Wednesday, January 02, 2008

chua soi lek - sex dvd scandal


yet another scandal leaving the Malaysian PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi scratching his head non-stop under the black songkok. After several scandals and problems (including protests from unsatisfied minorities) that leads to the sudden drop of trust, support and respect for the leading coalition government Barisan National; the wide circulation of a sex DVD of his health minister, Chua Soi Lek, definitely won’t help a thing.

Realizing that the only way to handle this scandal is to face it up front, the Malaysian health minister has finally admitted that the guy in the sex DVD that was widely distributed in Johor recently was in fact, he himself. The video was taped using closed-circuit camera in a hotel during Christmas. The sex partner was his friend. Sex-friend I guess?

Take note that Chua is a respected leader who is married and has children. To add salt to injury, he has been quoted on many occasions before as saying that he encourages safe sex by not doing it with several sex partners, by staying loyal to your sex partner. Never took any politicians seriously. They're good at lying, that's part of their job.

This incident was clearly the work of his enemies to sabotage his reputation and political career, and they’ve done a hell of a great job at that (the tape was reported to be a recording made TWO years ago). The minister has finally announced that he is stepping down as the health minister later on.

This scandal is the hottest thing that malaysians are talking about right now; so popular that the news about the scandal on youtube has received an honour as the most viewed video today. Never has a video about malaysia got so popular this fast, so this should go to the malaysian guinness book of record for sure! Malaysia Boleh!

But I must say this: I respect his decision to face his mistakes like a man and admit what he did wrong. At least he did not lie like Bill Clinton. Nor did he kill and later use army-grade explosives to blow up the body of his sex partner. At the same time, he also gave hope and encouragement to old people that even if you’re 60 or 70 years old, sex still can be performed IF you take all the necessary steps. He also taught us this very important lesson: if you want to cheat on your wife during Christmas in a decent hotel, make sure you don’t have enemies who’s trying to participate in your downfall, make sure you check every nook and corner of the hotel room for hidden cameras and most importantly, make sure you’re not a minister of a country.

Anyways, now that he is no more a minister, I guess he can bang whoever OR WHATEVER he wants; because he is still healthy and all. I would not recommend bestiality though because only drug addicts in kelantan do those kind of things. Maybe he should do seminars on how to be able to keep it up and hard even at the age of 60. But he still has to look for hidden cameras.

2008 seems like an interesting year for Malaysian politics.

Remember this, kids: practise safe sex, be faithful to your partners and don't do anal.


  1. dia main anal ke dlm slot tu?
    pepun, arini dia dh letak jawatan daa.. sgt mengejutkan 90% Astro Ria & 99% China Press viewers/readers nakkan Pakcik chua ni letak jawatannnn!

  2. haha.. very cool wrap up on the case, bro..

  3. to muzem:
    err... the anal part was a joke; and that is all my intention. i've never seen the dvd and even if i DID see it, i don't think anyone could know which hole he was banging; and i don't feel any importance to discuss whether he's using the back door or not. he screwed the wrong hole. that's it. and this is also a light joke so don't take it seriously, ok?

    to jis:
    yeah the subject matter was too awesome, there is no way the post could be boring.


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