Thursday, March 15, 2007

new hair cut + perm

it's been a while since i last cut my hair so it's kinda messy and very not appropriate for the graduation day tomorrow so i decided to cut it and have a fresh new look. and put some 'perm' also. i don't know the english word for it but in japan we call it 'perm' (パーマ), to change the way the hair looks, from the texture to the 'flow' (流れ).

it's quite interesting. after shampooing the hair, they put some chemical on my head, heated it up for 15 minutes and started to put hair rolls on my head. mini hair rolls. it's quite a new experience for me. then they just let me read some manga for 30 minutes to let the hair absorbs the chemical fully. it's freaking hot with the heating device spinning around my head. damn it.

at 6800 yen, it's not cheap but i'm satisfied because i've never seen my hair having this much volume and 'flow'. whatever. here's the before and after pics:



but i just can't stand the smell of the chemical they used during the 'perm' process. i ended up having a head-ache, and it's still driving me mad at this very moment when i'm writing this.

because i have a headache, i felt very lazy to cook today so i went to my beloved hokaten (japanese fast food) and bought a salmon bento, clamp miso soup, udon, kimuchi (spicy korean side dish) and tuna salad. then i went to seven eleven to buy one anman (red beans rice cake) and a nabe tenpura udon bento. ate all of them but left the nabe tenpura udon for breakfast tomorrow. i'm super full !!! and look, my post today is full of pictures !!! i think i should post more pictures from now on..... what is the use of a hand phone capable of taking 5.0 mega pixel pictures when you don't take pictures right?


  1. OMG u ate ALOT!!!! goshh..
    ganazz haircut tho!! not in a bad way of course. it suits u well.

  2. hahaha yeah i used to eat a LOT.

    i don't know why but the colder it gets, the higher my appetite went.

    i'm getting too old to wear such 'ganazz - as u put it' haircuts... kena smart2 la sket, especially when i start working next april


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