Tuesday, December 19, 2006

of mini towel, panties and spinach

wow it's been a whole week without any new post. it's not that it matters but, you know. just saying stuff. i'm trying to make an opening here. which is kinda boring. yeah. em.....

so i'm going to write about what has happened recently. to start off, today i got a ' new year gift ' from the national health insurance for being healthy the whole year and not using my insurance rights. so to prize me for not using their service the whole year, they sent me a set of small hand towels and a couple of bionic soups that are environmental friendly. merry. before opening the package i was a bit skeptical. did they sent me a box of anthrax because i forget to pay them last year? was it going to be a box full of midget ninjas trying to act cute upfront but when i'm looking back, slits my throat and pulls my heart out? those little assassins! but no, i got an orange hand towel. nice. it's fluffy. i kinda like fluffy things. and mini-towels.

last night i experienced something new. i went to a 'go-kon' (合コン) with my classmates, three of them to be exact. to those who doesn't know, go-kon is a group blind date in japan and it's famous with young people trying to find a new boyfriend/girlfriend. it's usually done in a small group of people consisting of a balanced proportion of boys and girls. in case of the go-kon that i participated last night, it's 4 boys and 4 girls. and yeah, all 4 of the girls are 3rd year high school girls. firstly, i would like to clear everything up. i agreed to participate just to help my perverted classmate, murasawa to fill up the 4 boys quota. my intentions that night was NOT to find a japanese girl friend, ok? i'm just trying to help a friend and while doing that, i could have a hands-on experience with one particular japanese culture. i have enough problems and rainbow six vegas to make me look like i'm busy and occupied.

but minutes before we the 4 boys meet the 4 girls, i kinda thought this to myself: yeah it's ok if you're not doing this blind date seriously but what if all 4 of those girls, even one of them, are like, super cute and absolutely full of 'genki'ness? what if they're hot, kawaii, innocent high school girls that just wanted to ' try it ' with a foreigner like what i have read on blogs of a few and many single foreigners in japan? i mean, you have to be a dumb fool if you ignore that. suddenly i'm getting excited and i started to hope for those girls to be cuter than ayase haruka and hasegawa kyoko? what if they're this what if they're that. i learned the first rule of go-kon. NEVER. i repeat. NEVER put your hopes high. yeah we met the 4 girls right. and sadly (although i'm not supposed to be, remember i'm only filling up the quota? stupid me) all of the girls are below average. i don't believe they're real high school girls. one girl even looks like a worker at a canteen or a food court, you know what i mean? those who looks like 'obasan'.

but it was not bad. we had some good conversations about a lot of things. looks like all 4 are very close friends. all of them want to be an elementary school or a kindergarten teacher. that's nice but i don't know about the other 3, but i'm SURE that obasan would end up in a canteen serving food. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. out of all 4, there is one girl that i would consider OK, with a flash of genki and kawaii essence in her. i don't know why, but there are a lot of young japanese girls that has an uneven set of teeth, including her. lets call her tootsie. she is the most interesting of them all, but i'm not saying that i'm interested in her. but my friend murasawa and kawajiri seems to like this girl, but they're a bit shy. kawaii ne.

so although it's merely 5 ℃ outside, tootsie wears a short mini skirt with high heels. if i was her i would surely have frozen my vagina in the first 30 minutes. got her nails done with some diamond-like thingy stuck on it and all sort of weird japanezy trend going on, i don't really understand. i have a slight amazement with what these girls could endure just for fashion and looking good. hot or cold, mini skirt forever policy is a very hard policy for them but what can be done, japanese men like to see some legs i guess. but the no 1 thing that japanese men like is none other than a big, huge, eye popping set of hooters. stupid peer pressure.

