Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i think japanese jehovah's witness missionaries likes me

so i woke up this morning (or maybe afternoon?) to get ready for a class, then just to be told that i'm free for the day because the class has been canceled. having no purpose in life for a moment, i decided to watch the newly downloaded movie from the wonderful and mysterious world of the p2p network; HOSTEL. i heard this film got the approval from my favorite movie director, QUENTIN TARENTINO, so i was really having an insanely high expectations of this movie. well, let me just say that my expectations were not met.

what the fuck was tarentino thinking? he shouldn't have associated himself with this gorish movie. i want to stress here that this movie is FAR from being BAD. it's quite entertaining, in a bloody ribs ripped off to pieces kind of way. it has all the content that the americans love: violence, gore, sex and profanity. this might be the most disturbing movie of the year. i wouldn't recommend bringing your girlfriend to this movie IF you value your relationship. i don't want to spoil you the storyline, but you should just know that this movie has enough fucking, gore and violence that could possible make one that doesn't have a strong stomach puke.

so i was watching this scene where this guy is trying to burn a japanese chick's eyeballs using a fire torch and her eyes were starting to swallow like octopus eyes i'm not fucking kidding it's sick .... when i heard someone knocking on my door.

i opened up the door and there stands 2 japanese women, one maybe in her early 30s and the other in her middle 20s. i asked them who they are but it seems like they don't really want to reveal who they are, only giving me their names. i thought these were from a cultural exchange club or something so i gave them a warm welcome.

so i was wrong. they're missionaries from the city's jehovah's witness church and they were trying to preach to me about christ and the kingdom he's going to be KING in. so i told them the truth, that i've learned enough about christianity and i'm pure muslim; i told them the way they do their preaching is not right because it would make people angry.

so i tell them the story of multicultural malaysia, and why we don't really encourage talks about whose religion is the right one. after i'm bored talking about religion history, i talked to them about living as a foreigner in japan. then i talked about how much i like malaysian food. and japanese food too. although they are the missionaries, it turns out to be that i'm the one whose talking the most.

but what's surprising to me is that japanese christian do really exists! them being jehovah's witness is MORE surprising! most of my japanese friends, when they were asked about their religion, " i'm not sure " is the most common answer.

i got the feeling that these people are going to come again, bringing with them more christian-educated people to talk to me. i'd say just bring them and i'd talk more about what i like to do during my free time, and why i'm still i'm single.

today's post is pretty bad eh?


  1. ahahaha.....lain kali cube cakap bahasa melayu dgn diorang, mcm kau buat kat train station attendant dlu.heh..

  2. ish ngan train station attendant tu cakap english la. kalo cakap melayu mesti dia tak nak layan punya....

  3. jehovah witness knocking your door.. hish biase le tu kot.. mesia je tak berani lagi.. kalau dah ade tu kira kamekazi ar tu.

  4. tu la. tapi nasib baik yg datang tu mcam takde banyak ilmu sangat. senang aje nak lawan. sat lagi mesti datang dia punya BOS plak.


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