Wednesday, September 12, 2007

what do you wear in your room?

When you're alone in your room, and there is no one else with you, what do you usually wear? When I'm in my room, usually I wear simple t-shirts and half-cut baggy pants. That choice of clothing was fine until recently, I have decided to have only my boxers on when I’m alone in my room. Nothing else on me except my boxers.

Summer in Japan is hot so at first it was great because it really makes it cooler and cozier when you only have your boxers on. It even makes scratching a lot easier and effortless, which is a good thing in my book. I was having a good time with my colorful set of boxers until the third day aka this morning; I woke up having a horrible cold. Damn.

Anyways, tomorrow ramadhan starts, and I have decided to return to my normal clothing rules and wear something more appropriate.

i felt weird writing this.

Happy ramadhan to all muslims around the globe!

p/s: there is one more thing that I consider a minus with the only-wearing-boxer policy. It’s hot outside right, so I have to open the curtain and my glass sliding 'back walls' and that makes my room no different than a glass room to the outside world. Children playing at the playground could see me, politicians screaming manifestos on moving vans could see me from the street and even stay at home moms could see me from their 2 storey home window. Although I have learned that the more you practice, the faster you could adept to the weird feeling of being stared by strangers when you’re half naked; it’s still not something that I could recommend to a sane person.

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