so we went to a nice japanese style restaurant where the tables are brought close to the floor but you can put your feet under the table because there were feet space dug from the floor beneath the table. so you can put your feet below or just sit on the floor. i don't really know why, but tootsie sometimes chooses to move around trying to change her sitting positions. and yeah, although with the poor lighting condition, i unintentionally saw her panties when she did that. i swear it's just coincidence. call it luck or total misfortune, i didn't mean it. it's white with some fruit images on it. strawberry, banana, pineapple, grapes and maybe some guava, i don't really see it clearly. i felt so much guilt. i felt guilty as o.j. simpson. and what's worse, she noticed that i saw it. so she asked me with a big smiling blushy face: " you saw my panties right?". i got shot in the head at that time. so i horribly and desperately tried to explain to her that i didn't mean to look at it, it's just my good reflex skills at noticing something good to look at; and i was bestowed with the marvelous skill at the age of 7. i'll talk about that later, IF i remember to write about it. i don't mean it's good to look at, it's just, you know.... she smiled back and said " it's ok. it's my fault actually, i should be more careful." and being careful is not what tootsie is good at. i started to believe that she's doing those movements on purpose. i don't really mind if a lady volunteered to show me their lovely panties, but she's still an underage school girl and i really feel weird about it. to think about it, why the hell did i agreed to participate in a go-kon with a bunch of japanese high school girls in the first place? damn, i'm a BAD person. or maybe i just have too many perverted japanese friends, like murasawa.

so tootsie wants to be a kindergarten teacher right? so from out of nowhere she forced me to listen to a children story about a family of happy fingers, that she wrote herself. the idea is simple. the thumb finger is the father, index the mother, middle the brother, ring the little sister and pinky the little brother. so little sister is jealous of little brother because every one in the family closes their eyes on every shit the little bastard do; but when ever SHE did something wrong, she got scolded. i'm not really paying attention because it's RIDICULOUS !!! even for a children's story !!! then we also played some simple children's game, some of if i'm familiar with and some of it are totally new. it was not bad at all.

the other 3 girls, i really have nothing much to say. obasan is like an obasan. she talks too fast and were using far too much touhoku accent, i don't really understand what she's trying to tell me. another girl is just too shy to talk. i gave her one sentence of question/conversation, she answered it with another sentence of conversation. and all that we talked is about the vegetable meal (spinach mixed with goma) we had in front of us. she is so small and so short. her height is just 140cm! i'm sure if i kick her HARD enough, i can make her fly 50meters away. the last girl is the most normal one. quite talkative, dresses politely and she even knows where malaysia is! everyone else have no idea where malaysia is located, but when i said it's the country between singapore and thailand, they give me this blank look telling me this: where the hell is thailand and singapore? so i ended up drawing the whole map of asia starting from japan on the dining tissue. i think japanese people, especially the young ones should really take more interest in other foreign country (especially asian), not just usa. these people should stop being such fucking ignorant idiots!

after about 4 hours of a bad, crazy and boring go-kon, we decided to end the event by exchanging our email addresses. i only exchanged my email address with tootsie and the normal girl and i had no time to ask the shy girl and obasan for theirs because i got to catch the train. when i was on the train back to sansai, my phone sings the song of pac-man, a sign of a new email. no. it's not from tootsie. it's from obasan. she asked the normal girl for my address. and she uses too much 絵文字(emoji: advanced emoticons; ideograph; pictograph). just like a normal obasan, her emojis feel forced, like she was trying hard to be like a normal teenage girl. i only replied her once. that's all. tootsie on the other hand is quite good at writing emails. and the normal girl writes to me like it's an official letter.

all in all, it was a time and energy consuming event that i don't want to participate in anymore, at least for now. i guess i'll sign off right now. i got some cleaning to do and i'm still not finished stuffing up my travel bag with stuff; because i'm going back to malaysia tomorrow afternoon yeah !!! i want to eat meat !!! hot red meat !!! i want to kill those delicious animals and eat them like a fucking cannibal hwahwhawhahahhhaa !!!


  1. canaz5:06 PM

    perghh kamu pegi 合コン..muahaha.what happens if those 4 girls were really above average and cute and have very nice legs and very interested in 外人?hihi..

  2. hmm.. if those girls were hot, i would surely forget about my job to the supporter and make the appropriate 'attacks', rivaling my hopeless male friends. not to say that i'm desperate for a japanese girlfriend, it's just a waste if i didn't use the opportunity. i can even improve my nihongo if i have one!


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