sunday watching.

The Reader – 8.4
Brilliant, just brilliant. Sad, shocking, emotional and definitely leaves a small traces of memory inside my movie-loving mind. Recommended.

Kick Ass – 7.5
A kick-ass pop-corn movie. A naïve kid tries to be a superhero like in the comics, gets into bigger trouble than he could handle. One funny action movie I could highly recommend.

Ip Man 2 – 8.0
It’s a Kungfu movie haiyaa!!! Great fun to watch as the all the fighting scenes as super fucking cool!!! It has been a long time since I’ve watch a great kungfu movie (well, maybe since Ip Man 1). Recommended!

Edge of Darkness – 8.2
Great thriller story and superb acting makes this Mel Gibson movie something worth to watch. Recommended!

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac – 7.0
Great visual ideas but the story is pretty bland. Hori Makita’s cuteness is the only living line that holds my interest to watch it till the end.

Youth In Revolt – 7.8
If you like Micheal Cera’s comedy, you’d know what to expect. Liked it.

Evangelion You Can (Not) Advance – 7.5
I am not into the Evangelion series but thankfully, I understood this standalone movie. If you’re not familiar with the series (like me), I don’t think you’d gain anything special.

Psychic – 6.0
Korean movie about a guy that can control people through telekinesis. I slept the half way through. Didn’t care about the ending.

Unstoppable – 5.0
Shit movie about unstoppable trains. Fucking lame. HAHA.

Salt – 7.0
Hmm… Borne with pussy?

The Fighter – 7.4
Not just a movie about a boxer climbing the ladder of success but also a family drama that won’t bore.

Iron Man 2 – 6.8
The sequel to Iron Man. Blah.

The Sorcerers Apprentice – 4.5
Another bad Nicholas Cage movie that tries to cater to the kiddy audience.

Predators – 7.0
Predetors!!!! Average Hollywood action movie but just the perfect movie when you had nothing else to watch.

Grown Ups – 5.0
One Adam Sandler comedy that is not funny at all.

How To Train Your Dragon – 6.0
Seen this kind of movie hundreds of times already. Nothing special.

The Sorcerers Apprentice – 5.0
Another movie about magic in modern setting. Crap movie. Boring.

The Other Guys – 7.0
Will Farrel is a funny guy, but he sure needs to do something new. Still a funny movie, but you have seen this movie so many times already.

Red – 6.0
Bad movie. What a waste of big names.

Winters Bone – 7.5
Very real, very immersive. Too bad I was not in the mood for immersive reality movies when I watch this. Probably a great watch if I was in a gloomy mood.

Ong Bak 3 – 7.8
Tony Jaa movie. O yeah!

The Karate Kid – 6.0
Hmm… predictable and boring.

Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time – 6.0
Not the worst video game movie ever, but it was never near good. Please pass.

Clash of The Titans – 6.5
Turn your ability to think down, and you might like the action scenes.

The Seaside Motel – 6.8
A quirky, pop-up colorful Japanese movie filled with comical characters that pumps life into the story around a secluded motel in the countryside.

Whip It – 6.0
Whip this off the table and into the trash bin please.

The Loser – 7.0
You like dumb action movie that has Hollywood violence? Well The Loser might not be so bad.

Invictus – 7.5
Err… rugby movie yay!

Percy Jackson And The Olympians The Lightning Thief – 6.5
Another modern-fantasy action movie for stupid teenagers.

Couples Retreat – 7.0
Mediocre comedy. No need to watch.

The Lovely Bones – 7.4
Interesting premise at first but got convoluted the second half of the movie. Pretty easy to forget.

Ninja – 5.0
The title of the movie is NINJA, and it’s a Hollywood movie. Figure that out by yourselves.

Ototo – 7.6
One very Japanese movie: slow story, deep details, and real acting.

Attack The Gas Station! – 7.0
Crazy Korean movie every movie enthusiast show check out.

The Forth Kind – 6.0
I am so bored watching this that I felt asleep 30 minutes in. Don’t bother to know how the story goes.

Raging Phoenix – 6.5
Another martial art action movie from Thailand, but this time, it’s the girl who is kicking ass. Story is dumb as hell like always, but the action kept me going.

Alice In Wonderland – 6.0
Bad, bad movie.
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