Friday, November 10, 2006

me and chicken curry party

2 days ago, me and the members of my research lab group along with the professor were having a conversation about malaysia and suddenly that conversation ended up by them asking me to make an authentic malay curry for 6 people ( including the professor's wife who from what i heard, is a curry maniac ) and we would have a little 'kenduri' at the lab; a 'kenduri' to celebrate what, i don't know.

I'm more than happy to cook something nice for them but i'm a bit worried because i've never cook for more than 3 people; wait a minute.... when i was living in tokyo i DO cook for more than 3 people at least once a week ( to be exact, 4 people) but that was like 2 and a half years ago, i might have lost all my skills hehe.

so if i'm the only one who is going to cook, that's not fair so i asked everyone of the to do some contribution for the party and make it not just a ' gathering to eat that hot curry made by that malaysian guy ' thing. so i told the prof to prepare the rice, yuusei & murata to prepare drinks and utensils and nagatou kun to prepare the mouth washers. then out of no where, nagatou kun said " i'll bake some nan ( that bread that indians eat with their curry ) too ! ". i didn't know that he cooks ! and what a good cook he is because his nan tastes pretty much like the real thing !

so the it was EATING time ! i was quite nervous of their reaction. is it going to be too spicy for them? is the chicken tender enough? are there enough curry for all six? and most importantly, does it taste good and do i still retain my skills in making a very delicious chicken curry? the answer from them was a relief for me. it tasted great! so i was told. surely not my best chicken curry but yuusei even said " after eating this, i thought to myself what kind of curry have we been eating all this long? we've been missing on such a great tasting chicken curry ! ". so ok, i've been living in japan more more than 3 years and i know they would never say that it doesn't taste good even if the food actually tastes nasty. they will say it's oishii ( means tasty) but this time these guys are producing positive comments right from their heart through their mouths. i just know it. err.... i guess.... i hope... hmm.... well it gotta be good !

after the rice went out, we tried the curry with the nan that nagatou kun made. mmm delicious! even more tastier than with the rice ! man my english sucks ! after that we wash our mouth with the yogurt milk pudding and while doing that, i talked ( a LOT ) about malaysian food and its' holy greatness. they seem to be very interested in coconut juice and the king of the fruits: DURIAN !!!!!

all in all it was a good evening, if it wasn't great. i hope with this, i could make up with the prof because lately i'm been messing around and not really focusing on my research ( but i am going to more serious after this ) so i guess this is one way to say ' sorry ' and hope for a better relationship in the future man what the hell is wrong with my english?



  1. ok. kau nih kelakar lah jugak. hehe.

  2. ya betul. aku nih memang kelakar pon hahaha.


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