Sunday, April 23, 2006

naked child statue

OK. I've been living in Japan for about 3 years now and i have seen a lot of weird and crazy things here, and it's a great experiance because i love to see and learn about other people's culture and be amazed at how different humans are although we are from the same species.

but today i'm going to write about something bizzare about japan that i DON'T like. here is a picture of a statue of a naked girl that won some 'statue competition' here where i live (Tokuma, Nagano, Japan). maybe some of you art lovers would probably say this "you pervert that's nothing wrong with it, it's pure ART ". ok i must agree, this is ART and well, just like the rest of the world, i don't understand art. all that i can see is a piece of child pornography. i know it's none of my business but what really bothers me is that they put this sculpture in front of the train station, in public for everyone from little babies to dying grannies to SEE ! and just like me, these people don't understand ART, so why put such a misleading thing for everyone else to see when child-pornography is still a very serious problem in japan? things like these makes this sick social problem worse everyday. when people see these things everyday, they got used to it. when they get used to it, they can't decide wether it's wrong or right. some of you might say " awh that kind of art wont turn the japanese into child molesting fuck ups ". well guess what, child molestation is soo common in japan they only show it on tv when the molester kills it's victim(s). people should not be made to got used to child pornograpy, that will fuck their brain up.

it's a sad thing. the japanese goverment doesn't take the child pornography problem seriously. japan is a heaven for lolicon people (japanese for pedophiles) who likes manga/comic. lolicon comic books can be easily bought at convenience stores and comic book shops from around the country. shit, even 7eleven and Amazon Japan (link for examples) sold these disgusting work of ART. the law implies that as long as the materials used in making and producing it doesn't use real children, it's ok. they don't want to be soo strict and 'close minded' just for the sake of freedom of speech. i guess they want freedom of speech more than wanting to protect their own children.

in my opinion, the japanese are sexually weird if you compare them to the rest of the world. did you know that japan produces more adult videos than any other country in the world? did you know that they have a shirine in tokyo that worships penises and pussies (wikipidia link )? they are very hard to understand. in my classroom, my classmates posted posters and pictures of half naked women on the walls and the teacher doesn't give a shit about it so at i first i thought they were open about sex and idolizing (or maybe degrading?) women so one afternoon when we were just hanging around during recess time i asked them " hey how many times have you all had sex? " and then they gave me this " why the fuck did you ask the question, it's freaking taboo !??" kind of face. i guess i have so much to learn about the japanese, and i intend to learn it with an open mind and a hard face.

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