Tuesday, March 06, 2007

farewell party コミュニケーション同窓会

so my juniors from the communication club held a farewell party for us 5th year student today and it feels weird to realize the fact that it's going to be the last thing we do together. bars and piye couldn't make it so the 5th year students attending is only me and bak. well, i've worked hard (or maybe not?) to be able to come up this place and i think i should just enjoy the karaoke party, and i did. i screamed and sang like there's no tomorrow and my throat hurts really bad afterwards and the flu i'm having does not help the situation a bit.

at first, i think i shouldn't go to the party because i'm sick, but when i heard that it was going to be a farewell party just for us, i just have to push myself and try to have fun for them.
when i got tired of singing to greenday and romeoromen, i sat beside mio chan and told her something that i've been wanting to tell her ever since i noticed her habit of making this very angry face whenever she's bored or tired. she seemed a bit surprised but i told her that it's not nice and people might misunderstood her. she took my advice in when i said that it was for her own good. and i then i took my time to talk to everyone and i was good. when it's time to go home, me and bak gave a little farewell speech and then i teached my japanese juniors MY kind of handshake and they were pretty excited when i tell them the meaning of each movement and pressure applied. yeah the chemistry of a simple handshake.

when i was saying goodbye to asami chan, she almost bursts into tears. it was weird because we're not even that close hahaha but i stopped laughing when she said " i'm going to be very lonely when you're gone. it's been 3 years and we had so much memories together ". hmm.. is she for real? " aww it makes me sad too but i'm glad that i've met you all ".

and then there is this girl that i always forgets her name. she told me she was very happy whenever i greet her with my smile when we met on the street and she said that i helped her improve her self confidence when communicating with other people? hmm... i didn't know that i'm capable of doing that. but i was happy to see her 'change'. when i first met her, she just can't hold a very long conversation and she was very shy. now, she's a different person and she seems happier. good for her. but i still don't know what kind of contribution that i have done in her transformation process. and i still can't remember her name! one of the hardest japanese name to remember!

they gave me a big card containing everyone's messages and it was really sweet and it's going to be an invaluable memorabilia that surely i'm going to take a good care of hereafter. after the party, me, bak, seiha, hong, hitomi and mio went to saizeriya. and right after we sat on our table, i realized that i have not taken a single picture that night! arr! so i took out my mobile phone and snap some pictures before i forget again.

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