Friday, December 08, 2006

exam's over ! i'm free! at least for a moment....

fuck yeah exam is over indeed! it feels like someone has lifted this heavy burden off my shoulders a bit and i do feel like i'm breathing a new, fresher air now; my chest jumps and danced like a little girl in tandem with the sound of the bell signaling the end of my last paper for the mid-term exam. it's cherry with vanilla ice cream.

i got only 2 papers: 伝熱工学 (dennetsu: heat-transfer engineering?) and 機械力学 (kiriki: machine mechanics?). i did pretty well with dennetsu, i must be a fucking genius or something! but i can't say the same thing about machine mechanics. out of the 10 papers that i took, this subject has to be the worst one. i wish i had more time to prepare, well, it's over now so there's nothing else that i can do. fuck that. yesterday i got 4 (!) papers so that's why i don't have the time to write about it last night (like the first and second day of exam) because i was too busy and too tired. the papers i took was 生産工学(seisan: production), 制御工学(seigyo: control), ロボット工学(robot), 数値計算法(suuchi: statistics calculation?). i did pretty well, i hope. it was a hard day, but i was happy at the end because i did better than i expected. so to summon up my impressions about this semester's mid exam: i think i did pretty fucking awesomely good and this has got to be my best performance in my studies in japan. i don't want to brag and all but like i give a fuck about what you think about me, so yeah i'm pretty happy with myself.

exam, everyone has this tired but happy look on their faces; i was dancing with mori, murata was singing the patriotic song of japan that were used to help japanese propaganda during the world war 2, murasawa is lying on the floor i don't know what the hell happened to him; and suddently, miyashita sensei called me told me this: i was chosen by the school to write an article that are going to be on the school's monthly magazine about my 3-year-long-life in nagano kousen and what i feel about graduation. i was asked to do a 600 japanese-words article about a subject that i don't really like, and there's nothing profitable for me, except i can put a picture of my most 'sparkling moment' during my kousen life (that's how the request translates in english, really!) on the magazine and that would be very nice for nostalgic memories in the future.

remember my post about me leading the sports oath ceremony? they printed the picture of my fat ass when i was on stage, stretching my hand forward like a nazi pose! well, it's not a big deal anyways but still, it feels kind a good to know that people actually realized my puny existence. oh, and i also have hemorrhoids. i've been infected by this pain-in-the-ass virus for a week now and i'm still not getting any medical treatment. i just trust my ass to cure itself. he's a tough boy. nothing that my lovely ass can't handle, well maybe except a hard jewish gay cock. or any cock. even artificial ones. i want to kill all gay people in this world !

so now
that the exams is over, i can finally turn my attention to my (still) unsolved '280000yen problem' that i've been avoiding direct contact with since the problem occurred right before the first day of exam. nice fucking timing. so my job now is to find more strong points that can be used agaist my assailants *cough* stupidfuckingsoftbank *cough*. my fight againts them starts again tomorrow morning. i don't want to talk about the details, but this really pisses me off. i'm one of those guys who don't get angry easily but when i do, man i'd do anything to fight back. you don't piss me off and get away from it. that's my quality assurance right there.

i'm also waiting patiently for my new graphic card to arrive. the mighty radeon x1950 pro! man i can't wait to play shader model 3.0 games like splinter cell double theory and rainbow6 vegas with this awesome card. this card goes on sale tomorrow in japan and i'll get my card this monday, IF, the delivery guy doesn't fuck things up. this is going to be my last graphics card update because when i'm upgrading my computer next time, it's going to be a whole new rig with windows vista, core duo 2 3.0ghz, 2g RAM, Sound Blaster Xi-Fi, a high end 512mb directx 10 card with shader model 4.0 graphics card and a japanese hooker. ok the last one is just a dream i had last night. and it was very nice.

i am also thinking and asking myself: is this a good time to pick up that sexy xbox360 that's been doing pretty good lately with the release of AAA titles like gears of war and r6 vegas? a LOT of other AAA titles are also going to be released next year like halo3 (hopefully). the ps3 and wii is shit right now, but just wait for a year and it'll turn from a fucked up ugly duck bitch into a hot saliva dripping beautiful white swan that everyone, from kids to grannies , wants a piece of. the future of console gaming is as bright as the flash light those 40-something japanese nerds with their big-ass slr camera used to take photos of girls in their skimpy, flesh baring cosplay costumes. ok, i admit it, i like those girls too, but these nerds is making me sick to my stomach. i mean, it's FREAKAAAAYYY !!! they took these pictures, developed it themselves and use it as their daily dose of masturbation-assisting material. malaysia don't want to be a developed country but has a basically, although this is very harsh, fucked up society and people like japan. perverts, pedophiles, bullying in school that lead to suicides, japanese weird porn etc. these is not what malaysia wants to be. wait a minute. exclude the japanese porn part. that was a gift from above.

what a long post! this time i don't want to put colors in my texts because it's such a troublesome when you write THIS much! damn, i have too much free time now! i should have done something more useful like exercising, practicing my cooking skills, playing violent video games and watching stupid japanese gameshows on tv. but i choose to blog. because it's cool. and you're cool too for reading this until the end. or you just have too much free time. what the hell are you doing? get off the internet already and go say hi to that old friend you've not been in contact with lately. tell him/her that i'm going back to malaysia from 21december to 9january.

until next time. assalamualaikum.

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