Thursday, October 19, 2006

about the oath ceremony

ok. i DID the sports oath ceremony this morning. it's done. well.... it went quite smoothly i guess because magically i was able to produce a lot of laughter from the kids and they even clapped their hands and cheered even louder than after the 校長 (headmaster) 's morning greeting. i did the oath ceremony using malay, japanese, english and kelantanese all mixed up real good like a cup of starbuck's milk shake. i guess i have failed to make a fool out of myself! yay !

with that done, i have another task to complete before tomorrow morning. i have to practice dancing to japanese pop-idol group: morning musume's renai revolution 21 (モーニング娘。の恋愛レボリューション21) hit song. the whole class ( all male and that includes me ) are going to perform this dance during tomorrow's night stage show; but damn the dance steps are soo hard ! this is the video that i've been dancing to for the past 2 days, trying to remember it all. i have no idea how my friends could dance perfectly to this crap.

the main reason why i'm trying hard to be able to do the dance is because the whole class had agreed ( those crazy fuck-heads ) that those who can't dance are going to be performing a ' lotion-sumo ' show just after the dance is over as a part of the our show for the night. maybe you're wondering what is a lotion-sumo; it's really simple actually. it's the same thing as the real sumo, except you put a lot of lotion and vegetable oil on the ring to make the floor slippery. fuck no i'm not going to participate in that crap; let me do the stupid girly dance please !!!

i, first and foremost, knew perfectly well that i can't dance for a nickel but it's way better that doing the crazy 'lotion-sumo'. that's total humiliation and a disgrace to the human species. yeah i guess you can say that my japanese friends are quite crazy, sometimes. but after actually tried doing the complicated dance steps, now i know how hard it is for the morning musume girls to dance and sing at the same time. what a feat. ok i guess i should go back to watching 4 under aged japanese girls dance like freaking monkeys on crack and try to mimic their girly dance steps. oh i'm so proud of myself.

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