Wednesday, July 04, 2007

600 screaming japanese high school girls

Do you know how it feels like to appear on center-stage with powerful spotlights dazzling your vision and be overwhelmed with the screaming voices of 600 confused and excited Japanese high school girls? I know EXACTLY how it feels. And it’s pretty awesome.

We (Akita Univ’s Malaysian Foreign Student) went to Wayou Girl’s Senior High School (和洋女子高校) last Friday to do a simple and short silat demonstration during the school’s cultural day‘s stage performance slot. The main purpose of our participation is to show the girls some Malaysian culture; to add foreign flavor to their cultural day.

My job that day is to NOT perform the silat but instead gave a simple introduction or explanation about what they are going to see. Yeah I know it was a small part but whatever. I felt special hahaha. but i do have to gave credit to the guys who did the silat demonstration. it was a huge hit with the girls!

I just don’t get it. Why did they scream? 元気すぎるんじゃねの?are they just being themselves; hyper-active and excited about everything all the time? Or is it just their way of greeting a guest performer? Pretty interesting. Is this the genki-energy that every middle-aged perverts who lives in japan adores in high school girls? Is it true that this particular quality is the reason why japanese high school girls are one of the most popular subject in japan's mass-media? Something to take note about. Definitely.

p/s video will be uploaded later. Until I figured out how to output the videos taken from a dvd video cam into my computer. Should have used the hard-drive video cam instead!


  1. i m wondering if it was a single-sex school or did they adopt gender segregation like us in malaysia? or the boys were just uninterested?

  2. yeah.. being there will make us rare species. either be alpha male or .. :D

    p/s: its like all male school got a day of girls visitor (tul ke ayat aku nih?)

  3. korn: nice theory! but seriously, rasa mcam artis plak hehehe

  4. waaa.. jeles sungguh aku... T_T

  5. when i think about it now, this experience was seriously over-rated.

    whatever eh?

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