Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November the 11th

so i have a question: have you ever woke up in the morning, feeling the soft breeze of morning air, while your skin rejoice the warm morning sunlight, and then you said to yourself, " hey ! i wanna be a fucking veggie ! "? that happened to me last saturday ( 11th of november ).

it was like any other ordinary saturday morning, i woke up at about 9 a.m. and found out that i had dry semen in my pajama pants. man these wet dreams are crazy, i can't control them anymore! i used to knew really well how my body works sexually but this is just too much, too messy. i guess i should reduce watching documentaries about monkeys having sex. i also think that by turning into a vegetarian, i'll have more wet dreams without being messy at the end, which is nice; but i'll talk about my wet-dream-on-a-basis topic next time ladies.

so i took a nice warm bath. turned on the tv for some recent news. oh not again ! another japanese kid, this time from saitama, committed suicide because he can't stand being bullied in school. he's just 11 years old. how sad. for those who didn't know, the current ' boom ' in japan right now is helpless elementary/junior high school students committing suicide because they're being bullied at school; but the management people from the school won't acknowledge the fact that bullying did exist in their school, just for the sake of protecting the school's good image.

japan is already famous with it's weird suicidal people but kids being infected by this horrible ' virus ' is very new and worrying because japanese live longer, yet having fewer children resulting a shrinking workforce that could choke even the world's second economy power. japanese people work very hard because they think that by having wealth, they would be happy. but they are not always right. although japan is a very wealthy country, it seems that they're not so happy. social pressure seem to be the biggest problem here because the japanese really care about their image, making them always restraining themself in every action taken in their society. wait a minute, i'm kind of lost here so let's skip this topic hehe.

so noverber the 11th is also the day sony launched it's next generation game console: the ps3 in japan, going head to head with rival company microsoft with their xbox 360 and nintendo with their very different wii. ps3 with the revolutionary CELL; a super microprocessor developed in a joint effort by IBM, Sony and Toshiba ( which is ironic because Sony is in a deathmatch with Toshiba over the battle between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray ); is the giant japanese company's only hope to recover their broken image after some incidents that tarnished it's image ( laptop battery overheat resulting fire, lost in portable music market to Apple, intrusive virus-like cd-copying security etc. ).

the 20gb version of ps3 is sold at a very steep price ( at least for a game console ) at 49850 yen; and don't be surprised when i told you that the production cost of one ps3 is more that the street price, at about 70000 yen !!! although sony lost about 20000 yen every ps3 sold, they are hoping to recover the deficit with it's software sale and licensing. they did the same thing with the ps2, and they have been churning HUGE profits just after 2 years in it's life cycle and have been conquering almost 60% of the game console market. microsoft did the same thing when it launched it's first gaming console, the xbox, so that it's more competitively-priced, but failed to gain any profit and turn a red check into a blue one. but xbox is not a total failure because it has stolen at least 20% of the market share once dominated by nintendo and sony, and that's a success story for a rookie in this competitive business. and microsoft has used that market it gained during the last-gen period to set foot their next and MUCH better game console: xbox360. launching 1 year earlier than sony and nintendo, robust and proven LIVE! network of online gaming, reasonable pricing and great exclusive titles ( gears of war, halo 3 etc. ); all these positive traits from the software company has denied easy entry for sony this time around.

although ps3 is surely a bleeding edge high-tech machine that every single male ( the female gamer is increasing everyday though ) wants their hands on, sony has been messing around with their production line, unable to deliver their promise to have 2million units ready at launch. they're only launching with 100000 units in japan ( an another 400000 units for northern america come this 17th november ) ! that's 1/10 of what they have delivered during the ps2 launch, and that machine was sold out just minutes after launch ! the japanese gamers are sure desperate enough to have the ps3 at launch that they pay chinese homeless people 20000 yen to wait in line for them to buy the ps3 when the store opens at launch day.

i'm no analyst, but i predict in the end of the life cycle of these 3 game consoles, the market share this time won't be conquered by sony anymore. it's going to be like ps3 38%, xbox 32% and wii 30%. and that could be another way around because this round of console wars is very competitive and unpredictable. i'll watch with much anticipation. i want a ps3 and xbox 360 though. what about the wii ? meeh the wii is for kiddies and casual gamers. i'm a true gamer so ps3 and xbox 360 is the way to go, at least for me.

so i would like to end this today's long post. and yeah about me being vegetarian, i give up on the fourth day. it's been fun but oh my god i can't live without meat ! but to think about it again, i've done more than i thought i couldn't.

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