Wednesday, August 15, 2007

malaysians, do you forgive namewee?

so the controversial malaysian rapper, Wee Meng Chee (aka namewee) who is now studying in taiwan, the guy who wrote the song 'negarakuku' has apologized to the whole nation through MCA. he said that he was fully aware of what he had done wrong and promised that it won't happen again. apology had bee said, now he hope he can move on. but it seems like what he had done with the song is not as small as he thinks it is. it came up to be something bigger as even the prime minister has given (a slight) attention to this matter. just watch the video below:

by just seeing and listening to those (important) people on the video, you know namewee won't be let off the hook scott free that easily. i bet there is going to be some punishment waiting for him when he finishes his studies and returns home. the question that i would like to ask is this: what kind of punishment do you think the
Attorney-General should / would give to this young man. or does he deserve no punishment at all?

if you ask me, i would say: let him off the hook this time. but make him serve the military for 3 months. that would be enough for that so called offence. that should give him new ideas to rap about.

so lets say he served his 'punishment' and all; what is left to do? i think we should review again his lyrics and ask ourselves: these words in his song, how much level of truth does it reflect on our beloved country? can't we hear the screaming voices of people, our people, who is fed up with the system? can peace and harmony bloom with the implementation of a 50 years old racial-favouring system?

is this the start of a new may 13?

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