Monday, January 15, 2007

i got duped by a MAS geezer !!!

Previously, I wrote a post about my annoying and frustrating experience regarding my Japan Airlines flight ticket to NARITA, and for the inaccurate and blurry nature of that post, I had to write another post about this topic NOW that I have full comprehension of what has happened and the consciousness to trust my ability to grasp and analyze the important points that matters most in this case. My previous post was written at a time when my emotional stability is questionable, and I was pretty fucking pissed at the wrong people, because at that time I didn’t realize the truth of what is happening and the events has not fully developed to actually be taken into consideration to make assessments of what has happened. The purpose of this post is to clear things up and reveal the detailed truth of my unfortunate encounter with a fucking blood sucking cock-a-roach; and I hope by sharing my inauspicious story, people especially those who are going to use `connecting flight services`, could benefit and gain a little knowledge and be more cautious next time so that they didn’t end up like me.

For those who didn’t understand malay thus my previous post, I’m going to start from the beginning. I was going back to japan that day and I got a flight from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at 1955 hours so that i could catch the last JAL plane to NARITA for that day at 2305 hours. As some of you might have known, the east coast region of malaysia is raining heavily at that time with extremely heavy wind, so the KB-KLIA flight was delayed to 2400 hours, making it impossible for me to catch the JAL plane to NARITA.

Frustrated, nervous and didn't know what to do because i've never missed my flight before, i went to the MAS counter at the Kota Bharu airport for help. the mas representative was not being very co-operative but he told me that he managed to replace my KB-KLIA ticket to tomorrow's flight and there was no problem; but what about my JAL flight to NARITA? He went inside for about 15minutes, went back out with not-so-happy face and told me he had contacted JAL and they said JAL can't and won't replace my ticket for another date because it's not their fault that the weather's bad and it's MAS who fucked up the KB-KLIA flight, not them. he told me that JAL even refuses when MAS tried to buy a seat for me in JAL's next flight to NARITA. then he looked up to me, with a wide sickening eyes he said " there is an option though. you can buy a seat for a MAS flight instead, there are still seats left for tomorrow's 2355 hours flight. this is really your ONLY option." Already stressed, confused and tired, i simply ate the bait and bought the damn ticket. why i didn't demand MAS to pay for that ticket is a mystery. i'm so fucking stupid. i thought even these MAS people who works in this industry can't convince JAL to replace my ticket, what are the odds for a regular student like me to succeed? one lesson that i learn from this is to be calm and relaxed when facing a crisis, don't give up too quickly and approach a problem slowly and one at a time, and NEVER, i repeat NEVER trust the rival of the company you're dealing with. especially if he's a fucking malay geezer.

so i went home feeling frustrated that i just lost rm2076 for the MAS ticket but i do felt that something is just not right and i could've done better but i killed that emotion by saying " i'm just too tired and stressed. just go to bed." and go to bed, i did. but before tucking myself in, i wrote my previous post here on friendsterblog.

next morning, 9th january 2007, i got on the KB-KLIA plane and arrived at KL safely alhamdulillah, spent a couple of hours with my dad in sepang because he got some work there and went back to KLIA to board my MAS flight to NARITA. we arrived early, like 2 hours early so i think what about we go to the JAL counter and ask them weather they could refund our JAL ticket. i gave my 'unused and wasted' JAL ticket and said " i need to ask something..." and the JAL representative cut me off and said " please wait for a moment sir" so i waited for about 3 minutes and then he came to me and said " thank you for waiting sir, you can now go and check-in for this 2305 JAL flight at our counter." i was dumbfunded. wait a minute, am i hearing this right? didn't this JAL guy just told me that i could use this ticket although the MAS guy told me it was impossible and againt JAL's ' ticket replace ' policy? so i told the JAL guy about the MAS guy. you can't imagined how pissed off i am when he said " i knew your KB-KLIA flight was delayed yesterday because you've checked you luggage straight to NARITA and that came up my screen. so i waited for you to contact us, but we didn't receive ANY call from MAS Kota Bharu. i think that MAS representative was just trying to sell some tickets." FUCKING BLOOD-SUCKING COCK-A-ROACH! fucking geezer lied about contacting JAL! he just wants to sell some tickets for commission money!

motherfucking prick i swear to my left nipple i would fucking rip his heart out in front of his family and just fucking rip his head off and feed it to pigs. that fucking lying bastard.

i AM pissed and it would be lovely to kill him, rape his daughter and slit his wife's throat and burn their house down but when i think about it again, maybe i was MEANT to be fooled by this dick sucking son of a bitch. maybe GOD wants to tell and remind me to stop fucking around and realize that all that money and possession that i own, all of that belongs to GOD and GOD only; and GOD could take it away in a blink of an eye if GOD wants it to happen. GOD gives and takes whatever and whenever GOD wants because all of this is just a temporary 'rentals' from GOD. GOD is the ultimate owner of everything. i should suck it up and be more carefull next time and i hope you readers would be too.

with all that said, there is still a small part of me that wants to at least beat that MAS lying geezer up, cut his pecker and lying tongue off and shove it up his stinking arse; and sexually harass her young virgin daughter. ok i like to fantasize about violent things, i'm just saying it ok, i don't really mean it but IF i were in malaysia right now, i would surely do a research about this old geezer and do the appropriate arrangements to plan my sweet revenge. lucky for him, i'm in japan and he's enjoying his puny commission from the damn tickets he sold to a confused, stressed and absolutely dumb student. FUCKER.


  1. emo seyh

  2. it's good to be emo sometimes, won't you agree?


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